Bull Terrier Dog Breed: photos, features, description

The bull terrier is one of the most ambiguous breeds of dogs. Among the admirers of pets there are many ardent opponents and admirers of these animals. In order to form an opinion about the breed of bull terrier dogs, we suggest to get closer to it. Are these animals so terrible and what can we expect from them? Agree that the external beauty of the dog does not differ and certainly does not pull on the role of a cute pet. In many ways, this fact affects the negative attitude towards the breed. But let's talk about everything in more detail ...

Dog Bull Terrier: breed description

Bull Terrier is an animal that is very strongly attached to its owner. Such dogs direct all their attention and love to a loved one. The main issue in the maintenance of the pet is its early socialization, otherwise it may appear signs of aggressive behavior. Bull Terrier breed dogs are suitable only for families that are very active.

The animal is very difficult to confuse with representatives of other breeds.The specific shape of the skull, wayward character and muscular body are the main distinguishing features of the dog. But, on the other hand, the animal loves children very much, has a soft heart and is very energetic. Pets just love to walk with their masters. The dog will always keep you company while jogging or take part in active games.

Before considering the bull terrier breed as a pet, it is necessary to study information about it, because there are a lot of rumors about the animal that are not always true. Proper education of the bull terrier will allow to raise a good dog.breed of dog bull terrier

The main advantages of the animal include simple grooming and very weak manifestations of molting. But from the minuses should be highlighted that the dog needs constant attention, it can not be left alone for a long time. Bull Terrier considers himself a full member of the family, and that is how it should be treated.

Breed history

The breed of dogs bull terrier has appeared as a result of crossing of terriers and bulldogs. Breeders wanted to get an animal that would possess the strength and tenacity of a bulldog and at the same time was dexterous and attentive, like a terrier.

The first bull terriers that were obtained were of various sizes.Some were very small and weighed two to four kilograms, while others weighed up to eight. The smallest representatives were attributed to the dwarf breed. And only later individuals were bred, whose weight reached 22-30 kilograms. These animals are the closest in size to the modern representatives of the breed. In fairness, it is worth saying that the selection was very successful, because an animal was obtained with an amazing set of characteristics.

Famous in certain circles, a breeder from England, James Hinks in the nineteenth century brought the appearance of the animal to its current state. For breeding, they used white bulldogs and terriers, which are now considered extinct. As a result, a completely new breed of dogs was obtained - the bull terrier (the photos are given in the article), which immediately became popular, and even now the passions around it have not subsided. And in the nineteenth century, animals quickly became a fashionable wonder for urban residents. In a relatively short time, the popularity of the breed in the United States reached an incredible size. She was recognized by the American Kennel Club as a new breed at the very beginning of the last century.dog breed bull terrier photo

Breeders continued crossing for breeding new colors.The experiments were very successful because they managed to get multi-colored animals. They were recognized as the next new breed in 1936. And now the bull terrier breed of dogs (photo is given in the article) takes the 53rd place among all officially registered species.

Breed standard

What does a bull terrier dog look like? The breed standard is rather vague. First of all, it concerns the physical characteristics of the bull terrier. The weight of an adult dog is in the range of 18-30 kilograms, as we see, the spread is quite large. The same applies to the growth of the animal, it can be in the range of 30 to 45 centimeters.

Growth restrictions are only for mini-bull terrier breed dogs. In height, they should not exceed 35.5 centimeters.

In general, the modern bull terrier is a strong and muscular dog with a stocky build. The torso of the animal has a rounded shape, and the head is ovoid. The animal has a very developed lower jaw and scissor bite. Representatives of the breed are characterized by very small eyes and close ears.

Bull terriers can have a completely white color. Such individuals are called "white gentlemen."But the most common color color.

Animal character

Why is a bull terrier the most dangerous dog? To make certain conclusions in the veracity of such words, you need to understand the basic traits of the nature of the animal. At one time, dogs of this breed were bred for dog fighting. And for such entertainment needed strong, stubborn and hardy individuals. Animals inherited from their ancestors all the most valuable qualities. Bull terriers proved their fighting skills more than once.

