Boho-style clothing is back in fashion!

One of the main directions of the fashionable autumn season of the current year is the boho style (bohemian chic). This is truly a unique fashionable phenomenon. It implies not the clothing itself, but the inner world of a person, his views and opinions expressed as an image. Boho attended the Prada and Emilio Pucci home shows. He is respected by Dolce and Gabbana, Kavali, Blumarin. Their designs in this style have conquered all of Europe and America and continue to conquer the world.

Boho style

Although the name of the style is similar to the modern word “bohemia”, which has become synonymous with the elite, this did not affect it in the slightest. Boho-style in clothing combines elements of gypsy culture, natural fabrics and many details, turning it all into deliberate negligence. The basis of style is freedom, the opportunity to experiment, to show their individuality in things and to feel harmony with the outside world. Boho-chic fans very skillfully combine opposite styles of clothing.

It is not necessary to buy expensive branded items or accessories from famous brands. Clothing in the style of boho can be found in inexpensive markets and second-hand.Doing jewelry or clothing style boho do their own hands very easily.

boho style

The origins of the origin of boho-chic

The name of this trend comes from the city of Bohemia, where Gypsy tribes lived for a long time. The characteristics of their culture required a certain external image. Merry festivities near the fires, constant dances and songs forced the Gypsies to dress in bright challenging outfits. Gypsies did not care about material values ​​and public opinion. They had their own views on life and the world around them. Imitating them, the boho-style clothing combines loose long colorful skirts, comfortable boots, wide-brimmed hats and a variety of home-made ornaments.

The popular model Kate Moss made the boho trend again. She began to create comfortable and comfortable things from natural fabrics, decorated with bright prints. In the future, her ideas picked up many Hollywood stars.

How do modern stars relate to boho-chic

Many well-known representatives of European culture in recent times prefer to go out to people in boho-images. Most stars begin to wear comfortable, shapeless things, big or vintage glasses, and the variety of prints on clothes can only be surprised.In addition to Kate Moss, boho-chic (style of dress) prefer Nicole Richie, Hilton sisters, Siena Miller, Selena Gomez and others.

A strong half of celebrities also decided to keep up. A wide variety of prints on jackets and trousers, careless huge scarves, rolled trousers, untied shoelaces - all these are boho elements. Bags or accessories can be made in hunting or Indian style, decorated with ornaments or fringe. The final touch of the image will be an elegant hat or beret.

boho style dress pattern

The basis of the boho style

The main feature of this style is not what things are worn, but how they are worn. Choosing outfits, you should not pay attention to public opinion. The most unusual things and colors will help to create the perfect image. It is necessary to learn to combine incompatible.

Within such a multifaceted image, ethnic patterns and details, elements of vintage, gypsy and colonial style, colors of safari are usually intertwined, and their combinations can vary. People who prefer boho-style tend not only to look bright, but also to feel comfortable in this image. The boho style in clothes (photos are presented in the article) brings together naturalness and originality into a single whole.Therefore, his fans can wear fur with laces or fringes, wear comfortable cowboy boots with short colorful dresses. They combine expensive items with cheap, wrinkled with ironed, worn denim shorts with classic hats or accessories. At the same time, jewelry may not fit at all to each other, or to clothing in general. The main thing is not to be afraid of experiments. Every detail of the image expresses the inner edges of a person. This is precisely the philosophy of bohemian chic.

boho style in clothes photo

Types of fabrics

Boho lovers mainly prefer high-quality and natural fabrics that do not cause discomfort. Therefore, flax, cotton, wool and burlap are generally considered the most popular. But this does not mean that the style of boho in clothes excludes other types of fabric. The main thing is for a person to feel comfortable and natural in them.

One thing can be sewn from several types of fabric, different in type and texture. Multi-layer and spacious skirts combining different types of patterns and colors are considered very popular. Well-suited things decorated with ornaments or bright details, made with your own hands (for example, a huge flower), as well as vintage items.

boho style clothes do it yourself

Who is the boho style?

Some mods mistakenly assume that this style is suitable only for a certain weight and age category of people. In fact, the philosophy of style speaks of the absence of restrictions. Boho clothing style - for full and at the same time for thin people, for young ladies and for fashionistas aged. It does not matter what parameters of growth and shape a person is endowed with, a boho image can be selected for everyone. Many women over 40 have long discovered the advantages of this fashionable trend. Not fitting, but slightly fitted clothing helps to hide all the flaws of the figure, focusing on femininity. For full ladies a variety of bright tunics and medium dresses are well suited. It is necessary to give preference to beige, blue, and green. Complete the image of the original belt at the waist. As a hairstyle, you can choose a disheveled styling or not too tight braid.

