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The love of dogs is firmly rooted in society. For centuries, these animals lived side by side with a man, not only brightening his leisure time, but also protecting the house. Today, people increasingly want to have such a pet, but first you need to make a choice. It is necessary to determine the size, breed, character. To do this, it takes time and desire. From the article you can learn about the beautiful and strong breed called Bukovina Shepherd. Perhaps it will be she who will become a loyal friend and reliable protector.

Appearance history

The observant person will immediately notice the powerful physique of the dogs of this breed. In nature, everything has its explanation, which means that such sizes of shepherd dogs are not at all random. Experts believe that since ancient times they served to protect pastures located in the Carpathians. Since there is no exact information on this score, several assumptions arose at the same time regarding the appearance of Bukovina sheep dogs.

Bukovinian Shepherd Dog

A number of researchers have come to the conclusion that these animals can call Dassian dogs their ancestors.They were guard and hunting dogs of the Thracian tribes that lived on the territory of Romania before it was inhabited by the Romans.

According to a different version, shepherd dogs did not live in this area initially, but came there along with nomadic tribes. There is an assumption that the Romans, who settled in Romania, brought them with them. They also had these dogs as watchmen and hunters.

Experts came to the conclusion that for the history of the breed, it has absorbed the genes of a large number of other species: Anatolian and Hungarian Sheepdogs, Komondor, Turkish akbash.

The first documentary description of the breed was made in the middle of the XVIII century. Then the Bukovina shepherds recognized the Romanian dog club. And only in 2009, the breed was awarded by the International Federation of Dog Handlers.

Locals call these dogs - dualu, which translates as "fluffy dog", but the Bukovinian prefix entrenched behind them thanks to the breeding ground - the Bukovinian region, northeast of Romania.


Judging by the photo, the Bukovinian Shepherd is an animal with a large, powerful physique. The dog has a heavy head.The length of the muzzle and the skull are equal to each other. Thick lips tight to the teeth. Triangular ears set high enough, hang down at cheek level. Eyes slightly slanting hazel color. The neck is thick, powerful.

Bukovinskaya Shepherd photo

The coat is thick, straight and long. Only in the region of the head and forelimbs is it somewhat shorter. There is a mane. The coat is predominantly white or with a slight shade of beige, with large black or gray spots.

Susceptibility to disease

Unfortunately, animals are not less people exposed to diseases. Each breed of dog, due to the characteristics of the body, as well as lifestyle, can suffer from certain ailments. The task of the owner is to closely monitor the health of the pet and timely respond to any changes.

bukovinskaya shepherd reviews

Sheepdogs of this breed are subject to dysplasia of the hip and elbow joints. Experts note that such problems are observed in many dogs of large stature. Special attention must be paid to the eyes. Check their cleanliness regularly. The same goes for the ears. Such precautions will prevent the occurrence of infections.

Pet Care

The maintenance of Bukovina Shepherd Dog in an apartment causes certain difficulties, however, it is still possible. Dog sizes matter. She will feel much more comfortable on the territory of a large personal plot.

Thick wool requires special care. So that it does not deliver discomfort, neither the owner nor the animal must be carefully combed daily. The molting period is a real test, so if you are not willing to endure such an inconvenience, then you should think about another breed.

Bukovinsky Shepherd content in the apartment

This dog is an excellent hunter and shepherd, which means that in everyday life it really needs physical exercise. Walking with a shepherd dog is worth at least an hour. When a dog is still small, it can test its strength on furniture and other property. Therefore, the puppy should have a variety of toys and enough places to play.

Character and behavior

Like most guard dogs, she is calm and balanced. Perfectly cope even with large wild animals. Such breeds, as a rule, listen to the commands of one host. They are neutral to acquaintances, but they do not like strangers and strangers. Able to show aggression and wariness towards them.

The serious look of a shepherd dog makes strangers not enter your territory without permission. If the dog feels in danger, then he swiftly attacks.

Sheepdog can quite get along with other pets, only if grown up next to them.


Due to the harsh conditions in which the breed developed, it was formed stable and hardy. It is enough to feed the Bukovina shepherd once a day. Ideal if you need to leave the dog in the country or to leave and entrust the care of the pet to other people. She is also picky about the diet, eats uniform food with pleasure, for example, meat and offal.

Reviews about Bukovina shepherd exclusively positive. Such a pet does not cause much trouble if you correctly approach its upbringing and maintenance. He is loyal to the owner and reliably protects the territory.

Bukovina Sheepdog content and care

When choosing a dog, it is important to take into account the peculiarities of its character, as well as the purpose for which it appears in the house. If you need a strong, hardy watchman, then the Bukovinian Shepherd Dog is ideal. The maintenance and care of it is quite simple and not much different from the content of other breeds.With due attention, she will live long in the family and become its important, integral part.

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