Bounty Hunter, "Dota 2": features of the hero

Bounty Hunter is one of the characters of Dota 2’s favorite “sticky”. This article will be devoted to this character, as well as to the game guides.

bounty hunter

Short story

There is a legend about the lonely wanderer Gondar nicknamed Bounty Hunter. Someone says that his family threw him when he was still a little kitten, and the poor fellow had to break his way with his teeth and claws. Others claim that he was sheltered by a great hunter, who later taught us the use of sword fighting techniques. As time went on, the cub grew up and combed the groves with his mentor.

But there are those who claim that he is an ordinary street gangster who successfully landed in a powerful group or thieves' guild, which contributed to the improvement of his skills.

More terrible rumors also circulate about him: allegedly it was Bounty Hunter who tracked down the runaway tyrant and brought him to court Lynch, bringing his head in the form of evidence. And also that he grabbed the rebel leader, secretly making his way into their camp at night.

All this says only one thing - you can track down anyone, and even the strongest can die.

Head hunter

Bounty hunter. Dota 2

Some players regard this character as a leytovy (Kerry), who at the beginning of the match is frankly weak, but over time gains strength, and by the end of the round it becomes simply invincible. Overall, the gaming community is skeptical that the Bounty Hunter character is Kerry.

Roamer's role (tramps) fits more. The main task of such characters is to move around the map, kill bots in the forest and assist other players on the lines. The point is not that Bounty Hunter would keep a certain line throughout the whole round, but that he would suddenly appear (for example, at the midpoint), create a numerical advantage and promote the flow of bots (together with the players allies) to the enemy base.

Romer himself (as a class) in the first minutes of the game is not particularly farmer due to the fact that he is weak.

bounty hunter

Features of the hero in the game

The character has the following abilities:

  • Shuriken Toss - releases a shuriken that flies into the enemy and stuns it, causing damage. Also, if the targets are already marked with the Track ability, the shuriken will bounce.
  • Jinada - the next attack is critical and does great damage to the enemy.
  • Shadow Walk - Bounty Hunter goes into stealth mode.It remains so until it uses any ability or strikes. While invisible, can pass through bots and other players. But it should also be noted that when attacking, being "in the shadow", it causes additional damage.
  • Track - the hero tracks the enemy, even if he is invisible, and makes obvious the amount of gold he possesses. If allied players are near the target, their movement speed increases. After the destruction of the target, the allies and the Bounty Hunter will receive a gold award.

Build Tips

At the beginning of the game, you should purchase at the Tango store to use trees for health regeneration, as well as Sage’s Mask to increase the speed of mana replenishment.

Up to the 15th minute in the kit there should be boots (Phase Boots) for fast movement, and for replenishing mana - Ring of Aquila. You also need to have Orb of Venom (slows down the enemy) and Urn of Shadows (for finishing).

From about 15 to 30 minutes Bounty Hunter should already have a Force Staff to push an opponent or himself a long distance, and Solar Crest to help the allies or to remove evasions to the enemy.

Late game - after the 30th minute, when Romer reveals his full potential. Boots are replaced by Boots of Travel (allow you to teleport to an allied unit or building), Desolator Spit, giving +50 to damage,the already mentioned Solar Crest and Force Staff. The Black King Bar must be assembled so that the Bounty Hunter is immune to spells. And, of course, Sange and Yasha (better known as “Sasha-Yasha”) - it increases a number of characteristics, criticizes, slows down, and also hurts the enemy.

bounty hunter dota

Why Gondar?

This masked cat is a favorite character of many gangers and roamers. The point here is not at all in a beautiful character model or voice acting, but in the style of the game itself. Something special is in the abilities of the character, allowing you to track the victim, while in stealth mode, and then attack, causing enormous damage, plunging the victim into horror. Death from nowhere is the most unexpected moment in the game "Dota 2". Bounty Hunter is also able to leave a mark on an invisible character, unmasking it in such a way, run beside him in stealth mode, and at the right moment strike.

Quick Start Guide

Many gamers like Bounty Hunter. A guide can only outline how to play and what to look for. Each player is already thinking out the style of the game for himself.

