Bronnitsky Jewelry Factory: photos, products and address of the company

In the middle of the eighteenth century, European global jewelry manufacturing shifted from individual specialists to companies. Nowadays they have become not just a sign of luxury - they estimate the accuracy of production and the imagination of a specialist. This is the only one of those winning options, when the gift is likely to attract the attention of a dear person. Without exception, jewelry made in the Russian Federation must meet the requirements of the industry standard OST 117-3-002-95. It is important that this was an enterprise with great skills in the field of jewelry production. And here the Bronnitsky jewelry factory is considered to be the undisputed favorite.

About factory

The brand "Bronnitsky jeweler" has a rich history and is considered one of the oldest domestic brands. The initial mention of the plant was discovered at the end of the seventeenth century.Now it is a huge company that distributes products and has hundreds of trading partners in the Russian Federation and abroad.

Salons Bronnitsky jewelry factory

The craftsmanship of chain weaving, which has been famous for more than three centuries by the craftsmen of this plant, is based on the traditions of the most ancient chain mail industry. During the existence of the production, precious experience has been accumulated, which allows making original jewelry of the Bronnitsky plant, which have no analogues. Manufactured jewelry is respected by the Russian buyer for the high quality and exclusivity of the models. The plant produces and sells jewelry that are made of precious metals: gold, silver, platinum or palladium, the design of which is distinguished by a unique combination of traditional customs and progressive trends. Today, the production workshops of the plant are equipped with the most advanced equipment from leading world manufacturers.

The retail network of the Bronnitsky Jewelry plant in Moscow and Moscow Region has more than fifty stores, 11 stores in Krasnodar, 6 in St. Petersburg, one in Rostov-on-Don and one in Lipetsk. The network is constantly expanding and modernizing.According to feedback from employees, it can be understood that this is a friendly team, formed over the years, and the management of the company is loyal and respectful.


A team of jewelers with full confidence can provide buyers with the quality of their jewelry, as jewelry from the Bronnitsky plant has a number of protection levels. Native stamp of the company.

Stamp of the Bronnitsky jewelry factory

This enterprise is the only domestic manufacturer that has received the opportunity to brand with the symbol of compliance with the “Rostest-Quality” system. World-class technological processes in combination with unique factory know-how guarantee high quality products.


Every year the company manufactures over five thousand jewels of gold and silver. The chains produced in this plant deserve separate consideration. The history of the company began with chaining, and these decorations became its calling card. The assortment list contains chains of station and hand weaving, and on the carbine is a sign of quality.

Chains Bronnitsky jewelry factory

In the constantly updated catalog of the company offers an extensive range of:

  • charms, watches, bracelets;
  • baby gold;
  • jewelry, products with Murano glass;
  • rubber with gold;
  • pendants, necklaces, brooches, necklaces;
  • men's seals, engagement and wedding rings, rings;
  • religious jewelry, crosses, accessories and souvenirs, tie clips, cufflinks;
  • silver decorations and tableware;
  • earrings and piercings;
  • jewelry with semi-precious and precious stones: diamonds, opal, sapphires, amber, gemstones.

Dancing diamonds of the Bronnitsky jewelery factory are notable for the exclusivity that the stone gives to the fastening. With this method, the stone has only 1 point of connection with the product, which makes it relatively easy for it to move in the frame. As a result, he begins to play when moving, but this game has a short-term and rapidly fading character.

Purchase and exchange

The stores exchange and purchase of jewelry manufactured under the company's brand. So, if the earrings of the Bronnitsky jewelry factory or necklace went out of fashion or dimmed, then you can come to any of the stores of the chain and get money for products that are annoying and have lost their former qualities, or you can exchange them for new and fashionable ones.Employees of franchise stores will always explain in detail the rules of such an exchange or sale and will advise the best choice. From the documents it is important to take only a passport. Favorable prices apply. So, for the 585 test chain, the purchase will cost 1300 per gram, and the exchange 1700 per gram. When exchanging the price difference will be returned in the form of a discount on a new product.

Assortment in the salons of the Bronnitsky jewelry factory

The following are not accepted for purchase:

  • ingots of banks and those. plates;
  • award medals and orders;
  • gold wire and sand;
  • decorations from several different drag. met.;
  • icons and coins;
  • nuggets;
  • highly contaminated products.

Creation by individual design

The workshop is invited to form the author's jewels according to the original design. Here it is possible to pick up any desired stone, fix the type, the optimal frame and make an inimitable product that will absolutely convey the taste and character of its own owner, and also emphasize the image. Artists are ready to implement the most unique ideas.

Jewelry to order at the Bronnitsky jewelry factory

Custom-made souvenirs and wedding rings from the Bronnitsky jewelry factory are incredibly successful.In order to consult with a jeweler, you must fill out a simple form on the company's website or call the multichannel phone. An experienced master will help you choose the most suitable variation and unique methods for translating interesting ideas. All the required elements will be discussed and an approximate sketch of the upcoming decoration will be formed. Already after the approval of the outline of the product, they are given to a skillful workshop.

