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The goal to which every woman strives, one of the most luxurious and expensive items of clothing, indicating the consistency of its owner, is the purchase of a chinchilla fur coat. Such clothes really ennobles, makes a woman luxurious and elegant.

chinchilla coats

Appearance history

This fur became popular not so long ago, but immediately took up its strong position in the production of outerwear. It is soft and practical, versatile and highly durable. Connoisseurs of luxury products made of fur gave him his due, and now chinchilla fur coats are considered luxury classics designed to give warmth, comfort and a lot of admiring glances to its owner.

Spaniards who conquered South America brought this valuable fur to Europe. He was immediately appreciated at the royal court and began to wear everywhere, but the rarity of this small animal and such high demand for its fur led to the almost complete disappearance of chinchillas.Only a little more than a hundred years ago, French breeders began to grow them in captivity, in limited quantities, and chinchilla coats today are considered one of the most expensive and exclusive products from natural fur. Their cost can reach up to three million rubles.

rex rabbit fur coats for chinchilla

The main advantages

In fact, chinchilla fur is the softest layer of down about three centimeters high. It is unusually thick and soft, pleasant to the touch.

  1. No forest animal can boast of such a dense coat of its own. Usually only one hair grows from a hair bulb. A chinchilla can have up to eighty, each of which reaches a width of not more than one hundredth of a millimeter.
  2. Chinchilla coats are distinguished by the non-uniform interesting color of fur, which favorably emphasizes the style of the finished product. The animal is characterized by a classic white belly, dark back and beautiful blue-gray color of the barrels, and with the right selection of skins, the product becomes a truly unique and luxurious.
  3. Now the breeders have deduced a number of breeds that are distinguished by their special coloring, the fur coats from this fur are expensive, sold in very limited quantities and are intended for real aristocrats.

chinchilla fur coat Price

Rex Rabbit

Not all the fair sex can afford such luxury, and to have a truly exclusive and aristocratic product, which causes admiring glances from others, every woman wants. In this situation, the perfect solution would be a fur coat from a Rex rabbit under a chinchilla. Their cost is much lower than the price of exclusive aristocratic products, and they look no worse than luxurious chinchilla ones.

rabbit chinchilla fur coat

Product Advantages

This new fur industry has become available to fashionable women around the world not so long ago. For many years, breeders bred this breed of rabbits without publicity, and it appeared in 1919 in France. It was there that she was given such an unusual name, which means “king of beavers”. The quality of the rabbit fur coat under the chinchilla is very similar to the natural one, which is why it is often called the “chinchilla rabbit”.

  1. Most owners of this type of product say that it is incredibly soft and pleasant, and the appearance of the fur looks very attractive.
  2. The main advantage of this type of material is its price (30-50 thousand rubles), it looks like a chinchilla or squirrel skin, but it costs much less.
  3. A distinctive feature of these products is the length of their fur.Usually it is one and a half to two centimeters, which becomes especially practical to wear. The length of the fur of other rabbit breeds is much higher.
  4. Fur coats from a rabbit "Rex" under the chinchilla are distinguished by a dense undercoat, much larger than that of a regular rabbit. Such a product is well worn for at least five or six seasons, or even longer, it all depends on the quality of care and lifestyle of its owner.

Chinchilla Rex rabbit fur coat

Secrets of the right choice

Focusing on what kind of fur will become more preferable (rabbit, chinchilla), the fur coat must meet the following parameters:

  • Real quality fur is not cheap at all, so you shouldn’t believe the seller’s promises and hope for good luck;
  • surely feel the fur, it should be light and weightless, soft, like a real fluff;
  • it is advisable to inspect the product in bright daylight, when a fluffy dense undercoat is clearly visible;
  • a fur coat (chinchilla, Rex rabbit) can be made the same, but the fur of the original expensive product always remains cool, the rabbit under the palm of your hand will quickly warm;
  • a qualitatively cut fur coat has a number of features - in the joints of its seams the hair cover usually falls a little, and on the sides of the product there should be light tummies;
  • It is precisely due to the manufacture of solid skins and the characteristics of their combination that the finished chinchilla fur coat has an interesting wavy silhouette, using rabbit skins, this effect cannot be achieved.

Do not forget to smell the product, an unscrupulous manufacturer can give it a non-uniform color artificially. The chinchilla has no sebaceous and sweat glands, so the fur can not have extraneous odors. Chinchilla fur coats should not be bought on the market, for such a valuable purchase it is better to go to a proven specialized fur salon.

rabbit fur coat for chinchilla

Determine the model

An exclusive and so expensive product (its cost varies from three hundred thousand to three million rubles) is rarely seen in an elongated or long version. Usually status and luxurious fur coats are shortened and flared figaro styles. Short fur jackets made of chinchilla, sleeveless vests and bolero, indicating the aristocracy of its owner, universal in terms of socks and more acceptable in price range, are in great demand among customers.

The myth of the fragility of rabbit fur has long been dispelled by experts, so its products are no less in demand, there is a wider scope for imagination. Most ladies like the classic bunny chinchilla. A fur coat, the price of which varies in the range of 30-50 thousand rubles, can be shortened or even classical. Often it is additionally combined with another type of fur. Particularly advantageous on high-quality products looks polar fox.

bunny chinchilla fur coat Price

How to care

Chinchilla fur coat, the price for which is quite impressive, requires very careful care.

  1. Soaked fur should be dried at room temperature.
  2. Be sure to periodically comb the product, you need to do this and for the growth of villi, and against it, thereby ensuring a good flaking.
  3. Once a year, do not forget to give the fur coat to be cleaned, and in case of strong wetting, in order to avoid deformation, you should immediately contact an experienced furter.
  4. Take care of the expensive purchase from moths, pack it in a special duffle bag.

chinchilla coats

What to wear

Fur products can hardly be called practical. This is an expensive material that does not differ in wear resistance, so it must be combined exclusively with things that can not spoil the appearance of a chinchilla fur coat.

  1. To begin with, it is worth noting that this is not an everyday type of clothing, therefore it is necessary to combine it with expensive materials corresponding to a specific event. So jeans with such an aristocratic look a fur coat will look extremely ridiculous.
  2. On girls and younger ladies, short fur coats look great, which are distinguished by their versatility and are perfect for both business meetings and romantic dates.
  3. Chinchilla products are perfectly combined with beautiful stylish boots with natural leather heels. Here it is worth relying solely on their taste preferences and the overall color scheme.
  4. A good replacement for your favorite jeans here will be classic tapered trousers, they will make the owner of a luxurious fur even more stylish and sophisticated.

An important role in the organic image is played by accessories. Here it is better to give preference to laconic clutches, scarves of classic colors and leather gloves to match the shoes. An ideal headdress will be a hat made of fur of similar color and texture. As for jewelry, you need to choose flashy options from expensive metals.Gold combines especially well with the expensive shine of fur.

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