Bumbleride Indie Twin: model description

Parents of twins receive not only twice as much happiness, but also twice as much trouble. Even the choice of strollers they have to spend much more time than families, which is expected to give birth to one baby.

But the question of buying a two-seater transport often rises before the parents of the same age. Our article will tell about one of the models that can satisfy the most demanding moms and dads, who have to walk with two kids.

While it cannot be said that the stroller Bumbleride Indie Twin is very popular among our compatriots. But in recent years, the products of the manufacturer confidently regain their place in the market. More and more young parents prefer these comfortable and stylish strollers.

Bumbleride Indie Twin Gray

New brand in the global market of children's transport

Bumbleride was founded in 2003 in the United States by spouses Emily and Matthew Reichardt, who are also parents themselves. In an effort to give the best to their own fumes, they decided to implement a variety of ideas that they had, so they registered a new trademark.Developing children's transport, they strive to pay attention to every little thing, and their main goal is considered comfort and convenience. As you can see, they cope with this task very successfully, because the wheelchairs released by them confidently compete with the products of long-established brands.

The Bumbleride Indie Twin stroller has been produced since 2014, and its design and technical equipment are constantly being improved.

Model design

There are no special “chips” in the exterior of the Bumbleride Indie Twin. This is a four-wheeled children's transport, in which the blocks are installed nearby. But the model definitely has a style - it looks modern and beautiful, it clearly has urban and sports features.

Bumbleride Indie Twin for little older

The choice of colors, according to many parents, is small. But among the options presented, you can find both bright and calm non-dark tones that suit kids of both sexes.


At first glance at the Bumbleride Indie Twin strollers, many people pay attention to large wheels, whose diameter reaches 30 cm. The front pair is swiveling, there are powerful springs and brakes on the back.

The frame is made of lightweight alloy, so that the weight of this transport with walking blocks is only 15.5 kg, which is quite a bit for a double stroller of this class.

Bumbleride Indie Twin stroller

The width of the model is only 71 cm.In comparison with many analogs, this is also a huge plus.

2 in 1 grade

In the reviews, some parents write that they used a stroller with pleasure blocks, starting from the birth of the baby, and this was quite enough. The seats are equipped with adjustable steps and folding back to the horizontal position. But it is convenient if the babies were born in the warm season. For winter, it is desirable to get comfortable cradles.

Note that the Bumbleride Indie Twin 2 in 1 comes complete with two brand insulated cradles that are installed on the frame. You can buy and only one, if the family is growing older. Many car seats that are installed on bumpers at different heights are compatible with this model.

Bumbleride Indie Twin for newborns

The basic set of Bumbleride Indie Twin 2 in 1 also includes orthopedic mattresses for cradles.

All models are equipped with coasters, removable bumpers for pleasure seats, futmuftami.

Patency and controllability

It is even surprising that many Russian parents consider the stroller created overseas to be considered one of the most reliable options for a snowy winter. Large wheels perfectly cope with such "charms" as frost, frozen snow, melted snow mass, dirt.The stroller behaves beautifully both on the pavement, in the park, and on the beach.

In the reviews, many note that management is easily done with one hand.

Baby safety and comfort

For the safety of small fidget responsible five-point belts, equipped with soft shoulder pads. But in the opinion of many users, the bumpers need some work, as the attachment mechanism is so tight that some do not use them at all.

According to experts, Bumbleride Indie Twin is one of the most sustainable models for two children. For example, many strollers are poorly controlled, if not upset if only one seat is occupied. The design of this model is designed in such a way that it perfectly keeps balance and is controlled even when one of the smallest passengers decided to walk on foot.


In the shops of the Russian Federation, this model in the complete set (2 in 1) will cost an average of 65-70 thousand rubles. Walking double option costs a couple of tens of thousands of cheaper. A potential buyer should take into account the fact that all additional branded accessories are quite expensive.

But, as many reviews claim, the considerable price is justified by the excellent quality,excellent handling and usability of this model.

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