& quot; Brother & quot; 20 years

The cult film by Alexey Balabanov "Brother" is 20 years old. The first show of this film was in May 1997 at the Cannes Film Festival. And in June, the film was given the Grand Prix at the Kinotavr, and Sergey Bodrov received a prize for the main male role. A month later, the film was nominated for Crystal Globe at the Karlovy Vary festival.
After that, there were more prizes at film festivals in Chicago, Macedonia, Trieste, Cottbus, Turin, Minsk, Sochi, Tver, Moscow. But the main thing, I think, is not in these prizes. The film liked the viewer. Even not so, "like" is not the right word. He really became a cult and superpopular.

I think I’m not lying if I say that this is the most popular film of Russian cinema, shot after the collapse of the USSR. None of the post-Soviet films came close in popularity to “Brother,” neither filmed before or after. And Danila Bagrov became just a national hero. Why? To this no one gave an exact answer. Maybe because people tired of lawlessness, immorality, chaos of the 90s, saw in him that Balabanov even, probably, did not try to invest in Danila.They saw in him a national avenger, a simple, his own guy in the board, not at all a superman, but who without any problems dealt with the bandits and was looking for the truth. Yes, his methods are far from ideal. But perhaps this is exactly what the viewer of those years wanted. For everything to be like this, it is easy to cut the truth from the shoulder, even if it does not coincide with the letter of the law.

This is probably one of the main components of success. But there were others. The atmosphere of the film, well conveying the mood of people of those years. Peter is a city in the film one of the main characters. And of course, Sergey Bodrov. If it were not for him, not his charm, I do not think that the film would have a bit of that success.

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