Christmas script. Best Christmas Scripts for Kids

Children's matinees in kindergartens and holidays in schools are usually held on a certain scale, when not only adults (educators, teachers, parents), but children themselves are involved in activities. Especially if the latter are prepared in advance. That is why the scenario of Christmas, and of any other holiday, is usually thought out by teachers or educators. There are a huge variety of script

The youngest group of kindergarten

Christmas usually falls on weekends when kids do not attend either school or preschool. However, you can start the new year with such a holiday. Especially since this is in some way a way of studying religious subjects. Such a festive scenario (“Christmas”) helps very young children to learn about the divine theory of the origin of the world, which they often study in children's Bibles or stories of their relatives.In this case, teachers do not need to invent anything supercomplex. It is enough to create a simple Christmas scenario for children, where the most basic and key points will be.script christmas christmas

Holiday Decorations

It will require decorations, several adult participants (parents can be attracted), several active kids who are not afraid to perform. The simplest scenario of Christmas for younger groups of preschool institutions is the birth of baby Jesus. The scenery will require large cardboard (or made of fiberboard) walls of the cave, a small cradle, lined with hay or straw, cardboard stars. They, by the way, can be cut out with the kids during the time of their creative work. The Christmas scenario for children also means that all the New Year's attributes have already been removed. That is, the Christmas tree, tinsel, Christmas decorations will need to be removed or at least pushed into the background, if there is such an opportunity.


Since the scenarios (for children) for Christmas are based, for the most part, on acting, the roles should be given special attention. And here you need to tell the kids in advance how everything happened, according to the Bible. The roles are as follows:

  • animals (they will praise the infant);
  • Magi (children need to explain who they are);
  • stars (those little ones who sing well so that the musical accompaniment is not “empty”);
  • shepherds;
  • Virgin Mary (this role is better to take one of the parents);
  • angels

The “Christmas” scenario should be worked out long before the New Year, so that everyone can learn their cues, rehearse everything well. Otherwise, the holiday will be noisy, but not quite "smooth."christmas holiday scripts

Script Events

The moderator (usually the teacher) tells the kids that in the city of Bethlehem, shepherds were given knowledge of the appearance of the divine child. At this point, you can play a scene where shepherds meet angels. They, in turn, tell them that in a short time Mary should bring a wonderful baby into the world. Kids can sing, dance, spin, read poetry - it all depends on how this moment will be thought out by the tutor. Shepherds definitely need to go in search of the very cave where the baby will be born. Since the “Christmas” scenario for children involves a lot of actions, it will be appropriate to make mobile decorations.Firstly, it is more interesting when the further development of events remains secret. Secondly, you can significantly save space. In the cave, the shepherds will find the cradle where the newborn Jesus will lie. Stars at this time, too, can sing some sublime and beautiful song, which is pre-selected teachers. Words should not be too complicated, but the lines are lengthy. Still, kindergarteners are hard to remember many replicas at once. Especially if they are complex and incomprehensible. After the song of the stars, the Magi come to the baby with gifts. On this scene, and you can finish so as not to overload the event performance. In conclusion, the presenter talks about why it is so important to celebrate this bright and beautiful scripts for sunday schools

Festive contests

Since Christmas, the holiday scenarios of which can be very different, can be celebrated both from a Christian point of view and from a creative one, that is, there are many options for celebration. Including "handmade". For example, you can take children in various interesting contests. Firstly, it is a good way to develop fantasy. Secondly - to take even the most restless kids.

Decorate the Christmas tree

Children can be told about which are the most important attributes of Christmas in Russia, and which - in other countries. It will be fair, since the media often show footage from the festive ceremonies that are held abroad. Therefore, a possible Christmas scenario may also be one in which the little ones are engaged in creative work on the theme of this holiday. For example, decorate the Christmas tree. To do this, by the way, you can use the technique of quilling, which is so popular at the moment. Twisting the paper, kids develop fine motor skills, fantasy, thinking. As an example, they can show some simple work that they can do. For example, Christmas candy, snowflakes, Christmas balls and stars. Fantasy in this case is limitless.

Christmas poems

This competition is not only creative, but also very interesting. Glue and sculpt do not have anything. The teacher speaks the first few verse lines, and the children should come up with a sequel so that a complete verse is obtained. Naturally, such a scenario of the “Christmas” event is suitable for the older groups, since the still-young poets are unlikely to be able to quickly orient themselves. And of course, the theme of poems should be exclusively festive.Educators need to think through all the details down to the smallest details so that at a difficult moment you can tell the children how to better articulate and formulate their ideas. Christmas script for kids

Dances for all

Christmas, which holiday scenarios can be very different - is an occasion to have fun. And how can you do without dancing? A good way to captivate hyperactive kids is to give them the opportunity to move for their own pleasure. But not chaotic, but sanctioned. How exactly? Write on paper the names of animals and movements that will need to be done to the music. Each of the kids pulls the card, where all this is indicated. And then those very dances begin under the incendiary and merry music. What does Christmas have to do with this? But this is a holiday!

Christmas painting

This competition is familiar to all kindergarteners, because it consists in drawing, which many people like so much. So they will fall in love with such scenarios for Christmas. Christian motifs - at the right time. For example, you can give children as an example pictures of angels, shepherds, babies in cradles and other elements. Very small should not complicate the task.They can be given a task easier - to depict what they associate with the holiday.Christmas scenario for children

School Christmas

In kindergarten, children are rarely given difficult roles. But in school already have to work hard. Firstly, children are already older and better perceive everything new. Secondly, they are becoming aware of the significance of the moments. Especially if the school is not normal, but with a certain bias. For example, Sunday. The one where the religious aspect is given special attention.

