Calorie ice cream of different types

The favorite delicacy of many children and adults - ice cream - simply attracts the eye. The cold dessert is especially in demand in hot summer days, and various types and tastes will please almost any buyer. What can worry in such a safe dish, which literally symbolizes a carefree holiday? First of all, of course, the calorie content of ice cream: you can eat the daily ration of calories completely unnoticed, just by allowing yourself to relax for several servings. You can understand the richness of the proposals if you carefully examine all the details.

calorie ice cream

Calorie sweet dessert

Even the usual cold treat refers to a fairly high-calorie desserts, and when you consider that manufacturers in the battle for the buyer generously add caramel, chocolate, icing, nuts and all sorts of syrups, the calorie content of ice cream increases dramatically. And it happens completely unnoticed by the consumer. Ordinary ice cream, thus, can multiply the number of calories by half, or even more.

In most cases, the exciting figures for people watching are indicated on the packaging, it is worthwhile to carefully study this information when you buy ice cream. The caloric value per 100 grams of product in the average price category is approximately 200 units. It is without all kinds of fillers and sweeteners.

A little easier so-called soft ice cream. Due to the air whipped structure in the portion contains much less fat and carbohydrates, but it does not happen at the expense of the dietary composition. Simply soft ice cream is lighter, a portion of 50 grams looks almost as big as a hundred gram pack of a traditional dessert.

calorie ice cream sundae

Calorie ice cream "ice cream"

One of the most popular types of ice cream is ice cream. The specific content of milk fat in the dessert can reach 20% in fat and up to 15% in its classic version. Also in the composition of this product a large proportion of eggs, different types of sugar. This ice cream has a delicate creamy taste and a pleasant texture, without crunching ice crystals.

The standard calorie content of ice cream "ice cream" is 227 kilocalories per 100 grams of product.The portion of this is, depending on the standards of the manufacturer, about 70 grams on a stick or 60 grams in a waffle cup.

calorie cream ice cream

Ice cream

Almost as tasty as ice cream, ice cream is made using natural milk cream. Fat content is 8-10%, the amount of sugar and other sweet additives - optional, depending on the technical conditions for this product. The standard caloric content of creamy ice cream without various additions is 165-180 kilocalories per 100 grams. The taste is slightly lighter than in the ice cream, because the content of eggs and sugar is reduced. Dessert should be uniform, without the inclusion of ice.

Due to the fact that the usual waffle cone contains about 60 grams, the caloric content of ice cream in a cup is less than that stated above. By reducing the portions, you can quite well reduce the nutritional value of the dessert, so if you are calculating daily calorie intake, you need to check the data on the package and take into account the difference in the size of servings.

chocolate ice cream calorie

Chocolate ice cream

Probably one of the most successful combinations of tastes and textures is ice cream and chocolate.There are several varieties of this dessert. It can be creamy or dairy ice cream with the addition of cocoa, the delicacy at the same time takes an appetizing chocolate look. There is also a chocolate ice cream on sale.

There are options with chocolate chips in the composition of the usual white ice cream, desserts covered with chocolate glaze or with syrups and cocoa pastes as fillers. Aroma and delicate taste won many fans, this is a great way to cool off in the heat and eat a portion of sweet, improving mood of dessert. In the battle for a slim figure, one of the main enemies is chocolate ice cream: calories are 236 kilocalories per 100 grams when it comes to ice cream. That is, an increase of approximately 10 kilocalories is not so much to deny yourself of your favorite taste.

Ice cream

Among the various desserts, the caloric content of dairy ice cream is approximately in the range that can already be considered close to the diet. Only 126 kilocalories per 100 grams of product. If we are talking about no less popular creme brulee, then this figure is slightly higher - 134 kilocalories.Thus, the usual glass weighing 60 grams will add to the daily number of calories consumed only 76 kilocalories. It is not so much to spoil your mood and engage in self-flagellation.

The most insidious is McDonald's dairy ice cream - the caloric content of one serving, for example, a strawberry dessert, is 265 kcal. The increased sugar content is responsible for such crazy numbers, in one portion - 44 grams, almost half the daily norm. Caramel or chocolate ice cream from this place delays already for 315-325 kcal per serving.

ice cream calorie per 100 grams

Fruit Ice and Sherbet

The most dietary and light cold desserts are, of course, fruit ice and sherbet. It is not even completely ice cream: the average calorie per 100 grams is 100 kcal. Fruit ice is simply frozen fruit juice, and sherbet in most cases is fruit and vegetable puree, frozen with continuous beating. Sweeteners and dyes should ideally not be added to these desserts, but then, as always, it all depends on the manufacturer.

The main functions of cold desserts in the summer heat - it is cooling, so that the taste of fruits or berries can be quite enough decoration of the day.No less popular is frozen yogurt, if its fat content is reduced, then the caloric content approaches light desserts.

calorie dairy ice cream

How to reduce calorie portions of ice cream

If a loved one still had and remains a fatty sundae, it does not mean that you need to crunch fruit ice, while dreaming of a delicate cream flavor. In fact, the calorie content of ice cream in the diet can be reduced without sacrificing your own food addictions.

To begin with, it is recommended to reduce the portions. If the main excess of calories you get from ice cream, you should stop buying kilogram packages - they provoke significant overeating. The usual portion of 60 grams fully fulfills its function: improves mood, pleases with your favorite taste. You can also combine ice cream with fresh berries and fruits, while the ice cream requires quite a bit, just as a decoration. Flavor preferences will benefit, and the amount of fat in such a dessert can be significantly reduced.

You can add a spoonful of your favorite ice cream to coffee, which will completely replace the full portion of dessert, reduce the amount of sugar in the drink and enrich it with a pleasant taste.

calorie ice cream in a cup

Are cold calories dangerous?

Is it really that ice cream is guilty of extra kilos? First of all, sugar and milk fat, contained in a delicacy, are blamed, and the calorie content of ice cream speaks for itself: if calories are present, they will surely cunningly be deposited on the sides.

However, it is necessary to take into account other nuances. Ice cream is a cold dessert, the body spends calories to warm it to body temperature. Fast carbohydrates are almost instantly absorbed, the blood sugar level rises, how does this affect your well-being? Many say that if you eat a portion of ice cream on a hot day, your mood improves, and the sleepy lethargy inherent in the hot period disappears. That's right, sugar feeds mental functions, it is thanks to this that the mind becomes clearer, and our well-being improves. It can be said that ice cream is a unique summer tonic.

As extra fat, only extra calories are used up. If you lead an active lifestyle, the source of energy is not so important, it can be conditionally harmful ice cream or a large portion of healthy salad.Enjoy your favorite tastes in moderation, and the figure will not suffer.

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