Push-button phone on the "Android": the best models, features, photos

A review of the mobile phone market shows that not all buyers are ready to switch to devices with a touch keyboard. Although the leading companies impose such gadgets, there are a lot of people left who are happy to buy push-button phones based on Android. How can this be explained? Most likely, only personal preferences.

Most buyers believe that only touch devices are called smartphones. However, this is not the case. A smartphone is a device that runs on a specific operating system. And what will be its screen and keyboard, does not affect the characteristics at all. Modern gadget with buttons looks unusual. But this does not mean that such a device will be inferior in technical specifications. It is also worth noting that a large list of advantages has a push-button phone on the “Android”.It is unrealistic to describe all the models in the framework of a single article, so we will focus on the most popular ones.

Samsung Galaxy Golden GT-I9235

The Korean company has filled the mobile device market with its products. Devices are sold in almost every country in the world. In the line there are a variety of models - from simple classic to tricked "shovels". Also under this brand smartphones with mechanical buttons are sold. Many such models have been developed, but they are mainly sold in China and Japan. Unfair attitude to the domestic buyer, is not it?

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To get acquainted with such gadgets consider the model GT-I9235. This is a button phone on the "Android". The operating system version is 4.2. It is a typical "clamshell" in design and a smartphone - in terms of equipment. The feature of this unit is the presence of two screens. Both are colored, with a diagonal of 3.7ʺ. Display type - touch multitouch. Resolution - 800 × 480 px. Responsible for autonomous work removable battery capacity of 1820 mAh. Supports work with one SIM card. The amount of "RAM" - 1.5 GB. The chipset is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400. The built-in memory is 16 GB, there is a slot for an external drive. Works with mobile networks of a new generation - 4G.

Sonim xp6

An interesting version of the smartphone is the XP6 model. This is a secure push-button phone on "Android 4.4.2". It can be used in extreme situations. Indisputable advantages of the device are support for LTE networks, a capacitive battery (4800 mAh), a shock-resistant case, a powerful processor.

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Externally, it is a classic model with a push-button keyboard. Type - monoblock. Sim card - one. The screen has a small diagonal - just 2.36ʺ. The image and viewing angles are good, the quality is provided by the TFT-matrix. Display resolution - 320 × 432 px. Performance is high. The “brain center” of the device is a 4-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor. It operates at 1.2 GHz. RAM - 1 GB, built-in - 8 GB. The camera is one with a 5 MP matrix. Supports Wi-Fi, "Bluetooth", there is a microUSB port.


The Sharp push button phone on Android is almost impossible to buy in Russia. Those who are interested can only use the services of online stores and, it is worth noting, do not lose. The smartphone is quite interesting and has excellent characteristics.

Type of construction of this model - "clamshell". It weighs only 128 g. Equipped with two screens. The main diagonal is 3.4 ʺ. The matrix is ​​classic. Resolution - 960 × 540 px.The external display is small - only 0.9ʺ. It displays only the time and information about the missed notifications. Memory capacity: RAM - 1 GB, ROM - 8 GB. The processor runs on four cores. The chipset model is Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8926. High performance due to 1.2 GHz clock speed.

The smartphone is equipped with an excellent camera, a resolution of 13 megapixels. For autonomous operation meets the lithium-ion type battery of 1410 mAh. To expand the memory slot is provided for flash drives. The device works with 4G networks.

Blackberry priv

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The button phone on the “Android” appeared in the BlackBerry model range. Surprisingly, the Priv model is the first device equipped with this operating system. The smartphone has excellent specifications. The only problem for the domestic buyer is the high cost (more than 30 thousand rubles).

What does the manufacturer offer for such a price? The first thing you want to pay attention to is a full qwerty keyboard. She leaves on the slider principle. The screen is big. Its diagonal is 5.43ʺ. The image quality is excellent. The maximum resolution is 1440 × 2560 px. The density is 540 ppi. Display type - AMOLED. Viewing angles, saturation, color reproduction are excellent.

The smartphone provides a six-core chipset. Two of them are represented by the type Cortex A57, and the other four are Cortex A53. Each of them operates with a frequency of 1.8 and 1.44 GHz, respectively. RAM has 3 GB. Naturally, this equipment allows users to hope for a high level of performance.

LG Optimus F3Q

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Button phone on the "Android" Optimus F3Q was released two years ago. The manufacturer managed to optimally combine functionality and beauty. The model is made in a modern design. The keyboard extends from the side. On the front side is a 4-inch screen. It is sensory, full-size. Type - LCD IPS. At the heart of the smartphone is the MSM8930 processor for two cores with quite good characteristics: the frequency is 1.2 GHz, the “RAM” is 1 GB. To ensure the battery life, the developers chose a lithium-ion 2460 mAh rechargeable battery.

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