But at the same time, animals are very loving and faithful companions who need constant communication with the owner. They get along well with other pets and love human society. Bull Terrier is suitable only for very active families. An inexperienced person should not take such a pet because the animal needs proper upbringing. If the bull terrier becomes dominant in the relationship with the owner, he will completely abandon socialization and training.dog bull terrier

When dog fighting was banned over time, animals became the favorites of intellectuals in England. Many years have passed, but the bad fame of them has been preserved.Indeed, it is difficult to see a loving and affectionate being in this bundle of muscles.

Choosing a puppy

If you are not confused by the given characteristics of a bull terrier dog, and you still intend to take such a pet into the house, then it is worthwhile to study the market of offers for this breed in advance. To do this, you must visit the exhibition, look through the catalogs and pick up a list of nurseries that are engaged in animal breeding.

Although the bull terrier is a fighting dog, no breeder or kennel will ever give you guarantees that the puppy you have acquired will someday become a real champion. But still some predictions based on the external exterior, health and psyche can be done. Therefore, first of all it is necessary to study the complete information about the puppy's parents. And the best thing is to personally look at mom, and on occasion - and at dad animal. You should generally evaluate the appearance of the dog and the state of its psyche.

Before you choose a pet, you should decide for what purpose you want to get it. After all, an animal can be your protector, keeper of the hearth, participant of exhibitions and competitions.In all these cases, the pet will have a completely different character. In addition, choosing a future champion is not easy. Here you need experience and knowledge, so for advice you need to contact an expert competent in this matter. Also it is worth knowing that to participate in exhibitions you need to take a puppy from the pedigree of the canine federation of Russia.

In the nursery, you need to pay attention to the puppy's physical health, how well-fed he is, how well he eats and in what conditions he lives. It is equally important whether the pet is vaccinated or not. As a rule, the first vaccinations are done in 2-2.5 months.

It is worth noting that the bull terrier has a problem with hearing at the genetic level, this is especially true of the white representatives of the breed, so the future pet needs to check the hearing. To do this, put it in an empty room and clap your hands or make other sounds.

Care and maintenance

Experienced breeders say that the bull terrier is a dog that is very easy to care for. To wool was in good condition, it is enough to comb it only once a week. Peak molting animals in the fall and spring.At this time, the pet should be combed daily.why bull terrier is the most dangerous dog

Bull Terrier is a dog that does not require frequent water procedures. Many breeders use dry shampoos or wet wipes. Sometimes these funds are enough to keep the pet clean so that there is no unpleasant smell.

Like any other dogs, bull terriers (photo is given in the article) need to monitor the health of the ears. Checks must be arranged every week. But the means for processing must be used as directed by the veterinarian. Also, a mandatory hygienic procedure is to clean the ears. It should also be done every week to prevent the appearance of unpleasant smells from the mouth. Claws are trimmed as needed.

It is very important to ensure proper nutrition of the animal, because a pet with an improper diet can gain excess weight. Therefore, it is very important to monitor the quality and quantity of food. In addition, it is very important to provide the animal with the necessary physical activity, walks in the fresh air.

Upbringing and training

Staffordshire bull terrier dogs are very intelligent, but at the same time they have a very stubborn and firm character. Therefore, training your pet should begin from the first day it appears in the family.Classes should be held in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. They should be short-lived, because any exercise will quickly bother an animal, even if they get a treat.

The learning process should be systematic. And the trainer himself must have patience and at the same time be persistent and demanding. Otherwise, it will not work on the character of the pet. Bull terriers are so capricious that even after training they sometimes show stubbornness or refuse to execute commands. Such attempts to manipulate the host must be strictly stopped.bull terrier weight of an adult dog

If your family has a baby, then the dog should begin to communicate with him from the first days. This is an important moment in the socialization of the animal. Bull terriers love babies, but sometimes show aggression to other kids. Therefore, it is important to provide the opportunity to communicate with someone else's children. Early socialization is the main aspect in raising a dog. Training a bull terrier requires considerable perseverance.

