Beautiful and light makeup for every day. How to make light makeup

A woman can not afford to leave the house without making at least a light makeup. It may be just mascara tinted eyelashes and a delicate lip gloss. But you need to remember the most important thing - the tone of the face should be perfect, then the face will look fresh and beautiful. In this article we will talk about how to make light makeup for every day.

light day makeup

Before you paint, you must prepare the skin: clean and moisturize. Apply decorative cosmetics also in a certain sequence. The stages of applying makeup are described below.

First step. Skin cleansing

Wash using a gentle cleanser. This is necessary in order to clean the skin from dust and oiliness. Then blot your face with a soft towel. Important! Never wash your face with hot water. This causes the skin to become dry and prone to irritation. Use water at room temperature.It is very useful to wipe your face with ice cubes. Water for freezing is better to use filtered or separated. It is also good to use decoctions of herbs. Decoctions from dandelions, calendula and chamomile are suitable for normal and oily skin. For dry it is better to use decoction of Hypericum, parsley, plantain.

Once or twice a week it is necessary to do face peeling. It promotes the renewal of skin cells, allows it to remain healthy and fresh. To do this, you can use different tools for peeling. This scrubs, and creams, and masks.

Another point - while washing, moisturizing and applying make-up, remember that attention should be paid not only to the face, but also to the neck and decollete area.

Second phase. Skin moisturizing

After cleansing, the skin must be moisturized. You can use for this purpose a daily moisturizer or lotion. Apply the cream to light touch of the fingertips. It is necessary to move along the massage lines of the face, which are shown in the picture below.

light makeup

After moisturizing, leave the skin to rest for a few minutes.

The third stage. Foundation application

The most important thing is to choose the right makeup base.Depending on your skin type, you can use tonal creams, liquid bases, compact or loose powder. It is also important to choose the tone of such an agent. It may be a tone darker or lighter than the skin. It is possible to apply a basis with fingers or using special sponges, brushes. Distribute the product evenly on the face. Try not to apply too thick layers - the skin will look unnatural. And remember the transitions to the ears and chin. In order not to have a “mask effect”, blend well the base around the edges of the face and along the bottom of the chin.

If you need to hide any defects on the skin, use the corrector.

Fourth stage. Shadowing

To make a light day makeup, use soft colors of shadows. Depending on the eye color, you can choose gold, beige, gray, even green. Combine two or three shades - apply light on the inner side of the eyelid and move darker to the outside.

Fifth stage. Applying eyeliner

To express the eyes, use a pencil. Apply it just above the base of the eyelashes in a straight line.

The sixth stage. Mascara on eyelashes

It is possible to paint the eyelashes and the upper and lower.If necessary, use special forceps or curlers to tighten the eyelashes.

Seventh stage. Applying blush

how to make light makeup

When choosing a color rouge should be guided by three rules. The first, the lighter the skin, the brighter the rouge, and vice versa. Second, the rouge should match the shade of the chosen lipstick or gloss. And the third rule: all shades of pink, peach and beige are suitable for blondes. Owners of dark hair need to focus on shades of brown, honey, amber and brick colors. It is necessary to apply blush on cheekbones, well shading transitions.

The eighth stage. Applying lipstick

Use lipstick in various shades of pink and beige to make a light makeup for every day. You can also use lip gloss - this will be a great final touch. Lip pencils are not recommended. But if, after all, you decide to make a contour, choose a pencil to match lipstick so that it does not stand out with a single line on the lips. It will look unnatural and catchy.

These were the general rules of how to make light makeup for every day.As examples below are several options for how to combine a different color palette of decorative cosmetics.

Option 1. Naturalness

beautiful light makeup

To make a light eye makeup, use a beige shade. Apply them completely to the upper eyelid, do not go beyond the border of the eyelids. To highlight the eyes, use a brown pencil. It will be enough to bring only at the base of the upper lashes. Pencil can be a little shade that will look very natural. Ink choose a dark color, but not black. In the tone of the eyelashes tint eyebrows, if they are bright. Use the same mascara as for the eyelashes, or the shade of brown. If you need to adjust the shape of the eyebrows, then take a pencil. Move with small strokes, imitating hairs. If you paint the eyebrows completely, it will look unnatural. Pick up your beige color or blush peach. Do not forget about blush, even when doing light makeup. And the last touch is tender lipstick. Let her color be a tone darker than your lips. You can also use a pale pink lip gloss. Perfect light makeup for owners of blond hair.

Option 2.Expressive eyes

light makeup for every day

Beautiful light makeup can be done in just 10 minutes. You will need a black pencil, black ink, a silver shade, beige or peach blush and a delicate lip gloss in tone. First, put the shadow on the upper eyelid, you can also gently tint and lower. Pencil, place the eyelid at the roots of the eyelashes. To make the line neat, first draw it from the middle of the century towards the outer corner, then from the middle of the century in the opposite direction. Bring and lower eyelid. Only in this case it is necessary to tint the eyelid only from the middle to the outer corner. Then apply mascara and shape eyebrows. Make a light blush and express your lips. This makeup is perfect for a brunette and blonde with gray, blue or green eyes.

Option 3. As without arrows

light eye makeup

This option can be used by girls with any color of hair, eyes and skin tone. To make a light make-up, prepare a black eyeliner, beige shadows, you can add a touch of coquetry and choose pearl-colored shades. Also be sure to beige blush, on tanned skin, you can use a blush with a bronze tint.For lips - pink shine. Tint the upper eyelid. Then make a thin line eyeliner, starting from the inner corner of the eyes and moving to the outside. From the middle of the century, the line may slightly thicken. Make a slight upward movement in the form of a smile. It is rather difficult to make a beautiful arrow from the first time with the help of an eyeliner. Therefore, practice in advance so as not to spoil your makeup. You can replace the liner with a pencil. If the line turns out uneven, then it can be easily corrected with a cotton swab. Tint eyelashes with mascara, apply blush and lip gloss. Light makeup ready. This is a great option not only for day makeup, but also for evening.

These are the most common examples that can be used daily. You can also try combining other colors. Experiment, and only then can you find the one that suits you. Be different every day. You must be surprised.

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Beautiful and light makeup for every day. How to make light makeup 19

Beautiful and light makeup for every day. How to make light makeup 54

Beautiful and light makeup for every day. How to make light makeup 14

Beautiful and light makeup for every day. How to make light makeup 59

Beautiful and light makeup for every day. How to make light makeup 25

Beautiful and light makeup for every day. How to make light makeup 87

Beautiful and light makeup for every day. How to make light makeup 34

Beautiful and light makeup for every day. How to make light makeup 47