"Bounty" - chocolate with a piece of paradise

“Bounty” is chocolate that came to Russia in the 90s of the last century, along with other American and European sweets. He quickly became popular and does not lose its relevance so far.

About brand

The American brand has been around for over 60 years. But since the mid-90s of the 20th century, the production of bars at US manufacturing facilities has been stopped. They are currently made in European factories, in the Middle East and in Oceania. Bounty chocolate is currently being shipped to Europe from Europe.

chocolate bounty

Why the goods are well remembered

It’s hard to remember all the bounty commercials released. But the atmosphere of the place of events is well remembered - an exotic island in the ocean with a perfect beach, palm trees, coconuts and clear water, iridescent with all shades of a blue-green color palette. This heavenly place was the island of Koh Samui in Thailand - this is where the filming takes place.

The slogan is: “Bounty” is a heavenly delight. ”

About the product

The brand is currently owned by Mars.Chocolate "Bounty" produced in the form of a bar or candy. The combination of tastes is quite simple. The base is a delicate coconut covered in milk chocolate. The main consumers are coconut lovers and avid sweets. Gentle bars are very sweet - milk chocolate and coconut chips create a great combination.

In accordance with the information on the packaging, the bar has a more complex composition. Components include: coconut pulp, glucose syrup, sugar, milk chocolate, cocoa butter, whole and skimmed milk powder, flavors, emulsifiers and stabilizers.

Chocolate is offered to Russian consumers in two versions: “Bounty” in the classic version with milk chocolate and “Bounty” in dark chocolate. Classic is sold in blue packaging, and with a dark one - in red-brown. For several years, the dark chocolate version was not sold, but in 2011 it returned to the store shelves.

mars chocolate bounty

In addition to the standard bar, you can also purchase an enlarged package containing three candies.

Cooking yourself

Chocolate "Bounty" is quite possible to cook at home alone. To do this, you will need 300 g of coconut chips and milk chocolate, 500 g of condensed milk, 2 tsp. vanilla sugar.

First you need to make the filling.To do this, combine coconut shavings with condensed milk and add vanilla sugar. Then the components must be thoroughly mixed. In a baking dish with sides (size 20 x 20) you need to cover with paper and put the stuffing in it. It needs to be leveled and a little tamped. In order to work comfortably with the billet, it must be put in the freezer for freezing. One hour is enough. When the base hardens well, the shape should be removed from the freezer, and the filling should be carefully removed. To do this, a knife to separate it from the walls. The workpiece is placed on the table, the paper is removed. The coconut base is cut into pieces of 6 x 2 cm in size. The resulting candies are again put in the freezer.

Then you need to melt the milk chocolate in a water bath and lower the cooled coconut bars in turn using two forks. After that, they need to carefully lay on paper and send to freeze in the refrigerator.

dark chocolate bounty

Self-cooking chocolate "Bounty" will help to diversify the festive menu. Children love this simple treat. Kids will appreciate the sweets, and moms can be calm about the natural composition.

"Bounty" for a long time will remain a favorite delicacy for many. Besides the fact that chocolate gives pleasure from the taste, it energizes and activates brain activity. “Bounty” will be a great addition to coffee or tea during the working day.

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