Berezutsky brothers: biography, photo, restaurant

At that very moment, when the Berezutsky brothers, twins Ivan and Sergey, decided to devote themselves to the same profession, it became clear that someday they would be in the common kitchen. And so it happened. In 2014, young restaurateurs jointly opened Twins restaurant in Moscow. In 2016, they became co-owners, as well as concept chefs of the new establishment - Wine and Crab.

Berezutsky brothers

Berezutsky brothers, restaurateurs: history

Ivan and Sergey Berezutsky are called the main hope of the Russian gastrorevolution of the new wave. Prior to participating in joint projects, Sergey Berezutsky worked as a chef at the restaurant “How to eat” and at the Grand Cru winery, while Ivan managed the PMI-Bar kitchen in St. Petersburg and the Flying Dutchman restaurant.

In parallel, the Berezutsky brothers (the photo above shows their joint portrait) regularly participated in various international festivals and competitions. It is known that young restaurateurs had to take part in a correspondence duel - the brothers competed in which of them will gather more public admiration, awards and accolades from eminent chefs, but they also supported each other in rivalry and provided assistance.

In the summer of 2014, the Berezutsky brothers together prepared for the San Pellegrino Cooking Cup (contest for young cooks), where Sergei won the gold. It was then that young restaurateurs conceived the first joint project.

Sergey Berezutsky: biography, specialist's credo

One of the brothers - Sergey - began his career as a chef in St. Petersburg. Here a young talented cook lived about 6 years. He decided to devote his work to his whole life, having fallen in love with it passionately and irrevocably.

In 2008, Sergei Berezutsky moved to Moscow. In the capital, he began working in the Varvara restaurant under the direction of A. Komm. In 2009, in the Doce Uvas restaurant, they were given the position of sous-chef (head of A. Kettglas). In 2010, he became the head of the Grand Cru kitchen. In 2011, Sergey Berezutsky - the first of the Russian chefs - managed to complete an internship at Alinea (the best American restaurant, 3 * Michelin). In 2013, he headed the kitchen of the Moscow cafe "How to eat". In the same year he became a participant of the Russian-French gastronomic seasons in Cannes and the Omnivore Moscow festival. The young talented specialist made an indelible impression not only on journalists and guests, but also on colleagues and other participants of the events.

Sergey is fond of using local products of good quality.The young chef prefers seasonality and in his dishes seeks to reveal the true taste of the ingredients. Sergey considers it important to emphasize all the best qualities of the products, while not forgetting to create original versions of combinations and submissions. The naturalness and freshness of the product, according to Sergey Berezutsky, is its main feature.

In the capital, a young restaurateur worked as a chef for a while at the How To Eat Cafe.

Ivan Berezutsky: biography, winning contests

One of the young and already quite well-known chefs of the Twins restaurant in Moscow - Ivan Berezutsky - at one time was inclined to choose another profession. He was going to be a builder. The fate of the chief chose thanks to a twin brother.

Ivan studied at the Moscow State University of Technology and Management. After completing his studies, he worked in restaurants Doce Uvas and Chipollino for about 5 years under the leadership of Andrian Ketglas. In 2010, he worked as a chef at the Grand Cru Wine Restaurant. In 2011, Ivan Berezutsky trained at the best restaurants in Spain: El Bulli (3 * Michelin) and Calima (2 * Michelin).

On his account a lot of prestigious awards won by participating in various professional competitions.In 2010, at the Moscow Gastronomic Festival in St. Petersburg, Ivan Berezutsky received the title of the best young chef. At the same event in Moscow, they won 2nd place. In 2011, Ivan became the winner of the 6th International Haute Cuisine Competition, held in Spain. In 2012, he became a member of the Russian-French seasons and Omnivore Moscow, and, according to Timeout, was recognized as the man of the year. In subsequent years, Ivan Berezutsky regularly participated in the Russian-French, Russian-Spanish seasons, Omnivore Moscow, Omnivore Paris.


The Berezutsky brothers restaurant with the symbolic twin name Twins is located on Malaya Bronnaya, in the courtyard of an old residential building. Around the yard was built another fence of woodpiles - to enhance comfort.

restaurants brothers Berezutsky in Moscow

The interior draws attention to green windows, beige walls, Viennese chairs and a bright yellow door, reinforced with characteristic accessories: attached to the wall by a tandem bicycle and children's photos of brothers hanging on the walls. The restaurant has two rooms and three menus.

What is fed?

In both halls they feed dishes from the list of the main menu, in the bar you can order light snacks for wine.For a separate table, anyone can try a set of 10 dishes.