Do things in the style of boho do it yourself

Although online stores today are full of a variety of items and accessories in the style of boho, many fashionable women prefer to make clothes and jewelry with their own hands. In fact, sewing clothes in the style of boho is very easy.After all, it does not require the correct beautiful seams, ideally smooth lines and other, characteristic for other styles, details. Rather, on the contrary, asymmetry and negligence suit him. You can slightly change your old wardrobe items. For example, to embroider black classic pants with flowers from beads or pearls or to decorate a white blouse with bright embroidery. You can transform a summer hat with ribbons or artificial flowers.

Remaking clothes in the style of boho is also not difficult. You can combine several old skirts into one unit and add freshness to your favorite worn out thing, make a hole in boring jeans or create an interesting bezel of beads and artificial flowers.

DIY jewelry

A huge role is played jewelry. A variety of wreaths, beads, brooches, rings will perfectly complement the created image. At the same time, it is important to remember that the boho-style in clothing is complemented not just by a couple of ornaments, but by a multitude of rings, bracelets, chains, pendants and rims at the same time. The more jewelry, the brighter will look the image, but still you should not understand it literally and wear everything that is in the box.It is important to withstand the right measure between too much and too much.

Independently make jewelry in the style of boho is easy enough. Ready accessories for a wide variety of products can be found in the store. The materials used are multicolored beads, pieces of fabric, leather, natural or artificial pebbles, colored feathers. You can safely combine a variety of colors and textures.

Decorations made of ceramic beads painted with ornaments look good. You can also add unusual plastic parts (for example, colored hearts or asterisks) or simply decorations from this material. It is very easy to make a composite bracelet: a leather band is intertwined with a metal chain and a tightly woven rope. On this bracelet you can wear several large beads or stones.

Boho style for full

Boho style clothing: skirt patterns

The basis of self-sewn things in the style of boho should be a wide cut. It will help you feel more comfortable and free. To begin the pattern of a skirt follows from the figure, similar to an apron. The length should be about 90 cm, the width of the top - 150 cm. The top of the skirt will be pulled together with an elastic to fit the figure.In no case should the skirt be tight. On the bottom of the skirt, you will need to sew a frill-like ornament, the role of which can be performed by a 16 cm wavy piece of fabric. It should be sewn on the bottom, along the entire width of the skirt. Similar frills can be sewn not only downwards, but also to any part of the skirt. At the top should sew a pair of strings. Of them you can make an interesting bow, emphasizing the style of boho in clothes. Patterns for the base of the skirt, you can choose others, in accordance with the desired length or model. Asymmetry will also fit the style well. The front part of the skirt can be made shorter and play around with the length of the edges. The hardest thing to sew frills. It is necessary to carefully seam the seams and ties, as they are the most striking.

boho chic clothing style

Boho hairstyles and hair ornaments

Boho-style clothing can not do without a harmonious hairstyle. One of the most popular hairstyles is a braid. This versatile styling has a huge number of options. It may be tight or disheveled, released to the maximum length of the hair or gathered around the head. You can use different types of weaving (for example, fishtail or weaving from a large number of strands), make one or more braids.The main thing - do not be afraid to experiment and choose a hairstyle that fits to the oval and facial features.

Another option for laying is wavy curls. This casual, airy hairstyle is the best complement to boho-style clothing. In this case, it is not necessary that the curls were of the correct form and held for a long time. The best option for laying will be a sloppy effect. Can be used for fixing varnish.

Very harmoniously with different hairstyles look decorations in the form of rims. Sometimes they help to make a stylish styling, sometimes just decorate the image. These can be headbands with large flowers, beads, crystals, lace, or chains.

sew clothes in the style of boho

Boho style in clothes: examples

Dresses and jackets of this style can be absolutely different lengths and textures, the main thing is that they should be sewn of natural fabrics. The top is usually always decorated with sleeves or shoulder straps to make it comfortable to wear. Mostly used flared styles.

Skirts are usually sewn very long and colorful, from fluttering fabrics. As a rule, they are decorated with various ethnic patterns and details. Favorably lacy things (for example, T-shirts or tunics) in combination with a dense bottom look.Bags, as a rule, are very large and capacious, while they have a sloppy shape. As decoration bags use fringe, suede, various baubles.

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