"Belita-Vitex": reviews about cosmetics

For over 2 decades, the products of the Belita-Vitex joint Belarusian-Italian enterprise have been popular all over the world. Reviews of this cosmetics, mostly positive. After all, it has a wide range, natural composition and affordable price for everyone. This Belarusian cosmetics has long been a worthy competitor to well-known cosmetic brands. The company has almost three hundred stores in the CIS countries, its own research center, produces more than a thousand types of goods. Cosmetics "Belita-Vitex" gets positive reviews mainly in Russia and Belarus, but it is also popular abroad. About her and will be discussed in the article.

Brand history

In 1989, on the basis of the Belarusian industrial enterprise producing cosmetics, the Belita-Vitex trade brand was created together with an Italian company. Reviews of products of this company mark a wide range of products, high quality and low prices. This was achieved through joint efforts: Belarus provided production facilities, personnel and raw materials,and the Italian side provided the enterprise with equipment and some recipes for cosmetics. As a result, effective and popular cosmetics began to be produced under this brand.

At first, Belita-Vitex began with the production of hair care products and face cosmetics. But gradually the product range began to expand. Reviews about cosmetics "Belita-Vitex" became also more enthusiastic. After all, the company is now independently developing recipes for products based on natural ingredients and innovative achievements. All products are manufactured in convenient safe packaging. The range has expanded so much that everyone can find a suitable cosmetic. Even professional cosmetics for hairdressing and beauty salons are being produced.belite vitex reviews

Features of cosmetics "Belita-Vitex"

All products of the company are certified and regularly tested for safety and effectiveness. Many cosmetics "Belita-Vitex" can be classified as "cosmeceuticals". That is, this cosmetics combines not only caring, but also healing properties.It is produced according to a strictly calculated recipe based on natural natural ingredients and the latest advances in biotechnology. The secret of its success lies in the combination of safety, environmental friendliness and high efficiency. Many funds do not need advertising, as they have become loved by consumers.

Cosmetics "Belita-Vitex" can be purchased in any city in specialized stores or large shopping centers. The business card of this product is a unique recipe, developed in the company's own scientific center. For the production of cosmetics using natural environmentally friendly raw materials. Herbal extracts are widely used in her composition: linden, sage, nettle, burdock, Althea, aloe, celandine. Other traditional medicines are often added: honey, royal jelly, propolis, lemon juice, vegetable oils. But the company makes extensive use of the latest achievements, adding proven artificially synthesized components to its cosmetics.face cream belita vitex reviews

The advantages of this product

In all CIS countries, Belita-Vitex cosmetics are popular. Customer reviews mark their high efficiency and affordable price.This product has many advantages over other brands. It:

  • Convenient functional packaging. All tubes and jars are roomy, so they last long. Despite the simplicity of design, all packages look beautiful.
  • Reasonable price allows each woman to choose a suitable product for her skin without financial damage.
  • The product range expands every year. The company produces not only decorative and caring cosmetics. Professional lines, anti-aging products, medical cosmetics - are also popular.
  • The composition of products is safe, includes natural ingredients. These funds are very rarely cause allergic reactions, because they do not have parabens, dyes, flavors.
  • All products are manufactured in series. In each line there are different cosmetics that provides high-quality comprehensive care.belite cream vitex reviews

Product range

Among the cosmetics "Belita-Vitex" there are products that have been produced for more than 10 years. And they are still popular. But the features of this brand is the constant updating of the range. Annually there are new items.And now the range of products "Belita-Vitex" is very wide:

  • creams, masks, peels, toners for the face;
  • shampoos, balms, masks, sprays and serums for hair care;
  • creams, gels, varnishes and mousses for hair styling;
  • bath salts and foams, gels, scrubs and peels;
  • deodorants, perfume;
  • depilatories;
  • sun protection;
  • dentifrices;
  • decorative cosmetics;
  • therapeutic cosmetics;
  • accessories.

Reviews of this cosmetics

The reaction to cosmetics for each person will be individual. It depends on age, skin type and some other factors. That is why any shampoo, balm or cream "Belita-Vitex" reviews has not only positive but also negative. But it is worth considering only those that contain specific information.

Reviews of cosmetics read by those who want to understand whether to buy this tool. Here you can advise to focus on ratings from several people. And it is very important to consider your skin type. Rave reviews about the cream from a woman with increased activity of the sebaceous glands still will not help people with dry skin. Therefore, anyway, in many cases you will have to try cosmetics yourself.But Belita-Vitex products are affordable, so even if you choose an inappropriate cream, it will not bring much damage.mask vitex belts reviews

Cosmetics "Belita-Vitex" for hair: reviews

Belarusian cosmetics for hair care have long been popular not only among ordinary people. They are highly appreciated by the owners of beauty salons and hairdressers. Belita-Vitex produces not only hair washing products. A large range of balms, masks, conditioners, nourishing serums allows you to comprehensively care for your hair. Reviews note that all products of this company have a pleasant delicate aroma, they are easy to use. Hair after their application gain volume and shine, stop falling out and split.

