Brazilian hair straightening Brazilian Blowout: reviews of cosmetologists

Modern women constantly strive to look their best, spending the minimum amount of time on all the necessary procedures. Is it possible? Professional cosmetologists and masters of hairdressing argue that yes. Significantly save time on hair styling will allow Brazilian Blowout. Reviews of this procedure prove its high efficiency.

Appearance history

Where did the Brazilian Blowout hair come from? Reviews of experts say that this method was invented in Brazil. The climatic conditions of this country are the reason that local beauties find it difficult to cope with their hair styling. Their curls curl and fuzz under the influence of salt water, wind and sun. The styling problem is also aggravated by brittleness and dry hair. To solve such a difficult task, the Brazilian straightening method was invented, which later spread to all countries of the world.This procedure is performed using a special blend containing Brazilian Blowout keratin.

brazilian blowout reviews

Reviews of specialists and customers confirm the high effectiveness of this tool. To date, keratin procedures are offered in almost all beauty salons. It can perform most of the masters, actively promoting and promoting this method.

Brazilian Blowout Principle

What is the Brazilian keratin hair straightening? Brazilian Blowout reviews get positive. The main reason for this is the restoration of lost health curls.

Why, over time, our hair loses its strength and shine? This is due to the fact that the content of keratin in them gradually decreases. Curls become weak and bring their mistress unnecessary worries. To prevent the occurrence of such a problem can permanent replacement keratin. When this protein is very small, the hair becomes naughty, fluffy and porous. In this case, experts recommend the use of Brazilian keratin hair Brazilian Blowout. Reviews of beauty salon visitors confirm that after this procedure their strands became perfectly smooth, silky and shiny.

What is the Brazilian Blowout? Reviews of experts claim that the Brazilian smoothing is a progressive modern method of hair care. In this case, this method is good for both tight curls, and for a little curly curls.

keratin brazilian blowout reviews

The effectiveness of the Brazilian Blowout becomes possible due to the use of products containing keratin. This element tightly fills the hair structure and straightens it without any damage. Keratin restores and strengthens the hair, and also very intensively cares for them.

What gives Brazilian hair Brazilian Blowout? Reviews of patients after the application of this method confirm that their hair not only smoothed out, but also acquired a healthy and beautiful look.


In order to achieve effective styling, many women resort to using various procedures. But the best method to achieve the cherished goal, is keratin hair Brazilian Blowout. Reviews of cosmetologists confirm the obvious advantages of this procedure. Pluses consist:

-In safety.The composition of all drugs and cosmetics that are used in this procedure does not include a single harmful chemical.That is why this method does not provoke the appearance of allergies or irritation of the skin of the head.
-In a sustainable result.You can style and wash your hair immediately after applying Brazilian Blowout. Reviews of patients of beauty salons confirm the fact that the effect in the form of heavy, shiny and smooth hair lasts a long period, up to 4 months.

brazilian keratin hair straightening brazilian blowout reviews-In recovery.The effect of the procedure becomes especially noticeable on dried and damaged hair. The vitality and shine of the locks are successfully restored with the help of keratin.
-In versatility.Beauticians recommend the procedure of Brazilian hair straightening and owners of tight curls, and those whose hair is soft and thin.

Stages of the Brazilian Blowout

The technology of this method includes 3 consecutive stages. On the first of them, the hair is thoroughly cleaned from skin plaque and dust. This applies a special shampoo. After the curls put a special composition.

Keratin contained in it envelops the hair and penetrates deep into their structure. At the third and final stage, the master straightens the curls using special irons.The effect of high temperature, reaching 230 degrees, leads to the folding of keratin. As a result, this protein turns into a very strong protective film. It also gives shine and smoothness to hair that begins to literally shine with health.