Holiday example

Christmas, the Sunday school scenarios invented by teachers - all this has a slightly different basis than in regular schools. First, they unlearn religious songs that are sung in chorus. Secondly, costumes are usually prepared by children alone. To do this, separate classes are set aside, where girls and boys themselves sew, decorate, prepare outfits for the holiday. Christmas (scenarios for Sunday schools are usually the same type, because they are created according to the Bible) is not just another time for songs and dances, but also a symbol of something special and light. Pre-children are told about how the world was created, from the point of view of the Divine Word, how people were driven out of paradise, how they were given a chance to return.And of course, about who Jesus is, why his appearance was so important that he did for humanity. Need to tell about the religion itself, its foundations, goals. It is important that children do not just like the idea, but also understand what is at stake.script event christmas

Example of a festive statement

“Christmas”, the script of which is thought out by teachers in advance, begins with the setting of the scenery. Later on, the participants of the play dress up in their costumes, line up in their places. It is better to begin with the words of the presenter, who knows that the shepherds had the appearance of angels with a notice of the birth of God's son. After that, the guys from the choir together sing a beautiful and melodic song, which tells how important this coming of Christ to earth. The shepherds go to the cave to the music, search for the baby, which is surrounded by animals, and the Virgin Mary is sitting nearby. She sings a song of praise about the birth of her wonderful child who will save all of humanity. The bright star in the scenery is a symbol that angels can tell about. The wise men, who must participate in the performance, bring gifts to the baby, praise him.At the end of the play, you can briefly talk about how much Jesus experienced, what he did for people, how his earthly journey ended.

Senior secondary school

Of course, Sunday schools are no longer as popular as they used to be. But even in ordinary general education institutions one should not discount such a big and bright holiday. Therefore, both children and teachers need to prepare it. The latter need to come up with an actual plan for the holiday. For example, “Christmas Eve”. The script is based on the famous story of Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol. Pre-work should be read, so this plan is not relevant for everyone, but only for those who studied the works of Gogol in literature classes. Of course, the Christmas scenario at school may be different, but this one is quite popular, since it is timed for both the holiday and the things that children learn.

How to organize everything?

There is no need to invent a lot, because everything has already been written by the author himself. It is enough to highlight the key points, and then play them on stage. For example, the very beginning of the story, the plot and ending, omitting some unnecessary details.That is, from the class you need to select several characters:

  • Oksana;
  • Vakula;
  • trait;
  • a witch;
  • the narrator;
  • the empress

In addition to them, there are other heroes, whose participation will be superfluous, but you can do without this list. Words for statement can be taken directly from the story itself, without changing anything in them. Children just need to memorize them, rehearse, play on stage. Depending on how long the play is scheduled, the number of replicas is selected. All the extra part can be cut off so that the statement does not cause boredom, and also does not take an entire training day.

Suits desirable to sew themselves. If there is a possibility and resources, then they can be lent. The musical accompaniment is of paramount importance. In order to modernize the play, one can take as a basis popular thematically suitable songs. They will be sung by a chorus, which must necessarily be. Teachers and parents need to help children not only when preparing costumes, but also throughout the preparation for the performance. The one who has a well-placed voice should act as a narrator, otherwise all interest will disappear in the very first minutes.

Where to draw fantasy?

The easiest option is to choose a story or a finished production as a basis. It is much more difficult to think through the entire Christmas scenario independently from the beginning to the end. Many in modern preschool and school institutions take overseas performances as a basis. But this is not entirely true, because abroad this holiday is interpreted in a slightly different way. However, this option also has the right to exist - as an example of the difference between countries. It’s not long to come up with a script of the Christian Christmas, because there is a Bible in which this moment is described very clearly and easily.

Are games appropriate?

Of course, from a religious point of view, it is not entirely correct to develop a scenario for games. However, in kindergartens - this is one of the most natural ways to captivate kids. Especially the restless. Therefore, if everything is properly organized, the games will not only be relevant, but also come in very handy. For example, you can beat them under the festive theme. Drawing, rhyming, singing, even sports games - all this needs to be set in the right way. Kids can be given a task to associate with the holiday so that they themselves decide what is in their opinion appropriate and what is not. For example, the transfer of the relay.A wand or any other object can be transmitted not only on the basis of speed, but also for a beautiful phrase about Christmas.

In schools for this holiday is often asked essay. Creative character and no ratings. That is, each child can write about what his holiday is associated with. You can even hold a Christmas debate, where the best essay will be chosen according to the voting results.

Parents, teachers, educators should tell about why this holiday is so important in the country, what is religion, and why it is important. It is also worth explaining why in other countries this day goes differently and even on another day. This is an important part of the knowledge of the world, without which the world perception is not fully formed. And of course, like any other holiday, Christmas can be finished with a festive children's buffet with cookies, tea and sweets. And for parents, kids can make crafts on a given topic. For example, Christmas toys are very popular. They can be stitched, knitted, glued or folded out of paper (origami). In addition, children in applied arts classes are often taught techniques such as decoupage.It is also relevant when creating Christmas souvenirs. Decorated bottles, dishes, candles and other items will appeal to many parents.

To make the holiday fun and interesting, you should rely not only on how they spend it in other preschool and school institutions, but also on what is interesting for the children themselves. Previously, you can conduct a survey in order to find out what they like more: scenes, performances or creative activities. The smallest ones should also be given the right to choose, however, they will still have to be based on what the tutors and the parent committee decide, because the training will mainly fall on their shoulders.

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