So, common goals:

  • Farm Everything that comes into view should be killed: enemy bots, neutral units that are usually in the forest (sleeping at night and awake during the day), lagging behind the group, injured enemy characters who are trying to return to the base,to heal. It is necessary to leave the line in order to make fun of it. In the first half of the game, you can not even provide support to the allies, if there is a strong belief that Romer will drag in the end. And for this confidence to be, the following point must be observed.
  • Survive. In the game "Dota 2" Bounty Hunter, the player is leyty, as mentioned above, because his triumph is scheduled for the end of the round. In view of this, it is necessary to survive at the beginning at any cost. After all, killing contributes to the loss of all the hard-earned gold accumulated, upgrading the enemy and, as a result, complicating the task of survival and victory for the Allied team. After all, the enemy who received the level becomes stronger. And lost gold, which could be spent on acquiring valuable artifacts, will have to be extracted again with sweat and blood.
  • Kill. The accomplishment of this task is most feasible by the end of the round, when the swung bounty hunter appears on the line, creating a numerical advantage for an ally, and literally shreds his opponent's shurikens on an opponent’s salad. But to fulfill this clause, it is necessary that the two previous clauses be respected in the first half of the round.

bounty hunter guide


Like any character, Gondar has positive and negative sides. The latter must be considered an experienced player to know what to compensate.

The positives include:

  • Great farm character thanks to Jinada's ability. In conjunction with the Track Gondar becomes a good Ganger. The latter, used separately, becomes a good source of income for the team.
  • Hunter in itself is not very dependent on gold for two reasons: in the beginning there is the opportunity to farm this resource decently, at the end of the round and without the abilities it fills it well.
  • Difficult lines are difficult to hold without death. This hero has a remarkable ability to go into invisibility in this situation.
  • High damage due to attack from the shadows.

Dota 2 bounty hunter


The speed of movement is very small. This item is first necessary to compensate for the acquisition of Phase Boots.

Standard farm is a little difficult. You have to use Jinada. When pumped, this ability makes the process of stuffing gold almost perfect.

Low health that is felt throughout the entire round. Often it is necessary to run away into the shadow. This factor turns Gondar into a one-hit character.

Not able to fight simultaneously with multiple opponents. This minus is impossible to compensate.

Invisibility plays a very important role, because if an adversary has artifacts that can unmask a character, the game becomes very difficult. Examples of artifacts: Sentry Ward, Gem of True Sight and Dust of Apperarance.


It should be noted that in the game "Dota 2" there are characters of different classes. About those should be told a little more to the novice it was more convenient to navigate in terms of gaming.

"Init" (abbreviated form from Initiator) is a character who initiates a battle. These characters are those who have the ability to cause damage to the area or a massive stunning opponents.

hero features

“Carry” (Carry), or leytovy player. At the beginning of the round is weak, in the end - a threat to the enemy. Of course, if you managed to swing, and the enemy did not smoke a hapless shelter player in forests and rivers.

"Disa" (short for Disabler) is a special case of "Inita", which has the ability to immobilize several enemy characters at once.

"Sapy" (from Support) - characters that support other players: they heal, they get a courier, they make marks that allow them to see the invisible.A special case of Lane Support - helps Kerry swing in the beginning.

"Junk" (from Jungler) - those who can easily deal with neutral bots in the forest.

"Dura" (from Durable) - tank characters in the game. Take on all the damage. Possess high rates of health and armor. Their duty is to divert fire from players with weaker armor.

"Eski" (Escape) - the name speaks for itself. This class includes heroes who are able to teleport themselves and allies to a safe place at the right time. The ability is used in the opposite direction, if you need to suddenly appear on the battlefield.

"Pusher" or "Fluff" (from Pusher) - those characters who are good at fighting against the towers on the line, to promote creeps to the base of the enemy. Usually weak against enemy heroes.

"Nuker" (Nuker) - having the ability to with great damage and a short rollback time. It is extremely useful in a pair with the "Pusher".

"Ganger" (Ganker) - heroes that can kill the enemy character almost at the very beginning of the round.

"Roamer" (Roamer) - a character who lives by moving around the map in order to create a numerical advantage on the line.

This list is the developers of the game. It should be borne in mind that there are no characters that fit one hundred percent for a particular class. Usually one hero can be attributed to three or even four classes.

Just a class stands out to a greater extent than all the others. It is important to understand which one, and strengthen it with the help of quite good artifacts and skillful actions of the player.

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