Best software for resizing images

When working with images, it is not always possible to find a picture of the desired dimensions on the Internet, on the contrary, more often the resolution is significantly different from the required one. In such cases, it is very convenient to use special programs for resizing images. This article will provide a list of programs with their brief description. It will list both full-fledged graphic editors and simple utilities with the corresponding function.

Image resizer

image resizing program

If you often have to change the image resolution and do not need to do anything with it, then this program for resizing images will be just the way for you. Resizing a picture is its main and only function. It is noteworthy that this utility does not have a separate shortcut on the Windows desktop, it is launched through the context menu of the image file. As a result, a window with a minimal interface appears where you can either set your own dimensions or use templates prepared by the developer in advance.


image resizing program without loss of quality

This representative of the software is able not only to change the size of pictures, but rather, it is a program for changing the format of images, but with resolution it works just as well. Its main advantage is that it can work not only with one photo, but immediately with a huge number of them. So, if you have pictures in the folder whose resolution you need to change, you just need to launch this application, specify this folder, select the format in which you need to convert them all, specify the resolution (the change is indicated as a percentage), make more some settings and click save pictures. By the name of the button, you probably already guessed that the program is not translated into Russian, but this is not at all a disadvantage, since its interface is so simple that even an inexperienced user will understand.

Easy Image Modifier

It is also a program for mass resizing of images, however, unlike the two competitors listed above, it has much more functionality. Of the distinctive features, you can select the ability to impose on the picture watermarks and plain text.You can also separately select the ability to procure change templates to apply them in the future with other files. In any case, if you work with a huge amount of photo files, it is recommended to download and install this program on your computer at least because it will not cost you anything - it is distributed under a free license.

Movavi Photo Batch

bulk image resizing program

The developer Movavi has already managed to recommend itself from a good side in the field of software for working with multimedia files. At least one Video Editor is worth it. But in our article we will discuss Movavi Photo Batch, a program for resizing images and more. In addition to this function, it can change the image format, add text and superimpose photos.

Of course, many will be deterred by the fact that the application is distributed under a paid license, but judging by the reviews on the Internet, it's worth it.

Batch Picture Resizer

There is almost nothing to say about this program, since everything that was said about Movavi Photo Batch is equally suitable for this application. Batch Picture Resizer in the same way can change the image format, change its extension, apply various effects, add text and edit a bunch of files at once.It can be noted only that the process of processing photos is quite fast. But, as in the previous example, you need to pay for this software, although you can try it out for free by downloading the trial version.

image format changer


Many users praise RIOT, saying that this is a program for resizing images without losing quality, and this is partly true, but in modern realities, everyone understands that this simply cannot be. Yes, some algorithm prescribed by the developers allows us to maintain its quality when the image is enlarged, but this is only noticeable with a slight increase. And if you move away from this feature of the program, then it largely loses to its opponents, since from the set of functions it only has the ability to change the resolution and format of the photo. Of course, this is not counting the possibility to turn the photo.


This software is a modified version of the standard graphics editor from Microsoft Paint. The range of tools he, unlike his "younger brother", is impressive, but, most importantly, this program for resizing images is able to maintain the transparency of files.But, if we compare it with the above competitors, then for the most part it has no peculiarities. However, to change the resolution of images, it just fits perfectly.


This is the end of the article, as the above software was considered enough to make a rational choice. We have presented you the most popular programs, but it's up to you to decide which, as always, to use.

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