Chinook fish - a bright representative of salmon

Chinook is a welcome catch of any fisherman. Such a trophy is remembered for a lifetime. Fish attracts not only for its impressive size, but also for its exquisite taste, which is famous all over the world. Her caviar, like that of chum, is large and considered a delicacy.


Chinook fish - a representative of Pacific salmon. It reaches a rather impressive size. On average, it grows up to 90 cm in length, but in the American waters there are individuals up to 1.5 meters.chinook fish

On average, it weighs about 25 kg, but often from the ocean they raise its weight of 40-50 kg.

In appearance it is a noticeable fish that cannot be confused with anyone else. It has a large head and a torpedo-shaped body. Color pale: dark back with a green tint, sides and belly with a silvery shade. During spawning, the color of the fish changes, it becomes red-brown, with a completely black back. Teeth similar to fangs appear, in addition to males, the jaws are salmon

Round small black spots can be seen on the back, dorsal and caudal fins. The throat is crossed by a dark stripe.

Chinook salmon - a fish that has a distinctive feature from other salmon - is a greater number of gill rays.

In Russia, it is considered rare, therefore, production on an industrial scale is low.

Cycle of life and reproduction

Chinook fish is anadromous salmon species. For spawning, it enters the river, sometimes breaking up to 4,000 km. In search of a suitable breeding ground, this fish begins its migration in May. Spawning usually takes place from June to August. However, in the waters of America, it continues in the cold season.

Like other salmon, the female digs a hole in the shingle. Upstream, it spawns, where it is fertilized by males and sails to a prepared “nest”. Later the pit falls asleep, and the fry hatched from the eggs will stay inside for about 6 months.

The next year (sometimes two) fry live in the river, and later go to the sea. They feed on insect larvae, small crustaceans and small fish.chinook fish photo

Migrations occur at night, in the afternoon the young individuals hide. Before going out to sea, they gather in flocks.Now the basis of their food is squid, plankton crustaceans, as well as small fish.

In the sea, chinook fish, the photo of which can be found in this article, lives up to 4-5 years, after which it reaches sexual maturity and goes to spawn. Its life cycle is completed by seven years.

Adult individuals who go to spawn cease to feed using stocks accumulated in the oceans. At first they have a prehensile reflex.

This is a cold-loving kind of fish. You can meet her on the American coast (from southern California to Alaska), in the Arctic on the Aleutian and Commander Islands and on Kamchatka.

Chinook fish: useful properties

Depending on the content of proteins and fats, the nutritional value of meat is determined. Depending on the age and even the sex of the fish, its chemical composition varies. It depends on the habitat, food, time of catch.

Chinook meat is rich in such vitamins: C, PP, B1, B2, it also contains sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, molybdenum, phosphorus and other useful substances.chinook fish

Eating it helps to reduce the risk of angina and stroke, protects blood vessels from atherosclerosis, improves brain function, stops depression and reduces the symptoms of senile dementia.

Chinook salmon is a red fish, its meat has a crimson hue, it is fat, and it tastes somewhat salmon. It is called the "king of salmon" or "prince of salmon". Fish meat is valued much higher than its other relatives.

Chinook fish in cooking

It is believed that it has a special taste in a lightly salted form. So it is used in the preparation of salads, as a cold snack.

Red fish meat is often smoked, and it also makes a very tasty balyk.

California restaurants serve chinook fillets baked on bricks as a specialty.

It goes on sale in frozen, chilled, smoked and salted form. It is easy to prepare, suitable for both frying and boiled dishes. Smoked is more often used for sandwiches.Chinook fish in cooking

When buying fish in a store, it is better to give preference to small individuals, since harmful substances in the body increase with age. We should take it with extreme caution to pregnant women, since many predatory fish (including Chinook salmon) accumulate mercury in their meat.

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