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Tea is an English and Irish national drink. It is used in the UK every day, often many cups a day, but where did this habit come from?english brand teas

Everyone knows about the existence of British tea culture, but not everyone knows what its meaning is. Researchers have repeatedly conducted surveys of the population in order to find out what makes the English tea culture unique in all social classes.

Tea was first delivered to the UK at the beginning of the 17th century by the East India Company. It was an expensive product available only to rich people. For this reason, it was often kept locked up and used only in special cases.

Of course, it was possible to try tea before, but the spouse of the king Ekaterina Braganskaya brought a bitter, invigorating drink into fashion. In her homeland, in Portugal, tea was already well known by that time — it was brought in from the Asian colonies, and it also came from trade with Chinese and Japanese merchants. The habit of drinking a decoction of tea leaves Catherine brought to her new homeland - in England.

The first tea shop for ladies opened in 1717 by Thomas Tvinin, and gradually, throughout England, similar shops began to appear, giving everyone the opportunity to use this drink. In addition, the British developed their love of tea in the years of the British Empire in India.

How do the English drink tea?

English teas are mostly mixed black varieties. Usually they include leaflets from India, Sri Lanka or East Africa.

According to surveys, tea drinking for the English is a special ritual and often a separate meal. According to the same data:

  • 27% of English people drink tea on their own, without other food;
  • 50% consumed with cookies, candy, etc .;
  • 9% prefer tea with biscuits.

Immediately it should be noted that the term "biscuit" is used slightly differently in the UK than in other countries. As a rule, this pastry in the form of cookies or cake, which is consumed with hot drinks. These are solid products that can be dipped into tea.

Tea bags are the most common - 71% of respondents prefer them, 14% love loose tea and 15% other types. Those who buy loose tea leaves, explained that they either filter the brewed drink,or use a filter during soaking.

When the British were interviewed as they brew tea, the following answers were received:

  • 69% pour tea leaves into a cup or mug;
  • 19% use a teapot;
  • 12% use for this other dishes.

english teas names

If we talk about preferences, four answers were most often encountered: with milk, with sugar, with milk and sugar, and with other fillers. Regarding the order in which the products are added in the preparation of the drink, the opinions are the following:

  • 67% of respondents add milk first;
  • 33% sugar is added first.

English teas: brands and preferences

Returning to tea utensils, experts tried to figure out what most people use. The most interesting thing was that almost everyone in the UK uses electric kettles, and almost no one boils water on the stove. Also, many admitted that they did not use special tea cups, but poured the drink into any dishes available at home.

To the question about which English teas are the most favorite brands, respondents answered the following:

  • 23% chose Twinings;
  • 22% is Yorkshire.
  • 17% - PG Tips.
  • 5% - Tetley.
  • 33% - other brands.

Despite the fact that every Englishman has his own favorite way of making tea, the most common method seems to be the easiest. Freshly boiled water is poured from an electric kettle into a mug to a tea bag. After a few minutes, the bag is removed and milk is added, and sometimes sugar is added.

what english teas

Rich choice

Currently in the UK there are almost 1,500 different teas. They all differ in style, taste and color. The most popular teas (including English) will be discussed in more detail below.

Indian teas

India is one of the leading manufacturers of tea in the world (the share of exports is 12%). The three most important species popular in the UK are:

1. Darjeeling, which comes from North India and is a light, gentle tea, ideal for daytime drinking.

2. Ceylon - he is a little stronger than Darjeeling. It is fragrant, with a slightly pungent taste.

3. Assam is a strong tea that is great for blending.

Other famous English teas that are commercially available are Darjeeling Peko or Ceylon Peko. This species is not saturated with orange flavor, its name only describes the size of the leaf.

Chinese teas

Being the birthplace of tea, China produces 18% of the global range. The two most common types are as follows:

1. Lapsang Souchong - perhaps the most famous tea from China, the best one grown in northern Fujian. It has the flavor and aroma of smoke.

2. Yunnan - black tea from Yunnan province. Rich, rich taste makes it look like an assam. These English teas are great for breakfast.

