Bookmakers. "Fonbet": reviews, addresses, sports betting

Bookmakers about which there are different, are very popular. Gambling players love them, because there is nothing better than domestic points of betting. "Fonbet" has been operating since 1994, and since then the bookmaker has managed to create several points throughout the territory, where anyone can put money and win the increased amount.

The Russian office has a fairly large staff that are directly present at sporting events. Thanks to them, the bookmaker has a great live-line, which can overtake global companies.fonbet betting office sports betting

Short story

The very first point of betting was opened back in 1994 in the capital. At that time, it was possible to place bets only on visitors to these places, but already in 2004 the office launched the site and allowed users to earn money on it. At first the company was registered in the domain zone .com, but a little later, when the rates were banned in Russia, the site was sold to foreign investors.

Now access to the bookmaker "Fonbet" have residents of many countries. You can place a bet and get a win both online and offline. At the moment, "Fonbet" is considered the largest network of the country.

Access to the site

Since BC Fonbet was blacklisted by Roskomnadzor, it has to work in Russia through mirrors. Despite the blocking of the site, nothing prevents players from switching to a copy of it and quietly making money there.

Fortunately, everyone has access to the Fonbet bookmaker. You can go there from anywhere in Russia.


Working mirrors bookmaker "Fonbet" are sites with which you can just a click to go to your personal account. They are alternative addresses intended for entering the site of the office, as well as for speeding up data loading. A mirror is an accessible copy of the main site with identical functionality.

The need for working mirrors bookmaker "Fonbet" arose in 2007, when the gambling sites were just starting. Now, of course, they are available to all people, but in those days it was still difficult to find an entrance to them.

By opening a mirror or a site that does not fall under blocking, you can appreciate the advantages of this method. These include:

  • possibility of opening from any browser;
  • high speed data loading;
  • no need to install additional software;
  • usability;
  • the ability to log in from a mobile device.

check in

The registration procedure in the bookmaker "Fonbet" can pass any player. It is quite easy and fast, even though it will have to prove your identity.

First of all, in order to register at the Fonbet bookmaker, you must visit the nearest betting center and sign an agreement there, confirming the identity with the appropriate document. After that, you need to go to the site (mirror) and fill in a few basic fields to complete the registration process. As soon as the visitor accepts the conditions, he will be issued a club card, with which he will be able to manage his game account without any problems.Fonbet bookmaker address

Personal Area

Reviews about the bookmakers "Fonbet" often indicate a user-friendly interface in your account on the site.There is nothing superfluous, everything is decorated in beautiful colors. You can enter the office by the number that will be indicated in the e-mail from the bookmaker or issued by the operator at the betting center.


The attention of new players is attracted not only by the online bets at the Fonbet bookmaker, but also by the unique bonus system. Here, customers are invited to take part in the constant promotion called "Preferential Express". It implies a refund of the bet amount if the player makes a bet on an express of 6 or more events, and the coefficient must be at least 1.60.

No less popular is the bonus "One Step from a Dream", which is relevant only at the point of betting. It gives a chance to win a car, a smartphone or a certain amount of money. In order to take part in this promotion, a visitor is required to make several bets in the amount of 1,000 rubles (a factor of 1.2) during the event. For each of these bets, regardless of their winnings, the player will earn points (electronic coupons). After some time, a draw is held and it is there that you can use the earned bonuses.

Betting and line

In the bookmaker "Fonbet" sports betting can be made by every visitor who has passed the verification and registration. It offers more than 15 varieties of sporting events. These include even e-sports and winter sports. In addition, anyone can put money on any events taking place in the world of show business. Also, the bookmaker presents a fairly diverse selection of the tournament, which includes unpopular leagues.

The painting in prematch on the most popular events in the world of football is at the level above the average. This is a fairly good indicator, thanks to which visitors are increasingly turning to this section. The size of the average margin in prematch is 6-8%.Fonbet bookmaker access

In addition to the prematch, the office provides players with the opportunity to get acquainted with the list of bets in live. In this case, it is also above average. Less popular matches in the course of the event the office offers 10-30 markets for the implementation of rates. The average margin is between 7 and 8 percent. Calculation of all rates takes literally 10 minutes.

The size of the minimum and maximum rates can be seen next to the amount input line.Each event has its minimum and maximum, so a single amount can not be named. The only thing that does not change is the maximum live-rate, which is exactly 1 million rubles.


The company offers its visitors the following products:

  • sports betting at the Fonbet bookmaker;
  • match center with clear statistics;
  • eSports bets;
  • Live broadcasts of the most famous matches.

bookmakers fonbet reviews


BC "Fonbet" is not the so-called "forklift" or "corridor". The company is not suitable for professional gaming and speculators. When caught in a speculative game, the available size of the maximum bet is significantly reduced.


