"Chery-Amulet": reviews of the owners of the gearbox. Chery Amulet: reviews of the owners, cons

One of the most popular Chinese cars on the Russian market is the Chery-Amulet. It attracts the attention of the Russians a good bundle for little money. The first cars appeared on domestic roads almost ten years ago. This period is already long for the operation of modern cars. And although their release was discontinued in 2009, Cherie Amulet is still in demand.

Stages of the Russian history of the car "Chery-Amulet"

Reviews of the owners of these cars are mainly related to the shortcomings inherent in the “Amulets” of different periods.

The fact is that the earliest issues (from 2003 to 2006) were collected in China. And the hard and scrupulous work of hardworking Chinese was reflected in the quality.Disadvantages and advantages fully complied with the manufacturer’s desire to reduce the cost of the car, and the quality of the Spanish progenitor Seat Toledo, in turn, borrowed from Volkswagen Golf.

At the end of 2006, in Avtotor plant in Kaliningrad, they began to assemble the “Chery-Amulet” from parts and assemblies made in China. Import duties and problems of customs clearance of finished cars disappeared, but it was precisely the shortcomings of the domestic assembly that quickly began to manifest themselves in all their glory. Experts believe that the Kaliningrad assembly is the weakest link in Amulet. Avtotor ceased production of these cars at the end of 2009. Ukraine caught the fallen banner, where they began to produce "Chery-Amulet" at AvtoZAZ OJSC under a different name.

Advantages of Chinese cars

The main advantage of the car "Chery-Amulet" owner reviews called quite a presentable appearance even after ten years.Car "Chery-Amulet" owner reviewsThe first editions are distinguished by uniformity of body assembly gaps and a good color quality. Like unbalanced Russian drivers and the fact that the computer perceives voice commands, and a working air conditioner.

Delight causes and a huge trunk for half a thousand liters of volume. And even if you fold or even remove the back sofa, then all two cubic meters are obtained.

Since the engine’s capabilities are very modest, experienced drivers do not expect feats from Amulet, which means that they do without disappointment and even believe that Cherie is a rather vigorous and agile machine and confirms the technical characteristics stated by the manufacturer, at least in most reviews.

Many drivers believe that the car listens well to the steering wheel and is good at speed.

Disadvantages of Chinese cars

On the first cars, "Chery-Amulet" reviews of the owners (cons) begin with the fact that the plastic trim saloon and impractical light color. The fact that the sound of a slamming door is native, as in the usual Zhiguli, is considered a disadvantage by few.

Today, irrelevant is a strong phenolic smell in the cabin. It was characteristic of new cars and over the years managed to erode.

Regular for Chinese cars and consider the lack of legroom for rear passengers. There is also a heavy fifth door, and too little ground clearance, which, together with large overhangs, creates some problems on a bad road.

And how the reviews of Cherie Amulet owners are caustic and even poetic in some ways with regard to the noises accompanying the ride! True, they are often accompanied by recommendations for troubleshooting.

Perhaps the most serious minus of the Amulet is that the passive safety equipment consists only of belts and head restraints. Only in the most expensive modification there is a driver airbag. And this despite the fact that the safety of the car is estimated by experts very low. True, there are reviews in which it is noted that after a frontal impact, the car was repaired, and not even too expensive. reviews of the owners of the Chery amulet

Drivers do not take into account many minor flaws, all the more so as they become fewer and fewer on each subsequent batch.

The advantages of the Kaliningrad assembly cars

A striking example of "curing diseases" is the trim. In the Kaliningrad assembly cars it is already dark. It looks neater after some time of active use, but the quality still leaves much to be desired.

