"Beeline", the tariff plan "Welcome": description, features and reviews

The company "Beeline" made the tariff plan "Welcome""First of all, for users who came to Russia for a short period of time.This is due to the fact that the offer includes calls directly to the country, inside the network, as well as to other countries.With such a proposal, subscribers will not need to connect additional services , since everything is already included in the tariff.In addition, each user can customize the work to their own needs by disabling the services that are already in the plan.


Before you buy from the company "Beeline" tariffplan "Welcome", you will need to study its features and conditions. The main advantage of the offer is the complete absence of subscription fees. Customers can use the link until the funds on the balance sheet are exhausted. When the money on the account is over, it will be impossible to make calls or send messages. Access to the use of communication resumes immediately after the balance is replenished.

Beeline tariff plan

Customers who already use the link fromoperator "Beeline", can make the transition to the tariff, but for this you will need to pay an amount of 150 rubles. Prices for the tariff plan "Welcome" from "Beeline" (Moscow) for outbound destinations to CIS countries can be specified on the official website of the operator. Below is the cost of calls to Russia.

Calls to Russia

Those who use the tariff plan "Welcome""from" Beeline ", want to know how much it will take to pay for services, if you use the offer in Russia .The rates will look like this:

  • When using the package in the home network, the minute of conversation on the numbers "Beeline" and other operators of the country will be 1.7 rubles.
  • The cost of text messages sent to the home region will be 1.7 rubles.

tariff plan welcome beeline moscow

Company "Beeline" tariff plan "Welcome"is equipped with an additional service called "Calls within the tariff", with which customers can call to other numbers of the communication operator at 0 kop / min. With this option, 50 free minutes are charged every day.The cost of the service is 3.95 rubles. If the offer is deactivated, then the rates will be according to the data described above.

Connection through the company salon

When a decision is made on the transition orpurchase of the tariff plan, it is necessary to study in detail the cost for a particular region, since the price of connection and communication services may vary in different regions of the country. To connect, you need to buy a sim card in the company's Beeline liaison office, where the tariff plan will be activated.

beeline tariff plan welcome smile

In addition, if the customer is already using servicesthis operator, you can simply change the tariff. Employees of the salon will be able to do this, but only after confirming the identity of the owner of the room. For this, a citizen's passport is used. The transfer fee is 150 rubles.

Connection number

The fastest and most convenient method of connection -use of mobile phone and number to activate the plan. To the customer "Beeline" the tariff plan "Welcome" can be connected, if you dial the number 0674102013. When the connection occurs, the automatic informant will speak. The subscriber should simply follow his recommendations and connect the offer. After activation, the mobile number should receive a message confirming the successful connection. Subscribers can also check the transfer independently, checking the balance, where the name of the active tariff is indicated.

In-App Connection

Tariff plan "Welcome" to "Beeline"can be connected via a mobile application called "My Beeline". This service makes it easy to switch to tariff plans. In addition, customers can additionally control their number, balance, connect and disable additional options and much more.

tariff beeline welcome reviews

The mobile application only works over the Internet, so you will need a connection to use it.

Internet connection

Subscribers can use to switch to a tariffPersonal cabinet, which has all the same functionality as in the mobile application. To use the cabinet you will need to go to the company's website, go to the office and go through the registration. After receiving the password and authorization, the system will have access to the number and mobile services. In the tariff section, you need to find "Welcome" and click on the connection button.

International Challenges

Calls in the international area are veryattractive look for many people. However, it is necessary to take into account the operator to whom the call will be made (we are talking about the operators of other countries). For example, if a subscriber calls a person to Ukraine, then the minute of communication will be different. Call to the number of "Kyivstar" will be charged at 3.5 rubles per minute, but calls to other numbers in the country will be 20 rubles per minute.

Payment for outgoing calls to other countries on Beeline numbers looks very attractive, so before using the offer and making calls, it will be necessary to clarify all the nuances.

tariff plan welcome to beeline

In recent times, there have been changes. Operator "Beeline" the tariff plan "Welcome Smile" and some other kinds of proposals corrected, changing the call rates to certain countries. All details are available on the official website of the company.

Additional options

Anyone who just started using the tariff plan, should know that it immediately includes 3 additional options:

  • "Calls within the network" with a subscription fee of 3.95 rubles per day. Under the conditions, clients receive 50 minutes a day for free communication in the country with Beeline's customers in the home region.
  • Internet option called "Highway 1 GB". This service allows you to use the Internet, the subscription fee is 7 rubles a day.
  • The last additional service is "Be in the know"+ ". The service is also paid, and its cost is 50 kopeks / day. With its help, customers will be able to determine the numbers of people that they tried to call when the network was out.

All described services can be disabled to save money.


Tariff from "Beeline" "Welcome" reviews hasthe most diverse. Some people like the offer, and they actively use this tariff plan. Other users are not very happy with the cost of some services, because there are other offers with lower rates for communication. Everything depends on the need and the goals that are pursued. Of course, if the client is more likely to talk in Russia than to call to other countries, the tariff may be irrelevant.

the tariff plan is welcome from the Beeline

Decide on the connection of the tariff planshould everyone alone, based on the needs, especially since today you can find out in detail the conditions and different offers from the operator right on the site, sitting at home at the computer.

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