A good, properly educated dog must be not only courageous, but at the same time balanced and able to obey the commands of the owner.Bull terriers need frequent communication with people. It is important for them to be needed and loved, that is, to be full members of your family. But at the same time, the dog must understand that people are more important than its family.

Experienced breeders recommend from the very childhood to teach the dog to give you or any family member his plate or bone, and do it without aggression. In general, it is recommended to express dissatisfaction on any attempts at aggressive behavior. Bull terriers very thin catch the slightest changes in your mood. And they also subtly recognize the falsity in the voice. Therefore, the dog must be sincere and honest.

Inexperienced owners need to understand that in order for a dog to be a sincere and loyal friend to you, it must be properly educated. If the pet does not pay the necessary attention to it, then it may well grow an aggressive and angry animal.

Should I get such a pet?

Breeders with experience, who have experience with bull terriers, warn inexperienced people to do rash acts and spontaneously start themselves representatives of this breed as a pet. No matter how cute the puppies are, they grow up very quickly and show their waywardness.

To educate such a dog, a person must have a firm and balanced character.When the animal can not break down on the cry. In addition to love, your pet should also feel that he is not the head of the family. The Bull Terrier cannot be indulged in his misbehavior, which can later lead to unjustified outbursts of aggression.photo from dog show bull terrier

Do not forget that the dog was bred as a fighting dog, which means he is always ready to attack. A lovely creature, according to breeders, often shows unwarranted aggression in seemingly everyday situations, so people often refuse to keep such an animal in the house. Therefore, to start such a dog is recommended only to those who have experience of communication and training of bull terriers. Still, not everyone is able to cope with the temperament of such a pet.

Bull Terriers in Russia

The breed became familiar to Russians not long ago, in the seventies of the last century. The first bull terriers were brought into the country from East Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland. It is these individuals that became the progenitors of the modern generation of Russian dogs of this breed. At a decent level, the breed is represented in cities such as Moscow, Yekaterinburg, St. Petersburg, as well as in the Far East.

Annual dog shows are held in Russia. Among such events monobreed are of particular interest. Photos from the dog show of bull terriers, of course, are impressive, moreover, the dogs look so cute to them. But behind each dog there is a large work of its owner, thanks to which the pet was able to reach certain heights. Of course, the heredity of the dog plays an important role, but without the firm hand of a person it is impossible to raise a decent animal.

Interesting Facts

We have already mentioned that bull terriers come in two colors - white and colored. The latter are found in life much more often. At exhibitions, animals are represented by color, although according to the standard there are no differences between such animals.

The unusual shape of the head makes the appearance of the dog threatening. The main feature of the breed are considered triangular eyes, such eyes you will no longer see in any dog.description of a dog bull terrier

Oddly enough, despite the character, the bull terriers can be considered real movie stars. Representatives of the breed shot in hundreds of different tapes.

Dwarf Bull Terriers

Mini-Bull Terrier is almost an exact copy of its larger brother.It is also characterized by a fighting spirit and an independent character. The breed was bred to successfully fight rats. Cynologists have done a lot of work to eliminate unwanted traits that are typical of ordinary miniature breeds. The animal has all the same proportions as the large individuals.

Externally, this pet is more like a puppy. But do not be mistaken about this. The nature of the animal is no simpler than that of a regular bull terrier, so even such kids need the most serious upbringing and training.

Dwarf bull terrier is more suitable for living in the apartment. But at the same time he needs considerable physical exertion, unlike other miniature breeds. Such a pet will not sit on their hands, like a cute toy terrier. Do not forget that in the arsenal of the baby sharp teeth and violent temperament.what a bull terrier dog looks like

It is believed that mini-bull terriers are not characterized by aggression directed at a person. But at the same time it is impossible to say that the pet will not have anxiety attacks. Much depends on heredity. If in his family ancestors had problems in this sense, then it is highly likely that the puppy will show undesirable character traits even with the right approach to education.

Dwarf bull terriers can live with animals within the same family and tolerate them. But this does not mean at all that the pet will show the same warm attitude towards alien, unfamiliar creatures.

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