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Books by Bernard Shaw knows the whole world. His amazing stories are read by people of different generations. These works remain in memory for a long time, they suggest useful thoughts and contribute to the development of consciousness. Bernard Shaw - an outstanding playwright, a great thinker of his time. His most famous creations are the plays: Pygmalion, Mrs. Warren's Profession, Caesar and Cleopatra, Weapon and Man, Dark Lady of the Soviets, Chosen by Destiny. Aphorisms of Bernard Shaw make you think about a lot, make certain conclusions for yourself.

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Best of all, read his books, write quotes by hand. Sayings of Bernard Shaw are really bright, unusual and wise. They are easily remembered, even uplifting. Let's take a closer look at the most famous aphorisms.

“The education of a man or a woman is checked by how they behave during an argument”

The essence of this statement is that a person can only really know another when a collision occurs between them.Conflict most often means a mismatch of views. The way a person behaves when there are differences, demonstrates how well she is raised. A well-educated individual will never allow himself to be rude to anyone. Education imposes a certain imprint on the person, teaches his manners, tact, decency. The quotation of Bernard Shaw emphasizes that one can truly recognize another only by being in opposition with him.

"The secret of heroism: never let the fear of death guide your life"

People sometimes spend too much time in their experiences, which, under other circumstances, they could spend on more useful activities. Closing in our own thoughts, we lose a lot of energy that could be used for constructive purposes. When the fear of death dominates a person, he begins to behave not quite adequately. Being absorbed in disturbing thoughts, the individual is simply not able to see and recognize a constructive way out of the situation.

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Any negative emotion or impression is reflected in the way of thinking.The person becomes anxious and restless, discovers the inability to make the right decision. Any fears and doubts give rise to self-doubt.

“Virtue is not in the absence of passions, but in the management of them”

On the amazing statement, which is really difficult to argue. Only those who control their own feelings can be considered a generous person. The ability to control oneself can be described as the greatest good. Only in this way can we attain the state of oneness with our inner “I”.

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The more an individual understands the need for self-development, the more he becomes spiritually richer, acquires integrity and harmony. This quotation by Bernard Shaw emphasizes the value of virtue as such, it helps to understand the undeniable importance of effective work on yourself. The more time and attention we give to our inner state, the better.

"When we stop doing - we stop living"

Any development is possible only if moving forward. A person ceases to live fully when he succumbs to difficulties.If an individual stops at some stage of his development, then he begins to degrade over time. This is an indisputable fact that proves its case. Only action can bring us out of the state of an internal deadlock. Starting to take concrete steps, people feel a surge of strength in themselves, a desire to continue to improve in full force.

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Refusal of the necessary actions can be equated to the fact that the individual ceases to develop and work on himself. In fact, the ability to overcome obstacles and makes us strong people.

“Women all turn upside down. Try to let a woman into your life, and you will immediately see that she needs one thing, and you need a completely different one. ”

It is understood that the love of a girl makes a man reconsider the existing values, to draw certain conclusions. Sometimes ideas about something are so confused with each other that it becomes impossible to separate one from another. The quotes of Bernard Shaw about women emphasize how much a person’s feelings can change, make him begin to change under the influence of certain circumstances.Sometimes we ourselves cannot explain to ourselves why we act in a certain way, what moves us in this or that period of time. Quotes by Bernard Shaw of love reveal the essence of human destiny.

"We must try to find what you love, otherwise you will have to love what you got."

It is always necessary to remember that every our action matters. If we strive to achieve what we want, we become truly happy. When a person runs away from his own essence, he has to start to perform some minor, alien roles for himself. The depressing circumstances often force the individual to accept the situation in which she found herself by chance.

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Purposeful action is always supported by inflexible strength of spirit. It is she who makes you move, make responsible decisions. Only a favorite business leads forward, reveals individual abilities.

“The greatest sin against our fellow citizens is not hatred, but indifference to them”

Inability of the heart to respond to someone else's misfortune Bernard Shaw calls a significant vice. When we show indifference - it is much worse than any negative feelings. Indifference is the worst thing that can happen to an individual.Since this is how the soul hardens, laziness and unwillingness to be useful is formed. This quote by Bernard Shaw confirms the idea that indifference kills any relationship, develops total loneliness. A person forgets about everything that was valuable and meaningful to him.

“Common sense and hard work will compensate for your lack of talent, while you can be brilliant of brilliant, but foolishly ruin your life”

To be diligent is to pursue your dream. The more a person works on himself, the more chances he has to achieve success. Even if an individual does not have any talents expressed, he will have the necessary opportunities in the case of developed diligence. Diligence helps to overcome failures, to set goals in front of you, no matter how big and difficult they may seem.

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If a person is ready to fight with many difficulties and knows what goal he wants to achieve, gradually, any roads open up before him. Thus, the resources of the individual are revealed, new opportunities appear to achieve the desired result. Playwright Bernard Shaw notes this pattern.

"The one who can, he does, who does not know, he teaches others"

Some people have a bad habit of imposing their subjective opinion on others.It seems to them that they are succeeding in something, but in fact they are simply filling their own worth. There is nothing more unpleasant than to observe how a person tries to compensate for his own shortcomings by cultivating feelings of false prestige in himself. The one who really possesses some talents, as a rule, does not try to teach others, does not demonstrate his superiority over everyone. This quotation by Bernard Shaw is very important in understanding true and false knowledge.

“My fame grew with each of my failures”

Some people have the habit of giving up before they take the first step. They do not understand that often defeats are harbingers of victory. And the greater the disappointment, the more deafening the future success can be. The main thing is to continue to work even when there is no reason to hope to achieve the goal. The effort is never a gift. Only in this way does an individual get an opportunity to improve his abilities, develop new skills. The more effort is applied in a given direction, the greater the chance of success.

"I thought friends lose quarrels, and they just dissolve in time"

Any differences can be overcome by establishing an understanding between people. In order to explain the actions of others, it is sometimes necessary to make certain efforts. If people for some reason do not communicate for a long time, they lose the relationship. In time, a lot of good comrades are lost, who used to be quite close. When childhood friends cease to interact, they lose a certain community, which allowed them to understand each other first.

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Thus, the quotes of Bernard Shaw about life are filled with deep meaning. They need to be read thoughtfully, delving into every word. In this case, there will be an undeniable benefit: an understanding of self-worth and the enduring value of life will come. Books by Bernard Shaw deserve special attention. They focus so much wisdom that it will be enough for many years. It is best to read the quotes without haste, trying to penetrate into their content.

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