The Berezutsky brothers are preparing the same things that they always do: they mainly pay attention to intricate variations on the themes of Russian cuisine, the presence of culinary tricks is unchanged. In the style felt the influence of their past jobs. For example, oyster mushrooms with rooster scallops very much resemble a dish from the “As is” menu. And in the illusion with a deer tartar recognizable is a quote from the set, submitted by Ivan to PMI.

Brothers Berezutsky generally love magic tricks. In ravioli, from the heart of the lamb, cut into cubes, and potatoes, the filling is scattered on a plate, and the cream is hidden inside the circles, fashioned out of dough. As the sauce used fragrant broth from baked potatoes. The same potatoes are cut into petals and served along with the petals of carrots, parsnips and beets. In addition, it is smeared with mustard, covered with lettuce and pickled zucchini. It turns out very bright and very inexpensive dish - vegetable steak. All the dishes attract attention with unusual combinations of products: they add ramson to the tartare and fill it with peat smoke, algae are fed to the halibut.

Desserts in the institution are also quite intricate.Visitors recommend beginners to try the taste of “dynamite” - raspberry tubing with white chocolate mousse, connected with marmalade worms. The dish with its external design resembles natural dynamite sticks, when serving, even the marzipan wick is set on fire.

But, as evidenced by guest reviews, the Berezutsky fantasy does not apply to the bar. It provides a completely standard set of drinks: wine, strong alcohol, and fairly cheap vodka, the relatively low cost of which many people call strange, because nothing on the menu has to actively consume this drink.

restaurant brothers Berezutsky


Those interested can enjoy dishes from the menu:

  • Pumpkin cream soup with hummus and sea buckthorn croquettes - for 440 rubles.
  • Muksun Stroganin under anchovy sauce - for 380 rub.
  • Fish soup "Bonfire" - for 520 rubles.
  • Tartar from a young bull with "brushwood" from Parmesan and porcini mushrooms - for 570 rubles.
  • Salad with young potatoes, smoked omul and grapefruit - for 490 rubles.


The facility is located in Moscow, on the street. Malaya Bronnaya, 13. The size of the average bill: in the range of 1500-1800 rubles.

Wine and Crab

This institution is a new joint project of the brothers.According to the plan, which is revealed by his “talking” name, in the menu that the Berezutsky Brothers Restaurant has at its disposal, crab is the main dish.

restaurant brothers Berezutsky crab

The wine list here is represented by the widest range of drinks, so it is placed not on paper, but on iPads. If desired, you can order the wine of any of more than a hundred grape varieties produced in the desired region.

The crabs in the menu are available in several varieties: Kamchatka, opilio, blue, spiny, frog and hairy. Cost per 100 g - up to 600 rubles. Fans of meat can enjoy ribai, duck leg and other meat dishes.

brothers Berezutsky photos


The restaurant is located on the street. Nikolskaya, 19-21 / 1, between the store Loro Piano and the building of the RSUH. In the Tretyakov passage hiding veranda places, accommodating about a hundred people. The design of the main hall with a capacity of about 110 people was occupied by the famous designer V. Lizunov.

brothers Berezutsky restaurateurs

The restaurant is open from 12:00 to 23:30. Average check size: about 1,500 rubles.

Quotes from the menu

The restaurant Wine and Crab order mainly crab dishes. So, you can try the taste of the following dishes:

  • Wine – Babb with tomatoes, Kamchatka crab and algae - for 450 rubles.
  • A toast with three types of crab - for 550 rubles.
  • Kashi with melon, summer greens and Kamchatka crab - for 560 rubles.
  • Casserole with potatoes and seafood mix, including Kamchatka crab, sawdust, comb shrimp, northern shrimp, halibut, octopus, scallop, with blood sausage sauce - for 2 450 rubles.
  • Crab in adjika - for 1 200 rubles.

brothers Berezutsky restaurateurs


The restaurants of the Berezutsky brothers in Moscow, despite being spoiled by the metropolitan public, are quite popular. Young restaurateurs rejoice that a food culture is gradually taking shape in Russia. According to them, guests come to them who know a lot about wine and understand food. Clients go to their places exactly for high-quality and tasty food, and not to look at a beautiful ceiling or toilet. The brothers Sergei and Ivan Berezutsky are not fans of chamber places. According to their plan, visitors can easily come to their places in jeans and sneakers. Young and successful chefs offer the public a kitchen that they love themselves. Many people like it, and this, according to the brothers, is excellent.

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