Carpet cleaners at home. Dry carpet cleaning

Virtually every interior - modern or classic - there is a carpet. He creates comfort and warmth in the house. When a new palace or rug appears in our apartment, we rejoice for a long time looking at its colorful paints.

But gradually it starts to fade, becomes dirty and loses its original gloss. How to clean the carpet? How to return his former attractiveness? Is it possible to achieve a good result at home? We will try to answer these questions in this article. We will introduce you to popular carpet cleaner at home and introduce you to popular methods of getting rid of stains and dirt.home carpet cleaners

Professional carpet cleaning methods

There are various methods of cleaning these products. They are used depending on the contamination of the surface. The most popular are:

  • Dry carpet cleaning.
  • Intense.
  • Extractor.
  • Steam cleaning.

The most gentle way - dry carpet cleaning, which does not imply the use of heavy equipment and chemicals. It is effective for minor contamination. This procedure is carried out with the help of a washing solution and a vacuum cleaner. Often used mode of freezing or dry steam. Dry cleaning is recommended for natural materials: wool, silk.the best carpet cleaner

Extraction method is used for coatings with an average degree of contamination. In this case, a powerful washing vacuum cleaner is used, which first cleans and then dries the carpet. This method is suitable for carpets made of synthetic materials.

Intensive cleaning fully justifies its name - it removes the most persistent and old spots. They clean the surface with the help of special vacuum machines and complex chemical agents. The surface of the carpet is fully processed.

Steam cleaning is performed using steam generators. In this case, chemicals are not used. This method is somewhat inferior in efficiency to those listed above, but it has an undeniable advantage - environmental friendliness.

Popular cleaners

Undoubtedly, the experts will clean your carpet dry cleaners perfectly, but it is not always possible to bring it to the professionals, so most housewives use carpet cleaners at home. The range of these products in hardware stores today is huge: shampoos, powders, foams, and therefore the choice is not easy to make.

How to clean the carpet at home? When choosing the right tool, you should consider some parameters:

  • the material of the coating;
  • paint quality (shed or not);
  • degree of pollution;
  • tolerance / intolerance of homeowners of individual components of the composition, the tendency to allergies.

Emsal tuba

Cleaner that removes fresh dirt, dust and odors. Allowed for processing, both natural and synthetic fibers. Environmentally friendly means meeting ISO requirements.


Removes very difficult stains. The composition of this foam contains special components that repel dirt. Carpets stay clean longer. After applying the foam after six hours turns into the smallest crystals, which are easily removed by a vacuum cleaner.This composition can be cleaned only cotton, wool, non-fading synthetics. how to clean the carpet


According to customers, this tool is quite effective, although its price is small (60 rubles). Shampoo can hardly cope with old greasy dirt, but it removes simple stains from chocolate, berries, tea or coffee perfectly.

Luxus Proffessional

High-quality cleaner that removes grease, dirt, rust, ink, traces of resistant cosmetics. This tool will easily clean even the oldest spots and refresh the color of the carpet.


The tool is made from environmentally friendly components. Cleans carpets and upholstered furniture. The composition is very convenient to use: the foam is applied to the surface, and when it turns into crystals, it is cleaned together with dirt with a vacuum cleaner.


Very effective tool for cleaning carpets and carpeting. It will help you get rid of the most difficult spots. Provides perfect cleanliness and has a pleasant smell.


A well-known manufacturer produces both compositions for manual cleaning, and a means for cleaning carpets with a washing vacuum cleaner. Perfectly removes grease, juice, coffee and other complex stains. Not recommended for cleaning silk carpets and handicrafts.The tool is concentrated, so you should not use it for cleaning carpets with unstable color.

This is a very popular brand. And it's not just powerful advertising. “Vanish”, in the opinion of many housewives, is really the best carpet cleaner. But, probably, not all have experienced its effectiveness. That is why we will tell you how to use "Vanisham" for cleaning to use carpets for cleaning carpets

Clean the carpet thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner. Mix one part of the product with nine parts of warm water. Beat the resulting solution into a thick foam: it is it that is used for cleaning. Using a large sponge or brush, apply foam to the entire carpet, or to the part that you plan to clean. Try not to wet the surface too much.

