Black Spitz: description, character, content and care

In recent years, many decorative dogs have appeared on the streets of megacities. These miniature animals peacefully coexist with other pets and quickly adapt to living in small apartments. The Pomeranian spitz is very popular among citizens. Black, white or chocolate fluffy dog ​​almost instantly becomes the universal favorite.

Historical reference

This breed is considered one of the oldest. She leads her story from the Stone Age. Archaeologists have repeatedly found objects preserved from the times of ancient Greece, which depicted miniature dogs, similar to the modern Spitz.

black spitz

In the XIX century, representatives of this breed were especially popular with notable people. Around the same period, fluffy little dogs were brought into Russia. Their images can be seen in many famous paintings, written in those times.The ancestor of modern Spitz is considered to be a peat dog that lived in the Stone Age.


Despite their small stature, these animals are distinguished by their robust constitution and bulky chest. The wedge-shaped head of the Spitz is a bit like a fox. On the rounded skull there are small triangular ears and dark almond-shaped eyes. The dog’s short muzzle ends with a nose, the color of which depends on the coat color.

Black Spitz, like any other representative of this breed, has a high well-marked withers, smoothly turning into a strong elastic back. Small front paws of an animal come to an end tightly pressed, gathered in a ball with fingers. The hind limbs should be muscular and elastic. Just above the dog's back is a not too long tail rounded off at the base.

pomeranian black

The growth of an animal depends on which species a particular member belongs to. The smallest is considered to be a dwarf spitz (black, white or red). Its height is not more than 22 centimeters.

Wool coat and colors

The miniature body of these animals is covered with thick fluffy fur.Due to the presence of double coat, the spitz is able to tolerate not very cold weather. Lush “pants” are formed on the animal's hind legs, and its neck is decorated with a kind of “collar”. Not less thick hair covered and curled in a dog's tail.

With regard to color, there is allowed such a variety that when choosing a puppy, you can easily get confused. You should also remember that the final color will become clear only by six months, after the completion of the first molt. For example, the German Spitz is born black with a brown undercoat. And only to the age of six months, he completely molt.

spitz black color

In addition, the standard allowed white, brown, cream, wolf and black and tan color. At the same time there should not be any spots and marks on the body of single-colored dogs. Wool cream individuals can vary from light beige to pale yellow.

Character traits

These are very cheerful dogs. Spitz (black, chocolate or any other) is distinguished by high intelligence and selfless devotion to its owner. Good-natured and friendly little dogs have one not very pleasant feature.They express their emotions through loud bark of sweat. But this disadvantage is easily corrected in the process of raising a puppy.

 German Spitz black

They love children and love to walk. A miniature spitz until very old age will happily frolic on the grass or jump over the snow. These fluffy doggies easily get along with other pets.

Maintenance and care

Chocolate, red, white or black spitz can live only in apartment conditions. Representatives of this breed are absolutely not adapted to the captive content. When buying such a puppy, you need to be prepared for the fact that you will have to spend a lot of time caring for your pet. Ideally, the spitz should be combed daily. In the absence of such an opportunity, it is enough to do it three times a week. It is advisable to teach a puppy to this procedure from an early age. To comb a spitz is most convenient on the table. It is important to ensure that he did not jump to the floor. It is recommended to bathe the animal no more than once every three months. It is desirable to dry wet wool with the help of a hair dryer, working in a sparing mode.

dogs spitz black

Claws require no less attention.They need to be regularly cut with special nippers. Care must be taken to avoid accidentally damaging the pulp.


Like most other miniature breeds, spitz, whose black color is not considered a rarity, is prone to obesity. Therefore, you need to take a responsible attitude to everything related to the power of this dog.

Many professional breeders recommend giving such animals high-quality dry food. It is believed that it contains all the vital vitamins and minerals.

Those who decide to feed their pet with natural food, you need to remember that in this case, most of the dog's diet should consist of meat. It is also important to ensure that black spitz regularly receive rice, buckwheat, cottage cheese, kefir and vegetables. As for prohibited products, these include potatoes, legumes, sausage, pastries, pasta and chocolate.

Training and training

Raising this little dog should be practiced from the first days after its appearance in your home. Representatives of this breed are distinguished by amazing acumen and quickly understand what is required of them.Regardless of color, be it white, wolf or black spitz, he must obey his master without question.

dwarf spitz black

Even a five-month puppy is able to learn basic commands. In the process of rearing it is very important to establish a good contact with the animal. You should also socialize the dog in a timely manner. Otherwise an uncertain, constantly barking dog will grow out of amusing fluffy lumps.

If desired, such a dog can easily be taught not only basic commands and circus tricks, but also shepherd's case. Small German Spitz is able to take part in agility and dog frisbee competitions.

Breed diseases

In general, they are strong enough dogs that do not have any special health problems. But, like any other living creatures, they are subject to various diseases. One of the most common problems that one who has a Pomeranian spitz can face (black,cream or any other color) is obesity. Representatives of this breed love to eat and, if they are not limited in food, then over time they may have problems with being overweight. In addition, gluttony is fraught with the development of diseases of the heart, joints and digestive organs.

The most serious genetic problems include epilepsy.Therefore, experienced breeders carefully mated, trying to prevent the breeding of such dogs. The inheritance of the thyroid gland and adrenal glands can be inherited. Both of these diseases adversely affect the exterior of the animal and are not treatable.

Also, the spitz are prone to collapse of the trachea and increased tearing. They often have problems when changing teeth. Very often it is necessary to remove the milk incisors and canines from the veterinarian. Otherwise, the dog will have a double row of teeth for life.

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