Breed dogs from “Masks”: name and description

The popularity of a particular breed sometimes sets cinema. If an animal is seen in a popular film, the demand for it will certainly increase after the release of the tape. This is exactly what happened to Jack Russell Terrier - this is a breed of dog from the “Mask”. Milo is a very playful dog, with high intelligence, but a peculiar character.

Are these animals really, or did the dog just play its part? Before acquiring a puppy of this breed, you should find out the features.

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The dog from the “Mask”, the breed of which is called Jack Russell Terrier, was distinguished by its ability to make decisions and fairly high intelligence. And this behavior is not the merit of trainers on the site. These animals are really very smart. Experts even believe that among the terriers is the most intelligent variety.

While working on the breed, emphasis was placed not only on physical endurance, but also on the development of intelligence, because the hunter must independently use various strategies for hunting the beast.The first time the owner gave them a sign with a horn or voice, helping to make a decision, but later the animals began to do it themselves.

Properly educated breed of dog from the “Mask” seeks to constantly improve their intelligence, to develop it. Even in old age, they prefer the "nuts" for the mind mindless lying on the couch.

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The dog from the “Mask”, the breed of which is intended for hunting foxes, badgers and rodents, has an adventurous character. The dog loves adventure and any movement. At the same time, the animal appreciates home comfort and the opportunity to spend time with its beloved owner.

The breed of dog from “Mask” is very active, and it was noticeable even in the film. Having no entertainment left to himself, the Jack Russell Terrier can become completely inadequate.

He definitely needs active exercises and interesting challenges. It is necessary to start raising the dog as soon as possible, accustoming him to physical exertion. Only such an approach will allow to grow a harmoniously shaped pet with a good character and excellent physical and mental health.

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The breed of dog from the “Mask”, whose name is Jack Russell Terrier, is very sociable, extremely attached to the owner and his family. For a dog, it is important to constantly be close to the members of his “pack” Jack Russell is trying to control everything around, he is playful, has a sense of humor and is able to independently master some tricks that amuse the family.

The breed of the dog from “Mask” is hunting, it is characterized by stubbornness, jealousy and aggression towards other animals. In order for these features not to become a problem, the puppy must be socialized from an early age.

It is very important to acquaint him not only with other people, but also with dogs of different ages. We must not allow attempts to chase cats or other animals.

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The temperament of the Jack Russell Terrier is extraordinary: a pet is able to simultaneously show love, devotion, militancy and assertiveness.

It is necessary to raise a puppy from the minute he “crossed” the threshold of the house. It is very important to make the dog understand the difference between his personal space and the territory of the owner. Often, Jack Russell allow themselves to stroll along the tables, jump into the closets, lie on the beds.All such attempts must be stopped at the very beginning.

As long as the dog is young, it is able to recognize the primacy of the owner, to submit to it. Even Jack Russell Terrier puppies understand what they want from them. In addition, dogs have excellent memory and analytical skills: they can think about what they got, and continue not to do the same.

Pets of this breed, especially males, are prone to domination. They want to subdue at least someone, so they are looking for an approach to children or the elderly. They do not show aggression, but very often resort to begging. In most cases, a one-time punishment is sufficient so that the dog does not return to such tricks. Pet should be scolded and deprived of treats, so that he realized the depth of the offense. The most important thing is to catch the dog "on hot" in order to immediately show him the inadmissibility of actions.

Knowing what breed of dog in “Mask”, what are its features and requirements for education, it is easy to guess that even an inexperienced owner can keep a Jack Russell terrier. The main thing is to be attentive to each act of a pet, reacting to it accordingly.It is necessary to walk a lot with animals, talk, make their brain solve new puzzles. Those who love their dog, it is not difficult to educate him "a real man."

Special features

Jack Russell Terriers have some features that are unique to this breed. You should know about it beforehand in order to understand whether this pet is suitable for you:

  • Jack Russell love to dig. For a short period of time they are able to dig a deep hole.
  • The breed has a persecution instinct.
  • Without proper socialization, the pet will be quite aggressive to other animals.
  • The area where Jack Russell lives should be well fenced so that the dog can safely release energy.
  • Representatives of the breed love to jump in height, sometimes above 1.5 meters.
  • Living in a confined space of an apartment, dogs resemble a tornado: they tear down everything in their path, making debris.

what breed of dog in the mask

Buying a puppy

The dog from “Masks” is a breed whose photo adorns a lot of magazine spreads. Almost everyone wanted to buy it after the movie was released. Over time, the excitement around the breed subsided, however, and today it still has many fans and loyal fans.

They acquire puppies not only for hunting, but more often as companions.The price of a puppy depends on the availability of documents and class. So, an exhibition kid will cost from 40 to 80 thousand rubles, while just a dog from good parents will cost 25-35 thousand rubles.

Some acquire puppies without documents at a low price, but in this case there is a high risk of getting a breed marriage with mental problems. If, however, it is decided to buy such a dog, you should take with you a person who is knowledgeable in the breed, so that he can assess how well he meets the main criteria:

  • The advantage of white color, 2 spots on the head, a couple of spots near the tail.
  • Strong bones, developed muscles, clean ears and eyes.

Getting a dog, it is important to remember that this is not a toy, it is a close creature for many years. Therefore, only focus on the picture from the movie can not. You should carefully analyze the characteristics of the breed and understand whether you are ready to cope with the difficult nature of the dog and meet its needs in motion.

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