Of the small advantages of the “Chery-Amulet”, the reviews of the owners refer to the presence of an armrest in the back of the couch and more or less decent (fatigue comes after a few hours of continuous sitting behind the wheel) the driver’s seat design.auto chery amulet owner reviews

And in these cars the main advantages of the owners call the price and size of the trunk. True, the spare wheel sticking out exactly in the middle causes censure, but Russian drivers are getting out of the situation with glitter - they throw out the spare tire and carry a rather compact kit for repairing tubeless wheels.Chery amulet owners reviews with photos
The engine size was preserved in the Kaliningrad cars as before, and the horses under the hood became a little less, which, however, does not affect the quiet technical characteristics of the car. Drivers also like the fact that the engine is unpretentious, and the quality of gasoline has no significant effect on it.

The disadvantages of cars Kaliningrad assembly

Reviews of the owners of "Chery-Amulet" are unanimous in one thing - a very low build quality. True, by the time of purchase of new Kaliningrad cars, most of them were not spoiled by high-quality “foreign cars”, and the domestic auto industry had taught that the new car needed to check and tighten all joints and power elements, change oils and other technical fluids, and sometimes shock absorbers and brake pads.Therefore, the need to do all these operations was taken for granted. And if in the first such “Amulets” the dealers eliminated obvious defects of the assembly, then later they stopped doing it.

Preserved one of the main drawbacks - the lack of sound insulation. He was even aggravated by the build quality of Kaliningrad's Chery-Amulet. Owner reviews are still unanimous in assessing this shortcoming.

There are defects in the car that are not related to the build quality, which can be considered dangerous. All drivers note the poor quality of the brake pads and rear shock absorbers.

Many small flaws were in “Amulets” collected at the Avtotor plant, which the Chinese engineers eliminated with each subsequent release.Chery Amulet Owners reviews about the work of the gearbox on Chery Amulet

The main drawback of the “Chery Amulet” has also been preserved. Owners' reviews with photos that have suffered precisely because of it confirm the conclusions of experts that the car in the basic configuration scored less than two points during the crash test according to the EuroNCAP method. True, there are many owners of Amulet, who consider this estimate to be greatly underestimated.

The work of the gearbox on "Cherie Amulet"

Owners' reviews of the work of the gearbox on Cherie Amulet prove that the manual gearbox installed on the car is one continuous problem.

And the cause is not only the poor quality of the metal from which it is made.

The bearings and gears quickly fail, especially in fifth gear, followed by the primary, secondary shafts and the differential.

Regarding the work manual, all drivers complain that the transfer is difficult to switch, and there is a process with a screech. Replacing and topping up the oil does not always save the situation. Repair requires clutch actuator and adjustment - the gearshift itself.

It requires frequent adjustment and idling, does not hold the mountings of the engine mounts, wear out quickly and require replacement glands and o-rings.

In general, a long list of possible malfunctions comes down to the low quality of materials and parts and the poor assembly of the MCP.

Experts advised immediately when buying a car to change the oil, coolant and spark plugs. Such measures could extend the life of the transmission from the usual 20 to 80 thousand kilometers.Today, probably, there are no more cars with a native manual transmission. Drivers claim that this unit, which was in use and restored by craftsmen to non-core service stations, is much more reliable than the new one.

Why it is profitable to buy "Chery Amulet" in the secondary market

This statement is true in many respects for the car as a whole. As soon as the Chinese as well as Kaliningrad Chery Amulet cars were not finalized. Feedback from owners of new cars often began with a list of completed modifications and replacements even before the start and during the operation."Chery-Amulet" reviews owners minusesHowever, many recalled that the far ancestor of the car is the Volkswagen Golf, so some of its spare parts work successfully on Amulets, for example, shock absorbers, starters, or the entire gearbox, rear and front racks.
Immediately, many people threw away their own Chinese clutch disc, putting in their place the products of the foreign firms LuK, Kew-Eych (QH), Valeo (Valeo). These discs are more expensive, but their quality is much higher.

The craftsmen very quickly learned in addition with self-tapping screws to fix the plastic in the cabin and install noise insulation, to lay a new audio and electrical wiring.

New cars "Cherie Amulet" today do not produce, but on the market you can cheaply buy a car of ten years old. And if it was carefully operated and correctly refined and repaired, then it will be able to serve an unpretentious owner for unpretentious needs for a long time.

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