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The toilet bowl is one of the most important components of any bathroom. With the development of progress, manufacturers offer more and more interesting models. implement a variety of types of sanitary devices. The consumer sometimes does not understand the difference between products between themselves, why the price of some is higher than that of counterparts. In order to decide which device to give preference, it is necessary to consider the best hanging toilet.

With the advent of new equipment in any field, some conservative consumers still prefer the models of the old class. Over time, it becomes harder to find. Their cost is much lower, but they are less functional. This applies to the toilet. Increasingly, they are offered in suspension. Do not assume that such devices are not able to withstand heavy loads. They can be loaded up to 200 kg, and sometimes even higher. Such designs are also good because they usually have a bezbodkovku design, for which just take care.


wall hung toilet reviews

This model has the European quality and is made in Sweden.Its cost is 6400 rubles. The sanitary device combines the necessary functionality, relatively low cost and good quality.

The product has an anti-splash system and is covered with an anti-mud layer. Among the minuses should be allocated scant equipment, where there is no tank and cover, for which you have to pay separately.

Model Reviews

toilet hanging roca reviews

Before buying a wall-mounted toilet, reviews should be read about it. The above equipment option is no exception. Consumers emphasize that the device has a modern design and is made of high-strength white porcelain.

The dimensions are compact, they are somewhat smaller than the competition. The height of the bowl is 33 cm, while the other parameters are limited to 35x50.5 cm. Consumers emphasize that this model can be entered even in a small space of the bathroom. The oval shape has smooth lines that will prevent injury and accidental grazing.

Overview of the toilet CERSANIT COLOR P-MZ-COLOR

toilet seat belbagno reviews

This model, according to consumers, has a better value. The device is made in Poland and offered to consumers at a price of 4500 rubles.The device is quite often compared with its counterparts, it wins in the matter of price.

The design provides for the presence of standard features: anti-splash, as well as a microlift system. The latter protects the product from blows with a lid, because it falls smoothly. The model has no anti-mud layer on the surface, but is equipped with a backwash that copes with maintaining a hygienic state.

Model Reviews

what kind of hanging toilets better reviews

Reviews of a wall-mounted toilet, which was described above, indicate that the device has a rectangular shape, and at the base lies a white sanitary ware. The device can be entered in any interior of the toilet room. The dimensions are compact and equal to 36x52x37 cm. Using this equipment, according to consumers, you can save space in the room. A nice bonus for the buyer is the presence of the cover in the kit.

Review and reviews about the toilet ROCA VICTORIA

wall mounted toilet cersanit reviews

If you are interested in hanging toilet Roca, reviews about it are certainly worth reading. From them you can learn that this device is a device with an optimal combination of functionality and affordable cost. The manufacturing country is Spain.

You can buy goods for 5600 rubles.He leads the ranking in terms of affordable cost and versatility. For a little money you can buy a model with the necessary functionality. Consumers like the presence of anti-mud coating, which provides the ability to maintain hygiene. Constantly cleaning the device from accumulated lime scale, rust and dirt will no longer be necessary.

The design provides an anti-splash function, which is to the liking of consumers who do not want to see water spray on the floor or rim. After reading the reviews of the toilet Roca, you can understand that this device is made of high-quality white sanitary ware.

The equipment is installed on the wall, and the tank will be hidden from view, like other communications. The dimensions of the device are standard: 35.5x52.5x39.5 cm. The device will be suitable for most bathrooms. A lid is supplied in the kit, but the cistern is missing, so you will have to additionally fork over it.

Premium toilet bowl review: LAUFEN PRO. Model Reviews

reviews toilet hanging what

According to consumers, the best of rimless toilets is the model LAUFEN PRO, which is manufactured in Switzerland. Its price is 14,500 rubles.The design has a special design that allows you to maintain hygiene and cleanliness of the device. The product can be used not only for home, but also for public places, because in the bowl of dirt and microbes will have nowhere to hide. To ensure cleanliness, a deep flush that the manufacturer has implemented in this model will be useful.

Consumers emphasize that the device has a new drain system, which is characterized by high power and ensures cleanliness of flushing. At the heart lies a white color sanfarfor. Installation is accompanied by the laying of communications in the wall.

The device, according to consumers, has a modern design, so you can enter the device in most of the interiors. The dimensions are 36x53x43 cm. You can not worry about the installation, as the toilet can be successfully entered into a room with a small and large area.

JACOB DELAFON ODEON UP review and reviews

wall mounted toilet ifo reviews

If you, like many modern consumers, have wondered which wall-hung toilet is better, you should definitely read the reviews. The model mentioned in the subheading above is no exception. It is made in France and costs 9000 rubles.Among similar products this model has the best price.

The device has a design that provides quick and high-quality access to the inner parts of the bowl. There is no rim inside, so cleaning will be much easier. Consumers like effective drainage, which helps clean the bowl through the flow of liquid through 2 nozzles, they are additional and located on the sides.

Reviews of a toilet bowl indicate that it has a compact size: 36.5x54x41 cm. The last parameter is the height of the bowl. The design is classic, it can decorate any bathroom. The rounded lines of the design provide ease of flow and make the device visually weightless.

The equipment allows you to save water, because the wash is carried out in a volume of from 2.6 to 4 liters. The design provides for a special mechanism - microlift. It slows down the lowering of the cover, which ensures noiselessness and prevents sharp blows that could lead to serious damage and cracks.

Before making a purchase, it will be helpful to read reviews about the toilet.The described model, for example, has an anti-mud coating that consumers like. It is not present in all models, and is applied to the inner surface. This stage of the product takes place at the time of firing, which also ensures the duration of operation. A device having such a coating will be protected from many dirt, lime deposits and rust.