Diamonds factory

Without exception, all the jewels of the Bronnitsky jewelry factory are made of material provided by the favorite of the diamond-mining industry, ALROSA (OJSC). Among them there are jewels, cut by the firm, which occupies a leading position in the world in terms of diamond production. In the implementation of only real, unfettered jewelry.

How to choose a gem

The cost of a diamond is calculated according to the Rapaport price list, according to the USD exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the day of certification plus tax (VAT). Certificates of independent evaluation institutions are attached to all gems. Certification documents can be checked online and in any store network.The plant conducts a thorough additional control over the coherence of the declared data of the diamond before implementation.

Gemstone Selection

It is not always easy to find your own unique diamond, which will bewitch, for example, for wedding rings from the Bronnitsky jewelry factory. Experts of the company accompany this exciting stage and orient the customer. The range of presented frames for rings provides the ability to create your own unique image. Skilled craftsmen can help choose the best frame design and agree on the optimal sketch so that the product will last forever.

The price of an exclusive product is subjective every time and depends on certain conditions:

  • the weight of the jewel;
  • alloy material used;
  • stones used in the product;
  • the complexity of the design.

The factory’s workshops offer an extensive selection of metals and precious and semi-precious stones. In addition, it is possible to apply and combine different types of gold.


The famous Bronnitsky Jewelry Factory provides engraving services. The work is done exclusively by a highly qualified jeweler who really puts all his soul into the product.The unique engraving becomes part of the jewel, it is durable and does not lend itself to abrasion. Marriage is excluded due to machine processing using a laser. A commemorative inscription or a beautiful ornament is applied to various items; these can be earrings, pendant, ring, cufflinks, spoons. This gives a unique product, making it a perfect gift or family heirloom.

Engraved Rings from Bronnitsky Jewelry Factory

For decoration, you can choose a beautiful font and ready-made elements. Engraving according to an individual sketch is carried out both on the inner and on the outer plane of the product. Order execution can last from 7 to 14 days. The only negative is that engraving is impossible on rings whose width is less than 3 mm. It is possible to give a precious ring or pendant for engraving in any franchise salon.

Tool production

The modern and high-class special equipment of the company's tool shop makes it possible to produce jewelry of any complexity. The instrumental workshop of the plant works both on sketches and technological conditions, and offers examples of its development and design with a guarantee of respect for copyright.The work uses metalworking machines of the world's leading manufacturers in Switzerland and Japan. In the production of products, innovative technological processes of 3D metal finishing, electronic forecasting, etc. are used. The design-scientific-technical center can design parts and products of any complexity. In addition, all products undergo a multi-stage test of technology and quality. It turns out the service of many varieties of industrial products:

  • Press forms;
  • equipment for machine tools;
  • stamps, matrices, stamps;
  • knitting equipment;
  • extrusive dies.

The plant has a full range of patents for various inventions and unique modifications. More than five hundred specially trained specialists who create high-quality products work in the workshops and laboratories.

Repair and quality control of products

In the customer service center you can use the services of a jeweler. Key shortcomings appear after the acquisition rather quickly. These can be such defects as the lack of components for fixing the insert or the coloring of a valuable alloy changes the initial color.The master reconstructs his beloved, but the ring of the Bronnitsky jewelry factory, which has lost its shine, will give it a new look, change the size or strengthen the stone. Warranty work performed for free. If you need to come to the studio for a consultation before 11.30, then you need to pre-approve the visit by phone.

Jewelry by individual order from Bronnitsky jewelry factory

According to the current decree of the Government of the Russian Federation, dated January 19, 1998 N 55, exchange and return of jewelry of the appropriate quality is not done. If during the socks a marriage or malfunction is revealed, then you need to come to the salon network with

  • checks and tags (it can help determine the date of purchase of the product);
  • identity document.

The store will need to fill in the appropriate treatment and the safe receipt, after which the precious thing will be sent to the laboratory of the plant to perform quality control. After twenty days, the buyer is informed about the decision and further actions. If the fact of an industrial marriage is determined, it will be possible to make repairs at the company's expense, change to a similar product, or perform a cash return.

Online store

The jewelry company produces approximately 4 tons of gold and 2 tons of silver jewelry per year. Having excellent sales, the company's management approved the decision to form a new online store. Experts established popular destinations and formed a modern online boutique of jewelry made of silver and gold of the Bronnitsky jewelry factory.

The design of the web project displays the properties of the brand, a set of traditions and current technologies. The store can successfully and efficiently demonstrate to the buyer the company's products and make the purchase. The main page allows the buyer to get all the necessary information about promotions and offers, the services of the company, the addresses of the boutiques network. Anyone can get a personal account and arrange a permanent subscription to the news. Also at the office. The site has the opportunity to get acquainted with all the latest trends in modern fashion and learn the news of the jewelry world. The pop-up window on the main page gives the guest the chance not only to be aware of the latest promotions, but to receive a discount.

There is an integration of discount cards, gift certificates, promotional codes to purchase in an online boutique. On the website, the user can more accurately determine the amount of his own discount on a discount card. There is a possibility of registering retail and wholesale customers.

Permanent legal address of the Bronnitsky jewelry factory: Bronnitsy, Komsomolsky lane, building 53.

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