Causes and symptoms of pleurisy

Inflammation of the serous membrane of the lungs is a fairly common pathology. It should be noted that the inflammatory process can be a separate disease, as well as the result of other ailments, in particular the common cold. In any case, you should know about how the main symptoms of pleurisy look. After all, with such a condition, a person needs medical assistance.

symptoms of pleurisyPleurisy and its causes

Before you find out what are the main symptoms of pleurisy, you should be familiar with the most common causes of the disease. A similar disease can occur under the influence of many factors. If it is a question of primary pleurisy, then an infection of fungal, viral or bacterial origin may be to blame. In some cases, the inflammatory process is the result of an allergic reaction. But most often pleurisy develops against the background of colds of the respiratory system, and the impetus to their development is hypothermia, overwork, vitamin deficiency, poor diet, reduced immunity.Less commonly, the disease occurs against the background of the pathology of other organs, in particular thromboembolism, tumors, lupus erythematosus, rheumatism, etc.

treatment of lung diseasesPleurisy: classification

In modern medicine, the inflammation of the pulmonary membrane is usually divided into several groups. For example, pleurisy may be dry or exudative. In addition, the disease is one-way or two-way. Exudative pleurisy may be accompanied by discharge of pus. The process of inflammation is sometimes localized in different parts of the lungs, for example, at the apex (apical form), in the area of ​​the diaphragm, mediastinum, etc. The specific symptoms of pleurisy largely depend on the form and severity of the disease. If there are signs that will be described below, you should consult a doctor.

The main symptoms of pleurisy

The disease is always accompanied by chest pain. Sometimes the discomfort becomes very strong, and sometimes it even subsides altogether. In addition, the symptoms include shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, tachycardia, less often - cough. When the purulent form of the disease, as a rule, there is an increase in body temperature. A sick person complains of constant weakness and loss of appetite.With no treatment, rapid weight loss occurs. The patient's skin becomes a yellowish-brown hue.

pulmonary diseasesTreatment of lung diseases

To begin, the doctor must conduct a full examination of the person, it includes x-ray and ultrasound examinations. As a rule, a pleural puncture is performed, during which a fence is taken and a subsequent laboratory analysis of effusion is done - this makes it possible to determine the nature of the ailment. It is extremely important to find out exactly what caused such pulmonary diseases, since it will depend on this therapy. For example, in the presence of a bacterial infection, antibiotics are prescribed.

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