Baldwin Brothers: Alec, Daniel, William and Stephen. Acting dynasties

The concept of “acting dynasties” has long taken root in cinema. The Baldwin are four brothers who are prominent representatives of such a phenomenon. It has always been interesting to viewers to observe how their career is developing, relationships are developing on the stages and in their personal lives.

How do blood ties help in acting? How thirsty artists from the glorious dynasty to work in the same projects? Did the Baldwin brothers do without competition? Answers to these and other questions you can find in the following material.

Baldwin brothers

Dynasty Baldwin

Parents of future actors, Ray and Carol, have given birth to six children. First, in 1955, the eldest daughter appeared - Elizabeth. Ten years later, the couple decided to have another child. The family has replenished with one more girl whom named Jane. Then only boys were born.The Baldwin brothers in order of seniority: Alec, Daniel, William, and the youngest — Stephen.

Sisters Jane and Elizabeth have nothing to do with stage work and creativity in general. However, the boys from the Baldwin family, one and all, dreamed of a career of actors, which they successfully managed to achieve. The peak of the popularity of talented brothers fell on the 90s of the last century. However, even today they continue to be invited to shoot in fairly large projects, although not as often as before.

How did it come about that people from a completely non-artistic family, the Baldwin brothers, managed to reach heights in Hollywood cinema? To answer this question, it is enough to follow the life and creative path of each of them.

Alek Baldwin

Alec Baldwin

The eldest and most famous brother of the glorious acting dynasty - Alec, was born in 1958. The guy successfully graduated from high school, showing notable success in school. Rejecting for some time the dream of an acting career, the young man went to George Washington University faculty of political science. Then Alec Baldwin was enrolled in New York University, where he attended classes in dramatic art.

Having gained experience on the university theater scene, the young artist decided to try his hand at cinema. His debut work was the participation in the Doctors multi-part television project (1980).

Alek had to wait 8 years for his first leading role. Thanks to a talented game in the series, he was noticed by the directors of the Beatlejus film. Despite the low marks that the tape received after the release, the film served as a good launching pad for the young Baldwin. Subsequently, he was lucky to take part in such rating projects as: “Mercury in Danger”, “Pearl Harbor”, “The Hunt for Red October”, “Aviator”, “Elizabethtown”. Throughout his career, Alec Baldwin alternated shooting with production, writing scripts and directing, which allowed him to gain fame as a diverse figure in cinema.

steven baldwin

Alec Baldwin's personal life

Once on the set, Baldwin Sr. had a chance to work in a duet with actress Kim Besinger. A hot romance broke out between the two, followed by all of Hollywood for over 3 years. This was followed by a long-awaited wedding. In 1995, the family had a daughter, Eliza.

Kim and Alec have been married for 9 years. Then the couple decided to leave. It is noteworthy that little Eliza suffered the most from a rupture, because the former spouses for several years could not solve the issue of guardianship over a minor child.

Alek and Dani Baldwin

Daniel Baldwin

Daniel was born in 1960. After graduating from high school he enrolled at Ball Sturt University. Thanks to attending numerous courses on improving acting skills and the help of his older brother, he managed to make his debut film. The first major role for him was to participate in the television project “Too good for truth”, which was launched in 1988. However, the debut in the series turned out to be somewhat blurred for Daniel. He failed to achieve the same popularity at the start of a career as his older brother.

Then Alec and Daniel Baldwin began to actively exchange experiences. The game of the younger brother has become more mastery. Such support from a relative later allowed him to get roles in the films “Harley Davidson and the Marlborough Cowboy”, “Vampires”, “Steal Candy”, “Mulholland's Rock”, and participate in other rather notable projects.

Drug problems

In the late 90s, Daniel was at the peak of his career. Drinking in popularity, the actor began to lead a somewhat riotous life. The artist was convicted of drug use and began to experience serious difficulties with the law. The Baldwin Brothers hired Daniel the best lawyers. The actor was able to limit the receipt of a conditional term. The court ordered him to refrain from taking cocaine. Daniel fulfilled his promise, led a sober life for a year, after which the case against him was closed.

william baldwin actor

Daniel Baldwin - Private Life

Unlike his brothers, Daniel enjoyed tremendous success with women. The actor was married three times. From the marital relationship with the first wife of Cheryl, the artist has a daughter - Cayley. Second wife Elizabeth gave him another daughter, who was named Alexander.

From 1995 to 2005, Baldwin met with young actress Isabella Hoffman. Subsequently, the couple had a son named Atticus.

In July 2007, Daniel married for the third time. His beloved became an ordinary girl Joann Smith. Today, the couple lives in New York, raising daughters Finley Ray and Evis Ann.

senior baldwyn brothers

William Baldwin

William was born in 1963.Like his older brother, he received a diploma from the University of George Washington. He studied political science. Despite his outstanding academic achievements, the guy turned out to be too “soft” to engage in public activities. After several failures I decided to say goodbye to politics forever.

Thanks to his attractive looks, William Baldwin attracted the attention of several designer clothing companies. Later he plunged into the world of modeling business.

In the early 90s, William decided to repeat the successes of the older brothers in the cinema. The young artist, but far from unknown, in secular circles, was fortunate enough to get a role in the thriller Komatozniki. Here, Baldwin shared the film set with stars such as Kiefer Sutherland, Julia Roberts and Kevin Bacon.

Another famous work of William in the cinema is the participation in the movie "reverse thrust". In this exciting action, the actor appeared on the screen along with Robert De Niro himself. This was followed by shooting in the film “Sliver”, for participation in which the artist received the MTV Movie Award in the nomination “The most desired man.”

In 2007, William Baldwin - an actor who has already managed to get recognition of his outstanding talent, starred in the TV series “Dirty, wet money.”

To date, the rest of the brothers have achieved more noticeable success in their acting career. William can not be called a real star of cinema. Therefore, the artist plans to continue to act in films until he reaches a high status.

Personal life and social activities

William is married to the famous American singer, China Phillips, with whom he became engaged in 1995. Currently, the darling of the actor no longer goes on stage, devoting all his free time to a loving husband and three children.

In New York, William owns the Alaia Restaurant. The actor donates a portion of the proceeds to the fight against cancer. It was from this disease that his mother suffered in her youth and managed to successfully get rid of a serious illness.

Baldwin acting dynasties

Stephen Baldwin

The younger brother from the famous dynasty of Hollywood film actors was born in 1966. From early childhood, Stephen Baldwin dreamed of a singer's career and had all the makings for it. However, he later joined the Academy of Dramatic Art and began to engage in theatrical activities.Upon graduation, he participated in television projects.

The debut work in the cinema for Stephen was the role in the movie "The Beast", which was released in 1988. Then came the pictures “8 seconds”, “Crash”, “Suspicious faces”, “Detachment”, where the actor was mostly given strict, courageous characters. During his career in cinema, Stephen Baldwin managed to take part in 57 films.

In 2001, after the terrorist attacks of September 11, the actor fell into a deep moral crisis. The tragedy affected the artist’s personality change. Stephen is no longer involved in the shooting. Instead, he organizes meetings with fans throughout the country, traveling with Christian lectures.

The younger Baldwin is married to Brazilian Kenny Deodato. Spouses have two daughters. Stephen writes poems and songs, enjoys car racing, billiards and parachuting.


As you can see, the brothers from the famous acting dynasty are extremely similar in appearance, but different in outlook. Almost all of them came to fame without help, thanks to hard work. And this is not surprising.

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