Black Hole Spinning, review, features and reviews

Fishing accessories "Black Hall" Koreanbrands are popular among anglers around the world. Spinning Black Hole are competitive with respect to the products of well-known brands Shimano and Daiwa. Excellent quality and affordable price of the "Black Hall" spinnings fell in love with both fishermen with experience and beginners.

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Fans of heavy jig and anglers, fond of ultralight fishing, can easily pick up a rod. Buying them, it is necessary to consider the casting distance, the mass of the bait, the material and the cost.

How to choose Black Hole spinning?

There are different techniques of fishing and a lot of bait. For each new method and the bait used, you will need your rod.

Initially pay attention to the place of fishing. In large reservoirs, Black Hole spinnings are used more truly, on narrow rivers - a bit shorter. When fishing from a boat because of a small free space, use the smallest rod.

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Important is the quality of the material, fromwhich is a handle and a spinning blank. The stronger it is, the longer the life of the rod. The test of the rod must correspond to the weight of the bait used. The rods of the rod should hold the line well and not damage it. The ease of spinning creates the necessary comfort for the fisherman.

Coil selection

The choice of the coil for the "Black Hall" fishing rod depends on its length and weight, otherwise the balancing will be disturbed. The spool of the coil should be slightly larger than the input ring, so that the line is not decelerated when cast.

For lightweight ultralight rods, the volume of the spool from 1thousand up to 2 thousand, spools of 2,000-2,5 thousand are suitable for the light, 2,5 thousand for the middle class-3,000. With these coils large fish are caught. For a powerful heavy class rods use spools with a volume of 3.5 thousand.

The number of bearings is not paramount, but an important indicator of coil selection, there must be at least four of them.

It is necessary to pay attention to the work of the front andrear friction brake. The front brake is more sensitive and responds to a weak line resistance. The rear is mainly used when catching large fish with powerful gear.

Features of Black Hole Spinning

Spinnings black hole

  1. One of the main differences between rods is the unique assembly process. Spinnings Black Hole consist of two identical sliding "knees".
  2. The materials from which the products are manufactured are subjected to thorough inspections at various stages of production. The result is a very high-quality product.
  3. Expensive metals are used to cover particularly strong and high-quality spinning.
  4. Accessories on the rods from famous manufacturers Daiwa and Fuji.
  5. Thin on the appearance of the Black Hole spinnings allow catching fairly large fish.

Black Hole Hyper

Spinning in this row is very lightwidely spaced through the transmission rings, which have inserts of silicon carbide. This technology helps reduce the load on the form, while increasing the casting range. The risk of breaking the rod during the survival of large fish and force casts is significantly reduced.

Soft amplifying characteristics haveclassical reel seat. Spinning Black Hole Hyper provides the ability to track wiring. Thanks to a sensitive top, the fisherman feels even a weak bite.

Spinning a number of Hyper mainly used for jig fishing, but they are suitable for catching and trolling. Lureens can serve as baits.

Black Hole Opirus

Opirus - belong to the class of universalbudget rods. Excellent for fishing in different conditions and for various baits. Spinning Black Hole Opirus at a low price has excellent characteristics. He has a sharp system, a powerful and light form, good sensitivity, which allows you to control the bait. The rod has a conveniently spaced handle of synthetic material.

Black Hole Bass Mania

Bass Mania is a specialized spinning with a wide range of possibilities. The rod is strong, sensitive, light, has a fast build. Three variants are made, which differ in test and length.

spinnings black hole bass mania

Black Hole Bass Mania spinnings are indispensable intime fishing with boats on rivers and streams. The fishing rod can be caught using a jerk harness and any bait. Spinning is also suitable for fishing in ponds that are overgrown with grass, where power and rigidity are required, both when bait is being harnessed, and on fishing. The spinning structure allows the use of heavy lures.

Black Hole River Hunter

Spinning River Hunter is suitable for catching onsmall ponds from the shore and from the boat. The structure is medium - fast, you can make short, slashing casts, as if falling into a certain place. It is possible to use any bait. Spinning Black Hole River Hunter can be used for jig fishing, it has sufficient sensitivity.


Most fishermen in their practice enjoyfor fishing spinning rods. There are a lot of spinning manufacturers, but only some of them produce high-quality products. The company "Black Hall" produces a variety and high-quality spinning, not inferior to the characteristics of the rods of world brands.

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Experienced spinning workers note the following advantages of the "Black Hall":

  • the choice of products of different sizes and weights;
  • simplicity of assembly;
  • branded accessories;
  • strength and sensitivity of the tip of the rod;
  • It is permissible to use different types of coils;
  • simplicity in operation;
  • a variety of colors;
  • low weight and high test results;
  • excellent quality of used materials;
  • all models have comfortable handles made of semi-soft materials;
  • durability.

The drawbacks are the inconvenience of rod transportation and their inflated price.

In the current market, Black Hole spinnings are widely spread, and a great variety of them is also presented on the shelves of fishing stores from elegant ultralight to heavy and powerful rods.

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