Most positive reviews about shampoos "Belita-Vitex". The product range has shampoos with marine collagen, biotin and keratin, with black cumin, avocado and sesame oils, with goat milk and herbal extracts. There are also anti-dandruff products for dry hair, preventing hair loss and improving combing.

And for better care masks and nourishing balms "Belita-Vitex" are offered.Reviews of these tools mark their natural composition containing vegetable oils and herbal extracts. These tools improve hair growth, moisturize, eliminate dandruff. In addition, the assortment of Belarusian cosmetics has sprays, dry shampoos, serums, tonics, tint balms.

Decorative cosmetics: reviews

The company "Belita-Vitex" began with the production of caring cosmetics. But now in its range of a variety of tools and accessories for makeup. Bb-cream, tonal and corrective means of the “classic” line, premium mascara, cream with hyaluronic acid are especially popular. Positive reviews won the line of Luxury, Amore, Sweet Lips. For nail care, the company produces not only varnishes. Many different elixirs and nutritive oils allow you to maintain healthy nails.

Reviews note the high quality of decorative cosmetics, its safe composition, convenient packaging and a wide range. Women especially like gift sets that include nail care products, lipstick and mascara. A variety of accessories are also popular: sponges, applicators, brushes, cosmetic bags.reviews about cosmetics belita vitex

Cosmetics "Belita-Vitex" for the face: reviews

Especially popular are various creams and face masks. The product range includes bleaching and cleansing agents with fruit acids and retinol, gels against acne and black spots, rejuvenating stem cell serums. Various fillers, peelings, ampoules with hyaluronic acid and vegetable oils, sunscreen series are popular.

A lot of positive feedback about face cream "Belita-Vitex" from the series "Formula of rejuvenation" and MEZOcomplex. Well moisturize the skin products from the series "Hydroeffect", "Thermal Line" and "Moisturizing Generator". There are many creams based on plant extracts: calendula, chamomile, aloe and others. In addition, under this brand various masks, peels, scrubs, tonics and lotions are produced.

Caring cosmetics

This trend in Belita-Vitex products has won even more positive reviews. After all, the company began with cosmetics. A lot of positive reviews can be found about anti-cellulite massage cream, glycolic peeling, F-control facial film, deep pore cleansing tonic, body cream with macadamia, eye serum against dark circles, and also nourishing and rejuvenating hand and foot creams .

The black Belita-Vitex cleansing mask is popular.Reviews she won mostly positive, because it effectively eliminates black dots. The range of caring cosmetics includes meso-serums, body oil, anti-aging products with a lifting effect, fillers for filling wrinkles and much more.whitheite shampoo vitex reviews

Reviews of cosmetics for men

Many consumers like cosmetics designed for the stronger sex. Reviews mark unobtrusive pleasant aroma, high quality and beautiful packaging design. The range of cosmetics for men includes:

  • shampoos, balsams and hair sprays;
  • shower gels and for washing;
  • shaving foams and creams;
  • milk or tonic after shave;
  • deodorants;
  • creams and lotions for the face.

All these tools have earned a lot of positive feedback. They have moisturizing, disinfecting and cleansing properties, contain natural ingredients, vegetable oils and trace elements. Active Life shower gels, Vitex for men CLASSIC shaving products, MEN'S CLUB shampoos are especially popular.

Cosmetics for children and teenagers

Many mothers appreciate high-quality Belarusian cosmetics for children. Reviews note its advantages such as natural composition, the absence of allergic reactions and affordable price.The range of products is great: it is shampoos, balms, conditioners, toothpastes, creams. There are separate lines for boys and girls. The series “Little Fashionista Anelis”, “Silena” is very popular, for kids it’s “Mom and Baby”, “Wonder Child”, and the boys will like the “Flying Patrol” or GameR rulers.

There is a special series for teenagers. It has a lot of special products for problem skin. Gels, balms and masks treat acne, acne, eliminate the increased fat content and black spots. Girls can try safe decorative cosmetics with a natural composition. Here and gels for lips, and shadows, and even easily washed away ink.belite vitex for face reviews

The best products "Belita-Vitex"

Based on consumer feedback, you can select the most popular line of cosmetics. Among the decorative cosmetics is a series of Charm Gold, ProNail, Luxury and Classic. Of the care products, the “Moisturizing Generator” and “On Thermal Water” lines won the most positive reviews. Especially for sensitive skin was developed a series of "Delicate Care", and for women at the age of effective means of the line "Formula of rejuvenation."Everyone can find a suitable cosmetic product under the "Belita-Vitex" brand.

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