When all the foam is applied, proceed with cleaning. Use the same sponge or brush. If your carpet has old stains, a few minutes before cleaning, splash some liquid from the cap on them. Clean the carpet with circular motions. When the entire surface is cleaned, leave the carpet to dry for two to three hours. At this time, walking on it is not worth it. The room in which the carpet lies must be ventilated. Then vacuum the to effectively clean the carpet at home

Using any carpet cleaner at home, carefully read the instructions on the package. Do not apply the cleaner to the entire carpet, try its effect on an inconspicuous small area.

Folk remedies

Many housewives are interested: "How to effectively clean the carpet at home without the use of ready-made compositions?". It turns out that there are alternative cleaning methods using the simplest ingredients that are in the arsenal of each hostess. First, we will focus your attention on what you should not do when cleaning carpets:

  • use hot water;
  • use hard brushes;
  • apply bleaching agents.

Home carpet cleaners:

  • salt;
  • laundry soap;
  • soda;
  • ammonia;
  • vinegar 9%;
  • lemon acid;
  • glycerol;
  • petrol;
  • tea leaves;
  • sauerkraut;
  • potatoes.

Stains must be disposed of immediately, before they penetrate the structure of the fibers and dry.

Coffee stains

Blot from the surface of the carpet all the liquid. Apply any dishwashing liquid to the stain and rub it vigorously with a brush. If the stain is old, apply a layer of glycerin on it overnight, and clean it in the morning with a cleaning solution.carpet cleaner with vacuum cleaner


Fresh blot blot with a napkin.Make a weak soda solution (in cold water) and rub it with a brush.


Remove from the freezer a small piece of ice, wrap it in a plastic bag. Apply ice to the stain for five minutes. The wax can be removed with ice.

Paraffin and wax are also removed with a hot iron. Cover the stain with a cotton cloth and iron it. After five minutes, the paraffin wax is easily removed from the surface.

Fruits and chocolate

Grate rub soap. Mix a teaspoon of grated mass with a spoonful of apple cider vinegar. Add this mixture to a liter of warm water. Moisten the stain with the solution and wipe with a dry cloth.


In a liter of water, dilute two spoons (teaspoons) of liquid soap. Apply this solution to the stain and rub it with a brush. Then prepare a solution of vinegar (1 teaspoon) and a liter of water and wipe the stain with it.carpet and carpet cleaner

Dry salt cleaning

Carpet cleaners at home can be dry. Regular table salt will help to quickly clean the carpet. At first, the carpet is vacuumed. Then sprinkle salt over the entire surface of the coating. Clean the salt with a broom moistened with water.Periodically wash the broom in water and pour clean salt. The procedure is repeated several times, until the salt remains clean. Many housewives believe that this is the best carpet cleaner.

A solution of vinegar, washing powder and soda

Take 70 ml of 9% vinegar, add to it a spoon of soda (dining room), the same amount of laundry detergent for colored linen. Stir the ingredients in a liter of hot water and pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Spray the entire surface of the carpet and rub it with a sponge. Wash off with warm water.


If there are no stains on your carpet, but just dust has accumulated, snow will come to your rescue in the winter. Find a worn, clean patch of snow. Lay the carpet nap down and then flip to the other side. Sprinkle the surface evenly and wait for it to absorb dust. Remove dirty snow with a broom and, if necessary, repeat the procedure.

Light carpet

Light carpeting is the most difficult to care for. All stains, dirt, smudges on them are immediately visible. Will the above methods be able to cope with the stains on the white carpet? It is possible, however, there is also a proven effective method that will not leave a trace of the most difficult spots.

To do this you need the usual sawdust and gasoline. It should be noted that these ingredients must be cleaned and there should be no additional impurities. One hundred grams of gasoline mixed with soapy water (one liter). Dip the sawdust in this composition and leave for a quarter of an hour so that they are well soaked.

Sprinkle this mixture over the carpet and let it dry. Sweep the sawdust with a broom. To clean and freshen the white carpet, you can use ammonia. To a liter of warm water, add two teaspoons of ammonia and mix thoroughly. With a soft cloth moistened in the composition, wipe the surface of the white carpet. Then blot the carpet with napkins.

If your light carpet is dull, then in the composition described above add laundry detergent without a whitening effect - one spoon (tablespoon) - and ammonia (teaspoon).

Regardless of what means you use - professional ready-made compositions or prepared according to traditional recipes, use gloves while working with them and do not forget about airing the room after using chemical preparations.

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