Brands and features

In addition, in the UK today you can find many other varieties of this drink (both from India, and from China and other countries), including green, white and flavored teas. All species, popular among the English, traditionally have a strong and distinctive flavor, and their characteristics vary depending on the darker and stronger to lighter and lighter. English teas, whose names are known throughout the world, are often unique blends of different varieties. In this case, the most popular are the following brands.

Taylors of harrogate yorkshire gold

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This is a favorite variety among true tea connoisseurs around the world. It is a mixture of three different types of leaves and has a rich, full-bodied flavor, balanced with orange notes.No rating of famous English teas can do without it. The photo of the drink allows you to make sure of its rich, appetizing color. The manufacturer guarantees an environmentally friendly production process.

Harney and Sons Organic

famous english teas

As they say English tea lovers, this is the perfect way to start your day. The box contains individually wrapped packages with leaves collected from the most famous and rated plantations throughout Asia and India. It is a certified organic product and contains 50 mg of caffeine per serving.

Bigelow English Teatime

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It is made by hand from a combination of leaves, orange zest and sweet spices. The packaging is equipped with a protective aroma coating that provides excellent taste and freshness of the drink, so you do not need to worry about storage. Does not contain gluten.

Positively Tea Organic English Breakfast

best english teas

Suits real tea lovers who prefer to control the taste of their drinks. Positively Tea Organic English Breakfast comes in the form of portion packs. If you enjoy the process of brewing a fresh cup every morning, this is the choice for you. The drink has an attractive red color and contains L-Theanine for relaxation.

Stash black

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Suitable for use in restaurants due to its large packaging. Stash Black includes 100 individual packages, each of which has its own combination of different varieties from Ceylon, Assam, Nilgiri and Keemun. It has a delicate taste and aroma, has a certificate of kosher product.

Twinings English Breakfast

english brand teas

This tea has a bright amber color and a delicate taste that will appeal to any connoisseur. It can be used both with milk and without it, both sweetened and drunk in its natural form, depending on your preferences. It is a natural source of antioxidants, contains Kenyan and leafy teas.

Tetley British Blend Premium

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The package includes 80 individual round bags without wire or staples, which makes them easy to use and safe to heat in a microwave. This mixture is created using high-quality leaves collected from different countries and plantations. This tea is a good source of natural flavonoids.

PG Tips Black

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One of the most popular drinks in England, produced using the best leaves and buds of the plant, which are the most fragrant parts. Each triangular bag is designed as an ideal vessel that provides enough space for the full release of the fragrance. It has a light refreshing taste.It is believed that it supports the function of blood vessels.

Ahmad London Telephone Box

english brand teas

Packaging has an attractive design and contains 25 bags inside. Each one offers an eclectic blend of herbal and fruit flavors. Since all the bags are different, you can choose and identify for yourself the best English teas. The packaging can be reused for storing dry product.

Tea Forte Presentation Sampler

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The Tea Forte Presentation Sampler contains twenty pyramid-shaped handmade bags wrapped in foil. The package contains five flavors, so if you want to know which kind of drink is best for you, this collection will help you decide.

Making the perfect cup of tea

Each person has his own opinion on how to make the “right” cup of tea. The main ingredient should be leaf tea. Not bags and, of course, not powder. Only black tea is considered present in the UK. It is the dried and fermented leaves of the tea plant Camellia sinensis.

Bring water to a boil. Put one teaspoonful of fresh leaf tea per person in the teapot plus one more per vessel.Fill with boiling water (do not allow it to cool, otherwise it will not be hot enough for brewing). Leave the tea to infuse for 3-4 minutes. Pour the drink through the filter into the cups.

When to add milk?

In addition, the discussion on whether to add milk to a cup before pouring tea, or it is better to do it later, continues. Who is right?

Traditionally, milk was always poured first to prevent boiling water from damaging fine porcelain cups. Experts agree with this tradition, stating that pouring milk into a hot drink changes its taste.

Correct kettle

The correct kettle for the perfect drink, experts say, should be made of metal (all vessels were previously made of silver) or porcelain.

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