Beef Steak: Stalker Recipe

Recently, the authors of various works of art began to use cooking recipes often. They include them in their stories, giving them a peculiar charm and making them more realistic. For example, Vasily Orekhova, his main character in his book “The Zone of Defeat,” tells in detail about how to make beef steak. At the same time, this recipe is so interesting and original that involuntarily you want to cook this dish. In practice, it turned out that all the recommendations given by the stalker should be followed with special care, and the result achieved at the same time surpasses even the most colorful descriptions of the author. However, it should be borne in mind that telling how to fry a beef steak, the main character describes the recipe of a dish saturated with juice or as they say “blood”. Such meat is very popular in European cuisine or in North America, although local gourmets consider it a real delicacy.beef steak recipe


For cooking you will need:

- whole piece of beef - 1 kg;

- a mixture of peppers;

- salt;

- vegetable oil - 150 gr .;

- greenery;

Meat preparation

First of all, the beef must be well washed. Then put it on a towel to let it dry. Then the meat is separated from the chaff and cut into pieces, which will represent the beef steak. The recipe assumes that the cut pieces will be about the size of a man's palm, about two centimeters thick. It should be borne in mind that the cuts must be made perpendicular to the fibers, since only such a cutting can be called a to grill beef steak

Heat treatment

Further, the beef steak, the recipe of which was proposed by the author of a popular book, should be fried in a special way. All the oil is poured onto a large skillet and put on a big fire. After the oil reaches the maximum temperature, spread meat on it. In this case, the oil will boil and splash, so you should be careful. At this point, pepper and salt the top of the steak. Five minutes later, we begin to raise the meat, checking the beef steak. The recipe suggests that it has a dark brown color with a golden sheen, but not golden.When the desired result is achieved, the meat is turned over and continue to fry, slightly reducing the fire. Top also salt and pepper. If in the process of roasting the second side oil begins to foam, then you should increase the heat. This suggests that the juice from the middle begins to flow, which will spoil the beef steak. The recipe is designed to ensure that all the juice remained to cook beef steak


Meat is considered ready when the other side also has acquired a dark brown color. After that, it is immediately removed from the heat and spread on a plate.

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