British lop-eared cat: character, content, price

Recently, the British lop-eared cat has become very popular. These unpretentious and very calm animals have won the hearts of many cat lovers. But in order to make the stay in the house of an unusual cat with hanging ears joyful and pleasant, you need to know how to properly care for it.


The main feature of lop-eared cats are their small ears hanging down, and also a small crotch on the nose. Head with a well-defined chin, rounded. The large, wide-set round eyes appear slightly convex. The rib cage is quite strong, muscular. Short legs in combination with a compact body create the effect of clubfoot. British cats belong to large breeds, the weight of 7-8 kg is the norm for these animals.British Fold Cat

Thanks to thick short hair, these handsome men resemble teddy bears. Color is often monochromatic - cream, red black.Cats Fold British Blue are especially popular. This color is considered a classic and can be a variety of shades - from light to almost dark gray. Quite often there are animals of marble, tiger or spotted colors. It is very rare for these cats red color. Therefore, such animals are valued especially highly. It is believed that the British lop-eared red cat is distinguished by excellent intuition and ingenuity.

Breed history

It is believed that the ancestors of British cats were Russian blue, brought to England by sailors. In 1961, on one of the Scottish farms, a white-colored cat was born with unusual hanging ears. It was she who initiated the breed lop-eared cats. For a long time, they were registered as ordinary British. And only in 2004 were allocated in a separate breed.british fold cat prices


Superb live with other animals, as well as with children British Fold cat. The nature of these animals is distinguished by extraordinary friendliness and the complete absence of aggression. They will not release claws, even if they do not like something. The British calmly tolerate loneliness and lack of a host.But at the same time, they always rejoice at his arrival and will not miss a minute to be near him.British lop catAt the same time, they never strive to get into their hands, but behave very worthily and well-mannered. Lop-eared cats are developed physically, with pleasure included in any game. In other situations are always sedate and restrained.

First days at home

Before you bring a small lop kitten into the house, you need to prepare a place for the baby and hide all the objects that are dangerous for him: the wires that he can gnaw through, various chemicals. By accustoming to the order of a cat, from the first days of appearance in the house it is necessary to determine for him the place where he will sleep, play, setting a house and a scraper there. First you need to give the animal to examine the entire apartment, allowing calm to go around and sniff everything. It is advisable not to leave the cat alone in the first days of the house to help him get used to the new environment.


British lop-eared cat does not cause any particular trouble. At least once a week it is necessary to comb the coat with a special brush. This should be done carefully so as not to tear out a very delicate undercoat.Daily brushing is required during the molting period, which is usually once a year. The thick coat of the animal needs to be periodically cleaned. To do this, use dry specialized shampoo, which is rubbed into the wool.breed british lop-eared cat

It is not recommended to wash cats of this breed in water. Bathing procedure should be carried out only in case of emergency, when the animal gets too dirty. This can be done no more than once every six months. In this case, the water should be warm, but its temperature should not exceed 40 ° C. It is very important to ensure that water does not get into the eyes or ears of an animal. The shampoo used for washing should be special, matching the color. Immediately after bathing, the animal must be wrapped in a towel, carefully wiped the wool and put on the mat for further drying. The most important thing is that there are no drafts in the room that are very dangerous for the British.


Only a balanced diet will ensure the pet's health, activity and longevity. When feeding a cat with natural products in the diet, there must be components that are rich in all necessary nutrients and trace elements.Breed British Fold cat is very fastidious in food. The digestive system of such animals is not able to digest salty, fatty or spicy foods. You can not give food directly from the refrigerator, you need to heat them up to 26 degrees.

The main component in the diet of the British is lean meat. It can be given both raw and boiled. Raw meat is especially rich in vitamins, besides its chewing leads to the development of the jaw and the growth of fat cheeks - one of the characteristic features of the breed. Poultry meat is recommended only heat-treated chicken. It must first be separated from the bones.cats lop-eared british blue

In the diet must be present plant foods - vegetables, cereals, greens. British cats are happy to eat carrots, cabbage, cucumbers and zucchini. It is very useful to add raw chicken egg yolk to food. From dairy products, these animals prefer sour cream, cottage cheese, yogurt, kefir. Cheese should be given only salted varieties.

When feeding cats with natural products, it is necessary to include vitamin supplements in the diet. It is very useful to plant in a pot a special grass for cats,the seeds of which are sold in all pet stores.

The British lop-eared cat can also quite successfully feed on special dry food. Their prices depend largely on the quality, the preference should be given to the more expensive brands. The cost of a good feed is not less than 400 rubles per kilogram.

Toilet training

This delicate question requires patience and perseverance from the host. The place for the cat tray is chosen the most secluded, usually a bathroom or toilet. The main thing - away from the place of eating and resting an animal. Given that the British lop-eared cat is a rather large animal, the tray needs to be picked up more. The filler is poured into it with a layer of several centimeters, which partially changes as it is used. The tray should be washed periodically, preferably with the help of baby soap and a sponge.

The British quickly understand what is required of them, and begin to walk in the tray. But it happens that a little kitten needs time to get used to this place. There will have to show patience. It is impossible to shout and punish an animal if it needs it not in the right place.You just have to move the tray to where it is spoiled, and gradually move it to the place that you have identified.british fold cat character

Daily care

Casual care, including inspection, cleaning the eyes, ears, will become a familiar part of the cat's life, if you teach him to do this from an early age. Periodically, it is necessary to check the auricles for plaque, rash or unpleasant odor and clean them with a cotton swab. Eyes must be clean. When accumulated in the corners of a dark plaque, it is removed with a wet cloth. The appearance of purulent discharge - a reason to contact the veterinarian. Britons claws also require attention. They are cut about once a month at half the length. This should be done carefully so as not to hurt the blood vessels at the base. For this procedure, it is recommended to use special clipper tweezers.


Although many give birth to purebred cats for the soul, a time comes when the pet grows up and there is a need for mating. If mating provides for the further sale of kittens, then the issue should be approached with the utmost responsibility so that the offspring will retain all signs of the British Fold Cat breed.The prices of small fluffy lumps with hanging ears on the market vary, they vary from 6 to 20 thousand rubles.

Puberty cats cats lop-eared breed occurs when they turn 7-8 months. You can determine it by its characteristic features: the behavior of the animal changes, it will be sometimes aggressive, starts to leave marks and tries to use soft things for its needs. However, experts do not recommend mating until the animal is one year old.

bryan fold cat red

At any time of year, the male can cover the cat, but the peak of activity usually occurs in the spring months, when the concentration of spermatozoa is especially high. To get the perfect offspring, you need to choose the right partner. To do this, it is best to contact a breeding club such as a British Fold Cat. Knitting is carried out only with an animal with straight erect ears. If both partners have ears pressed, progeny are guaranteed birth defects of the paws, spine and others.

Only healthy animals are allowed to mating, with no signs of malaise, cough, discharge from the eyes or ears, etc.Be sure to be made all the necessary vaccinations.

British lop-eared cat does not cause much trouble in the content, and if you take care of him according to the rules, the animal will be healthy, playful and bring a lot of positive emotions to the owners.

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