Born in a leap year: signs and superstitions

Many people are afraid when a leap year comes. They say that the time must necessarily come. Some couples are afraid to marry or have children.

born in a leap year

People believe that if something terrible happened,then this is a bad year. Is it so? What do people who are born in a leap year say? What are the signs and superstitions that exist? In the article you will find answers to these and other questions related to the birth of a child.

What is a leap year

Even with the school family, many remember that in the year365 days. However, when a leap year comes, the situation changes. In February another day is added. This situation is observed infrequently. Only once in 4 years in February, not 28, but 29 days.

From a long time ago it is considered that a leap year- this is a terrible time and it is difficult to survive. After all, it is filled with mysticism and various beliefs, which are hard not to listen to. That's why a leap year is bad.

Despite the fact that the year increases for a day, it remains 52 weeks. However, not all believe in signs. Many people continue to live, marry, educate and bear children.

Unhappy day

Since ancient times, February 29 was considered the mostunhappy and unfortunate time. Many people were afraid to go out. It was February 29 that was Kasyanov's day. This is such a saint, who is famous throughout the world for his bad temper and anger. He did not like to help people. Therefore, he was not respected by others and believed that this day was called wrong.

Now it is left in the past as a legend. Over time, it was forgotten, but people continue to fear on February 29. If there is an opportunity, many people still try not to leave the house that day.

Leap Year Child: Pros

As a rule, people's opinions differ. Some argue that 366 days a year bear unhappiness, while others are sure - there are also positive sides. There is an opinion that people born in a leap year, have a lot of talent. These children are a real treasure for society.

people born in a leap year

According to the eastern horoscope, if your babyborn in a leap year, especially February 29, he will have not only high abilities, but also charisma, to be distinguished by good study, extraordinary thinking, purposefulness and many other positive qualities.

There is one more positive aspect of the leap year. This is an extra day, which solves a lot. Remember this before believing in prejudice.

Leap Year Child: cons

There are also disadvantages for those born in thisyear. Children who were born just on February 29, can not celebrate birthday each year. They have to celebrate their birthday on February 28 or March 1. If a child was born at night or until 12 noon, he can celebrate this day on February 28. Those born in a leap year after dinner celebrate the name day on March 1.

leap year omens and superstitions

There are also insignificant disadvantages - these are signs andsuperstition, to which many people listen. Therefore, in a leap year the birth rate decreases. Still young couples are afraid to marry and endure the wedding for a whole year to avoid trouble.

A very big minus of a leap year is fearof people. It is this quality that does not allow a person to relax during the whole year. He constantly or periodically expects something unforeseen or bad. Therefore, it is difficult for people to make plans, not to mention the marriage or the birth of a child.

Leap Year: signs and superstitions

Superstitious people argue that changing plans in theA leap year is impossible. This concerns the change of housing, work and even hair color. Still they are assured, that if the pregnant woman was cut in this year instead of the presented child the mentally retarded will be born. Therefore, many are confident that it is a very leap year. Signs and superstitions confirm this.

There is such superstition: birth in this period are painful and harder. However, the doctors dispelled this myth. They claim that everything depends on the woman's body and the state of her health. A leap year has nothing to do with childbirth.

Some moms are interested: "Is it possible to give birth to a child in a leap year?" As mentioned above, these children are more talented, smart, resourceful and cunning. It's easy for such people to get through in life. So do not believe in prejudice. If a woman is already pregnant, you can safely give birth to a child in a leap year.

bear a child in a leap year

There is an opinion that this year can not be guessed and kolyadovat. So you play with dark forces. It is believed that this is a very dangerous occupation.

The children of a leap year, as noted, are considered gifted people. Especially born on February 29. For these children, both fires and floods are not terrible. Their side bypasses any disaster.

When your baby has the first tooth, do not celebrate this momentous event. After all, very bad molars can later grow.

Never tell me about your plans. It is believed that you renounce them in advance. This year envy plays a big role. To get rid of the anger of others, psychics are advised to get under the first rain in a leap year.

What astrologers and psychics say

Astrologers are convinced not to believe in everythingabove. They argue that a leap year does not change anything. Everyone should think about the good, not the bad. After all, as you know, thoughts materialize.

children of a leap year

Psychic Alyona Orlova claims that a leap year is a normal period of time. It's just that he has a slightly different energy, which gives man more strength and possibilities.

Astrologer and numerologist Lev Escherstein is convinced thatThere is no negative for a leap year. He advises people not to focus attention on this, and to schedule for February 29 some important matter that you are always putting off.

Shaman Beloslov Kolovrat believes that a leap year is the best event. After all, one additional day a year gives more opportunities.

Psychologists advise not to take all the signs andsuperstition seriously. After all, you will live the whole year in fear and expectation of the worst events. Try as often as possible to think only about the good, do not pay attention to failure and believe that you will necessarily succeed.


As mentioned above, people born in a leapyear, endowed with many talents, they feel good around them and they have an increased intuition. It is February 29 - this is an extra day, which can be very useful and gives people even more opportunities.

If you do not believe in signs and superstitions, then a leap year will be very successful. The main thing - do not pay attention to different prejudices that instill excessive fear in a person.

why a leap year is bad

If a child born in a leap year,it turned out to be painful or with physical disabilities, moms immediately remember about the unfavorable period. However, it is worth remembering that every doctor is convinced that successful births depend on the woman's organism and hereditary predisposition. Therefore, you should not blame a leap year on all your problems. After all, this is a life that is full of not only good but also bad surprises.

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