Description of the first stage of the procedure

Very effectively and without any sulfates removes dirt from the hair Brazilian Blowout shampoo. Reviews of beauticians about this tool confirm its high cleansing properties. As part of shampoo for straightening hair, there are valuable antioxidant substances, which are obtained from cocoa and plants Kama-Kama, seeds of berries Annato, as well as berries asay. These valuable ingredients are the foundation of the Brazilian Super Nutrient Complex. It gives hair shine and hydration. In addition, the curls are deprived of static electricity. The shampoo opens the hair scales, preparing the curls to penetrate keratin. The product is applied twice to the still wet hair with light massaging movements, and then washed off with water. On coarse, thick, unpainted, without chemical treatment of hair, the shampoo during the second application is left for 10 minutes. Only after this time has it been thoroughly washed away.

Description of the second stage of the procedure

After thoroughly cleansing the hair, the master applies a special remedy to the curls, which is based on keratin. Thanks to its results, Brazilian Blowout receives very positive results if this stage of the procedure is performed on slightly dried hair.

brazilian blowout hair straightening reviewsAccording to cosmetologists, the best keratin products that are currently offered on the cosmetic market belong to two brands. This is the Brazilian Blowout, reviews of which are only positive, as well as at least quality products brand MARCIA (Brazilian Keratine Treatment). The use of these compounds allows you to create on each of the hairs a dense protective protein layer that successfully performs the task of straightening the cuticle and smoothing curls.

The tool is poured into the bowl in the required quantity. For short hair it is 30 ml, for medium hair - 50 ml, and for long hair - 70-100 ml. Further, the curls, dried to 80%, are divided into strands, each of which is in the direction from the neck to the ends with a brush and applied keratin means. In this case, the master retreats from the root by one centimeter. After applying the product should remain on the hair for 10 minutes.This concludes the second stage of such a procedure as the Brazilian Brazilian Blowout. Reviews of cosmetologists recommend in the process of its implementation to remove excess product with a comb with rare teeth. The fact is that an excess of keratin often leads to the fact that during the procedure, patients feel some discomfort.

Description of the third stage

After keeping the keratin agent on the hair, the head is dried with a hairdryer. This is followed by the final and most important stage of the Brazilian Blowout. Reviews of professional hairdressers confirm: it requires a lot of time and effort. To obtain the desired result, the master must carefully treat each strand with a special iron warmed to a temperature of 230 degrees. The number of such actions depends on the structure of the hair. On average, curls are ironed four to eight times. Do not be afraid that high temperatures will destroy the hair structure. They are reliably protected by applied means that possess, among other things, thermal protective properties.

brazilian blowout formaldehyde reviewsSo, the curls are smoothed. Then the master rinses them with water without using shampoo.On the hair, just for one minute, a special mask is applied. After it is washed off with water. Additional funds are not used. The latest, final stage of Brazilian straightening is drying. Next, the wizard sets the hair, after applying on it either a special serum or a moisturizing conditioner.

Thus, straightening Brazilian Blowout is completed. Reviews of beauty salon visitors confirm that as a result, the curls become docile, soft and smooth. The average duration of all stages is one and a half hours. The time spent in the salon, depends on the structure and length of hair.

Consolidation of the result

Special hair care is required for women who have made Brazilian Blowout keratin straightening. Reviews of cosmetologists about this procedure confirm that ordinary cosmetic products will not work to consolidate the result obtained. Experts recommend for home use use cosmetics Brazilian Blowout. Conditioners and shampoos of this brand will saturate your hair with natural vitamins and allow them to remain in excellent shape. After applying them, cosmetologists advise using serums of the same brand.These products reliably “seal” nutritious components and protein in hair cuticle.

Extend the effect

In order that the styling will not bring you unnecessary trouble for a long time, after five months you should visit the beauty salon again and repeat the procedure. If the curls are damaged, then you can contact the masters before. Repeated procedure of straightening in this case is allowed after three months.

brazilian blowout zero reviewsWhat are the negative Brazilian Blowout reviews? Salt water can cause damage to hair. That is why for those who have undergone the procedure of Brazilian straightening, at first it is not recommended to swim in the sea. Salt is able to wash the keratin, which is still not enough fit into the structure of the curls. Also not recommended to visit the pools and saunas. Here keratin will destroy steam and bleach.
Only 10 days after a salon visit, it is worth dyeing past hair. In this case, ammonia-free agents should be used in order not to destroy the keratin components.


