Christopher Paolini is the youngest best-selling author.

A few years ago, Christopher Paolini wondered fantasy lovers with his books. Which is not surprising. The world created by this young author cannot fail to attract with magical landscapes, interesting heroes, exciting battles and, of course, a fascinating and thought-out plot.

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Childhood and hobbies

Christopher Paolini was born on 11/17/1983 in Los Angeles, California. Childhood and most of the writer's life were spent in Paradise Valley, Montana, where he lived with his parents, Kenneth and Talita Paolini, and younger sister Angela.

The high, wooded mountains of the Beartooth Mountains, towering on one side of Paradise Valley, covered with snow for most of the year, inspired Christopher to create fantastic landscapes of Eragon.

Christopher received his home education and graduated from school at the age of fifteen, with the help of an accredited home study program of the American School of Correspondence. As a child he wrote short stories and poems. Christopher Paolini read a lot and was a regular visitor to the library.

According to Christopher, a great influence on the creation of "Eragon" had a book by Bruce Coville "Jeremy Thatcher, catcher of dragons." In addition, Paolini’s favorite books are Frank Herbert's Dune, books by Raymond Faust, Ann McCaffrey, and Jane Yolen. The authors adored by him are Jakes Bryan, David Eddings, Eric Addison, Ursula Le Guin.

The writer gained fame as the author of the “Heritage” series, which includes four novels: “Eragon”, “Eragon. The Return, Eragon. Brisingr, Eragon. Heritage". The fascination with magical stories led to the idea of ​​creating "Eragon". The project began as a teenager's dream, a hobby, a desire to create a novel and enjoy reading. On the publication of the work he did not think.

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Dream come true

Christopher was fifteen years old when the first manuscript of Eragon was written. A year later, he revised his novel and let his parents read. The family decided to publish the book at their own expense. Another year Christopher Paolini prepared the novel for publication: he edited, worked on the design of the cover, the layout of the manuscript. He painted the cover for Eragon - the eye of the dragon Saphira, who adorned the first edition.

The manuscript was sent to the press, and the first books were published in November 2001. The whole Paolini family spent the next year promoting the publication in libraries, schools and bookstores. Christopher himself spoke in more than 130 schools. He was dressed in a dress of the Middle Ages - a red shirt, black pants, boots and a black cap.

In mid-2002, stepson Karl Hayasen, a famous American writer, read Christopher’s book while on holiday in Montana and drew attention to it. The work also liked K. Hayasen, he took the book to Alfred Knopff’s publishing house. Subsequently, the rest of the Heritage tetralogy was published in the same publishing house. When Christopher was nineteen, the second edition of Eragon was released. The book has become a bestseller. In 2006, the film of the same name was released.

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Paolini's success

Originally, Christopher Paolini conceived the “Heritage” cycle as a trilogy. But the accumulated material required the publication of the fourth book. In 2005, the second part was published, the third - in 2008, the fourth - in 2011. At that time, the book became available in fifty-three countries. According to some reports, today sold thirty-five million copies.

Books by Christopher have won numerous awards.Paolini himself in 2011 got into the Guinness Book of Records as the youngest best-selling author.

Now that the whole cycle has been published, he decided to take a little vacation, Christopher Paolini shares with readers. He plans to write books further, at the moment he is working on a science fiction novel. But he is thinking of returning to the world of Alaguezia with the fifth book.

Although Paolini’s tetralogy was criticized for borrowing from Star Wars and McCaffrey’s novels, the Heritage cycle was an incredible success. And to this day it collects admiring feedback from readers. And they, as you know, are the most demanding critics.

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The Magical Land of Alagueia

The “Heritage” tetralogy takes place in the epic world of Alagasia, in which the reader will encounter secretive elves, powerful dragons, friendly gnomes and implacable people. The main character of the tetralogy is the fifteen-year-old orphan Eragon, who lives with his uncle on the farm. One day he finds a strange blue stone. As it turned out - the egg, from which the dragon soon hatched.

From the hands of the sinister warriors of the Empire, the boy’s uncle dies, and Eragon takes custody of the last surviving Horseman - the wise Brom.The three of them - Eragon, Brom and the dragon - they go for the killers and get into the rebel camp. Eragon falls to his ordeal, frustration, pain and loss. But he bravely fights and goes on, so that the victim of Brom was not in vain.

Over the course of four books, the reader follows the protagonist and dragon Sapfir growing up. The “Heritage” cycle is a very fascinating reading that takes you to an extraordinary, magical world. The author Christopher Paolini tried his best. “Eragon” is a light style, an excellent description of nature, interesting characters, a fascinating story, fantastic inhabitants of Alaguezia and exciting battles.

Everything is thought out to the smallest detail - dialogues, weapons, clothing, even the melodious and melodious languages ​​of the peoples inhabiting the magical world. Given that this is the debut book of the author, I would like to join the readers' opinion that this is a fantasy genre masterpiece and wish Christopher Paolini further creative success.

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