Consumers also pay attention to the backwash. The flushing function in standard toilet bowls ensures that the water passes under the rim so that after the water hits the walls it goes down into the funnel. If we are talking about models with a reverse drain system, then there are several holes in the bowl. Due to this water forms a funnel. Back flushing keeps the product clean.

Review and reviews of the toilet VITRA S50

If you want to purchase a device with the best combination of functionality and cost, then you should pay attention to the VITRA S50 model made in Turkey. Its cost is 16 800 rubles. The device comes in a complete set, which provides for:

  • buttons;
  • installations;
  • bowls;
  • covers with microlift.

Reviews of the Vitra toilet bowl indicate that it has a double drain, which allows the consumer to choose whether to drain a whole tank or half of it. The design provides for the presence of anti-mud coating on the body, which eliminates the proliferation of microorganisms and prevents the formation of lime and rust.

The product has an oval shape and white color. It is based on durable sanitary ware. If you want to choose the best hanging toilet, the reviews about it are definitely worth reading. The option described Vitra is no exception. According to consumers, it has a compact size: 35.5x52x35 cm. The equipment can be successfully entered into a small space and save space.

The device is equipped with a horizontal release, which is typical of most toilet bowls. The design has protection against splashes, so the drops on the outer rim and the floor will no longer appear.

GROHE SOLIDO toilet review and reviews

This version of the equipment has German quality and saves water. The device is made in Germany, and you can buy it for 16,500 rubles. If you are looking for a wall-mounted toilet with an installation, you should definitely read the reviews about it.If we are talking about the model Grohe Solido, then you need to mention that this wall construction provides for hidden installation of the tank and communications.

The kit comes with a cover with a microlift, which, according to consumers, reliably protects the surface of the product from impacts. The device has a mechanical flushing, which is carried out with two buttons. With them, you can adjust the amount of outgoing water, saving it. The model is based on a strong white porcelain.

The production process involves smoothing the pores, which ensures gliding on the surface. Inside there is a coating that is resistant to dirt. Experts recommend reading reviews: what kind of wall mounted toilet to choose, it will allow to understand.

Considering the GROHE SOLIDO model, you will also notice its compact dimensions: 35.4x51.7 cm. Thanks to this, the equipment can be fitted into any space. This applies to bathrooms in private homes, apartments and public spaces.

Review of the free model BelBagno Prospero. Consumer reviews

This version of the equipment is manufactured in China. The design without tank is delivered. At the heart lies faience.The width, height and depth are 37.5x33.5x50 cm, respectively. This suspended bezdovku toilet, reviews of which only positive, horizontal release. Water is fed from behind.

Includes a seat with cover. It is noteworthy that the manufacturer gives a warranty on the equipment for 25 years. The seat is made of duroplast and is equipped with a mechanism with slow lowering. Flushing is carried out around the perimeter of the bowl.

This pendant model embodies an elegant style solution and is characterized by traditionally high quality, which is typical for the manufacturer's products. Supplier equipment is known to buyers at affordable prices and appearance, which meets modern trends in the design of bathrooms.

Reviews of the toilet hanging Belbagno indicate that the model was developed in accordance with the latest design and technological solutions. The design is based on reliability, which is provided by materials, manufacturing techniques and design.

Overview of the toilet IFO Hitta

An alternative proposal from the manufacturer of the IFO is the model Hitta, which will have to pay for 4500 rubles.This Swiss product requires an installation system for installation. The design provides anti-splash function. At the heart lies porcelain. Comes with a seat.

The dimensions of the toilet bowl are 36x51x35,5 cm. The kit includes a seat cover, a toilet bowl and instructions. It allows you to carry out installation work on their own, without involving specialists in the manipulation.

IFO Special Overview

Among other offers of the market, it is necessary to single out a kit that provides for a toilet bowl and installation, as well as covers and seats with a microlift. You can purchase this equipment for 16200 rubles. The design provides for an anti-splash system. It is based on durable porcelain.

The width, length and height of the equipment are 35x8x33.2 cm, respectively. Reviews of the Ifo toilet bowl indicate that consumers like a ten-year warranty on ceramics. During the year there will be a warranty on the seat. You can save water using this equipment by means of a flush tank with two compartments of 3 and 6 liters.

The seat with microlift has already been installed, which reduces labor costs during installation.As for the exterior, the toilet has a rectangular shape and modern style. It is represented in white, as is the seat. Chrome hardware. Corner design is not on sale. Installation of a heated seat is not provided. This also applies to the function of the bidet. The seat is not quick-detachable, and the toilet itself is not without a rim.


Suspended toilets in recent times more and more popular among consumers. This is due to the convenience of their operation and greater functionality compared to the floor options. However, before you make a purchase, you must read the reviews. Laufen wall-hung toilet is no exception. According to consumers, it is a middle-class sanitary equipment. You can purchase a device from this manufacturer at a cost of 10,000 rubles and more. The most popular model gained Laufen Pro, which stands out from the pricing policy. You can buy it for about 5000 rubles. Size and shape can be selected from a variety of solutions. The supplier offers toilets in the form of a duck, a drop, a perfect rectangle or a pyramid. Classic on sale is also present.

If you read the reviews, a Cersanit wall-mounted toilet can also interest you. It is usually offered in a semicircular shape and is more like a floor model. Bottom construction is narrowed, and at the top it becomes bowl-shaped. These devices are economy class equipment. The seat is made of duroplast, and the bowl itself is made of earthenware.

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