Brazilian Blowout, like any other cosmetic procedure, has some limitations. It is forbidden to perform during pregnancy and lactation.Any woman, above all, should take care of the health of the baby. It is not recommended to do straightening just before the rest on the sea. During this period, the procedure simply does not make sense.

There is an opinion that keratin drugs harm the hair, causing hair loss. However, it is not. Just do not use low-quality formulations. This saves money, but causes deterioration in health.

Product safety

Often in the media are far from flattering about the Brazilian Blowout reviews. According to journalists, formaldehyde, which is allegedly present in the formulation of the formulations used, harms the health of the visitors to the salons. Yes, a few years ago this question was relevant. All hair straighteners produced by cosmetic companies included low quality keratin, which was combined with formalin. However, to date, during the rectification procedure, only harmless products are used. In its composition there are no chemical components, which were replaced by vegetable oils and extracts, as well as special hydrolyzed keratin obtained from sheep's wool.

Brazilian Blowout hair care products

In the cosmetic market offers a line of products, the use of which is recommended after the Brazilian straightening. This is the Brazilian Blowout Acai Hair Care. The basis of this cosmetics are the substances contained in the Acai berries. The purpose of the use of such tools - the maximum extension of the effect of the procedure of Brazilian straightening curls.

brazilian blowout hurt reviewsThe basis of all cosmetics of this brand is a super-nourishing Brazilian complex. All its components are combined in a special way, additionally smoothing and sealing the hair scales. Made on the basis of this complex means are recommended for use in the interval between the procedures of the Brazilian straightening curls. They allow the locks not to lose their strength and maintain a healthy look.

These tools include:
- hair mask, which has the effect of deep conditioning;
- smoothing shampoo;
- conditioner with a rectifying effect;
- serum used for daily hair care with a smoothing effect.

Cosmetics Brazilian Blowout has absorbed all the beneficial properties of acai berries, annatto seeds, cocoa and kama-kama.After its application, the hair becomes resistant and intense color, beautiful shine and smooth structure. In addition, the use of funds of this brand reliably protects curls from the sun, sea water and other negative influences. This line is manufactured in the USA.

Professional care

The manufacturing company produces a special hair smoothing tool used by stylists. This Acai Professional Smoothing Solution brand Brazilian Blowout (Zero). Reviews of this cosmetic product, left by professional stylists, confirm its excellent conditioning and softening effect. The remarkable effect is made possible by the presence of nutrients donated by nature, which are based on Acai berries, as part of a patented complex. Strengthening the hair shaft when using the Acai Professional Smoothing Solution occurs due to the created protein protective layer. Such an action allows not only to smooth the curls, but also to restore the health of their structure. Thus, professional stylists have in their arsenal a means to solve many problems.Among them - the restoration of weak and dull hair, straightening and much more.

At the heart of the Brazilian Blowout Zero is a specific gluing system, called KeraSafe. It is created from natural components of plant origin, therefore it is absolutely safe. The action of the gluing system is to coat the hair shaft with an amino acid. Such a protective layer is kept on the curls for 12 weeks. Reviews of the tool Brazilian Blowout Zero confirm its ability to produce the effect of straightening, while increasing the smoothness and shine of each hair.

Experts say that the system KeraSafe is a serious scientific achievement. The safety of this development is confirmed by many officially conducted studies. For example, numerous measurements of the level of formaldehyde when using this tool during the entire procedure gave the same result, equal to zero.


So who is recommended to try Brazilian straightening on your hair? To the woman who does not want to see curls in different directions in the morning in the mirror.

The procedure described above is good for those who prefer to have long curls.Often they are pulled by various brushes and straightened with an iron. However, such methods of creating styling harm the hair.

Brazilian hair straightening is recommended for those who dream of a beautiful hairstyle on a long business trip or on vacation, where it is not always possible to find a proven master. Brazilian Blowout will allow styling to keep the original appearance, as if you are only from a hairdresser, and also protects the curls from the harmful effects of wind and sun.

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