Such an interesting thing as a tote in the bookmaker "Fonbet" helps the company to gain popularity even faster. Fon-toto includes about 15 different events, where the minimum rate is 50 rubles. You can win here only from 9 correctly guessed outcomes. At the same time, each player is charged a commission of exactly 10%.


Often, there are reviews of bookmakers "Fonbet" about the conduct of financial transactions.People like this system, since everything is done fairly quickly and without problems.

You can replenish your gaming account with bank cards, e-wallets or your own phone. You can view the available methods after going to the "My Account" tab.

The minimum deposit amount is 100 rubles. But the maximum replenishment is limited only to the Qiwi wallet and amounts to 250 thousand rubles, while the rest of the system can be used to deposit money in any quantity.

Sent funds are credited instantly. If they did not arrive within two minutes, then this is the reason for contacting the support service. The most common cause of this event is the technical work on the site.

You can withdraw money using the same methods that are used for replenishment. The minimum for electronic wallets is 100 rubles, for bank cards - a thousand rubles. The maximum size of the withdrawal is again limited only to "Qiwi" - up to 250 thousand rubles.

Payments from the game account occur in 3 hours. If the site is overloaded, then the waiting time can be delayed to one day, but no more.

mobile version

Along with the sites for computers, there is a mobile version of the bookmaker Fonbet. It is adapted for all platforms, so it can easily be used by any player.

Mobile version of the bookmaker "Fonbet" retained the functionality of the computer version. Here you can manage your account, receive settings, view video broadcasts and much more.registration fonbet bookmaker

Support service

If you have any problems with the site or rates, you can contact the support service for help. It works around the clock, and you can write to the operator using e-mail address which is listed on the main page, or in a chat that is present in almost all sections of the site. If you wish, you can call the phone number, which is also available on the main page.

The support service is quite operational, friendly and competent. On average, the waiting time for a call (if necessary) is two minutes, and the answer by mail arrives after 10 minutes.

Offices in Russia

Fans of excitement are often interested in where the bookmaker "Fonbet" is located. The addresses of points located in Russian cities are known not by everyone.Beginners in the matter of excitement will definitely need to find out if there is a place for receiving bets in the city where it is now located.

In Moscow, you can place bets at the following addresses:

  • Dekabristov Street, 8;
  • Leningradsky Avenue, 37;
  • Orehovy Boulevard, 15;
  • Pottery Quay, 9/16.

Residents of St. Petersburg may apply in such places:

  • 13th line of Vasilyevsky Island, 6-8;
  • Kotin street, house 2;
  • Butlerova Street, 42;
  • Zamshin street, 56.

Addresses of the bookmaker "Fonbet" in other Russian cities:

  • Arkhangelsk (Gagarin Street, Building 1, Building 1).
  • Astrakhan (Sophia Perovskoy street, 103).
  • Belgorod (Bogdan Khmelnitsky Street, 109а).
  • Bryansk (Rostovskaya street, house 12).
  • Vladivostok (Tobolskaya street, 8).
  • Zheleznodorozhny (Central Street, 37).
  • Izhevsk (January 9, 215).
  • Kislovodsk (Molodezhnaya Street, 10).
  • Krasnoyarsk (Partizan Zheleznyk Street, building 33).
  • Lipetsk (International Street, Building 21).
  • Murmansk (Polyarnye Zori Street, 19).
  • Naberezhnye Chelny (Central Street, 86).
  • Novoaleksandrovsk (Filchenkova street, house 7).
  • Novorossiysk (Vokzalnaya highway, 1).
  • Petrozavodsk (Boulevard of the Internationalists, house 17a).
  • Khanty-Mansiysk (Chekhov street, 72).
  • Cherepovets (Arkhangelskaya street, house 70).

This list, of course, is not exhaustive.On the territory of modern Russia, there are quite a lot of offices, you can find them in almost any city. Thanks to this, people do not have to travel outside the boundaries of their field in order to go through verification and start earning money from bets.working mirrors fonbet bookmaker

All of the above offices work daily. They have no days off or breaks during the day. Therefore, you can go there and make a bet or watch a live broadcast at any time.


Most of the players leave their reviews about the bookmaker offices "Fonbet", which indicate the main pros and cons. In positive comments, users most often say that the bookmaker is legal. In addition, they are pleased with a fairly wide line and excellent support service work.

Especially good people respond to bets in live mode. They argue that there really can increase their capital several times, while not greatly straining. At the same time, customers point to a convenient interface, a perfect design and a button layout, which allows you to quickly find the section you need to go to.bk fonbet

Among the drawbacks of the office, most players indicate low rates in certain events. According to experienced users, they are much higher in other bookmakers.Fortunately, this is the only negative that people are talking about. The site administration necessarily takes into account the opinions of its customers and tries to fix all the nuances as soon as possible.

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