Can I scrub the paint off the car?

Cars are so tightly entered into our lives that most people can not imagine their lives without a personal vehicle. A car is a way to get to work, take children to the garden and school, buy groceries, go on a visit and even spend a whole vacation — you can list them endlessly.

It is not surprising that car owners are very sensitive to the condition and appearance of their steel horses. Very often in the automotive forums you can meet the question: “How to wipe off foreign paint?”

Situations when the owner may need to erase the paint from the car, a great many.

For example, you parked the car at the mall and went shopping. In your absence, a careless student drove from a nearby parking space and got your car. Or teenagers painted body parts from a can.

It is impossible to save oneself from all troubles, but something can be foreseen.

On the Internet, there are a lot of tips on a given topic, but not all of them should be trusted.

It is possible to remove traces of paint from a car, but the process is very delicate. Indeed, removing foreign paint, it is important not to damage your own paintwork (paintwork).

Below are collected proven recommendations that will help clean the car without damaging the varnish.

Folk ways to scrub the paint from the car

In the fight against any pollution, the time factor will be decisive. In other words, the longer the stain of paint will remain on your car, the more difficult it will be to remove it.

  1. Folk ways to scrub the paint from the carThe simplest and most harmless way to eliminate paint will besoap solution. You will need warm water, car shampoo (you can replace with dishwashing detergent) and a sponge. It is necessary to moisten the sponge in the solution and wash the site of damage. The described method is suitable only for fresh pollution.
  2. If the stain remains on the car for some time, you can try to get rid of it withacetone free nail polish remover. Most women know this remedy from a young age, and men can get to know him in the nearest pharmacy. Due to the absence of acetone in the composition, the liquid acts gently, without damaging the varnish.Rub the spot of contamination with a cloth moistened with a wash, and then rinse with clean water.
  3. You can use to remove old stains.solvents. They are divided into weak, medium and strong depending on the contained substances. Because they are part of acetone and other active ingredients, they can damage lacquer, so they should be used with caution. Apply the product to the stain with a cloth or brush and immediately wipe it with a dry cloth. If necessary, repeat the process several times.
  4. Oil refining products are capable of removing paint -gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel. We also apply the product on a cloth and wipe the damaged body part.

Modern methods of damage removal

Along with folk methods, there is a whole class of professional car care products that can be easily purchased in specialized stores. Some of them are useful to adopt now.

1. A fairly common remedy isscratch remover. However, few know that it is effective not only in the fight against mechanical damage, but also can erase traces of paint.It is necessary to apply the product on a dry cloth and wipe the spots soiled with paint until the spots completely disappear. Optimally, a special microporous sponge will be purchased with the paste.

Modern methods of damage removal

2. Gaining increasing popularitycar cleaning clay. As a rule, not only the clay itself is included in the kit, but also wax, polish and a suitable rag. This greatly facilitates the preparatory process for the car owner.

Because of its composition, the clay does an excellent job with the “other” paint, while maintaining the lacquer of the “native” body.

Clay is ground on the damaged surface, left for some time, and then washed off with water. After drying, the part is polished.

3. Automotive connoisseurs claim they can also handle pollutionbrake pad cleaner spray. It is necessary to apply the product to a rag, treat the stain with small fragments and wipe with a dry cloth.

This tool is well suited for the type of dirt when the paint trail is easily pressed through with a fingernail.

General recommendations on how to erase paint

Removing extraneous paint from a car is a painstaking task that requires utmost care. Incorrect movement or improperly chosen tool can remove varnish from your body.To avoid unpleasant surprises, follow these rules.

General recommendations on how to erase paint

  • A thick layer of paint can be removed with a plastic spatula. Care must be taken not to damage the topcoat.
  • Before using an aggressive agent that is dangerous for the body paintwork, be sure to check its effect on the varnish on the inside of the car (for example, under the hood). If the color of the paint changes, the product must either be diluted with water to reduce the concentration of the active substances or be replaced with a more gentle one.
  • Despite the preliminary test on the “draft” part of the body, periodically it is necessary to check the effect of the product on varnish. If you see that the surface loses shine, you should abandon this method.
  • When handling chemical solvents, follow all safety precautions. Do not allow the substance to come into contact with the skin and mucous membranes, as this may be harmful to your health.
  • Make sure that the solvent does not fall on the rubber and plastic parts of the car. Aggressive composition can ruin them.
  • Trying to erase the paint from the body, it is very easy to damage the top layer of varnish. To fix the situation can polish.
  • If the methods described above did not help, you should contact a specialized service center. Specialists will be able to choose the most appropriate tool, depending on the severity of the damage.

How to avoid pollution?

Of course, no road user is immune from the appearance of paint stains on his car. However, there are some simple rules that will help minimize the risks.

  • First of all, do not throw the car in a hectic place.
  • For the night of the vehicle should get a garage or find a place in a guarded parking lot.
  • In the trunk, it is advisable to store a universal remedy for stains, which in case of which you can immediately use.
  • Periodically it is necessary to inspect the car and if any traces of paint are detected, do not overtighten with their removal.

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