Bahrain: capital, flag, country information, sights, population and interesting facts

It is said that the unique treasury of the Middle East is located on the very place where the magnificent Kingdom of Bahrain, located on 33 islands, once lived, is considered the smallest Arab country. Its authorities are doing everything to attract the maximum number of tourists, they even proclaimed the slogan: "A tiny state, but very beautiful!" Yes, despite its small size, it has something to surprise travelers.

The name of one of the most mysterious places on earth translated from Arabic means "two seas". Researchers believe that the first is the Persian Gulf, and the second is underground reserves of fresh water.

Bahrain: area, population, capital, religion

The exotic corner, surrounded by coral reefs and sea sand, is located in South-West Asia, on the archipelago of the same name in the western part of the Persian Gulf.The total area of ​​the kingdom - 665 km2that is a quarter of the territory of Moscow. However, every year it grows through the creation of artificial land areas and becomes more integral, since the 33 islands that form a single space are connected by bridges and highways. The largest of them - Bahrain area of ​​48 kilometers. It is connected with the coast by a bulk dam 25 kilometers long.

Kingdom of Bahrain

Here live 1.3 million people. Most of the population of Bahrain (the description of the state will be presented in our article) are Arabs. In addition, immigrants from Iran, Pakistan and India, who do not have local citizenship, settled here.

The smallest administrative center in the world, whose population is only 157 thousand people, is located on the northeast coast of the largest island of Bahrain. Manama is an amazing city that has absorbed much of British culture and is the capital of Bahrain.

Islam is recognized as the state religion: it is professed by more than 80% of the country's population. In addition, Christians and followers of other faiths live in the kingdom.

Arabic is the official language of the dwarf state of Bahrain, which is ruled by the emir - his head.

Long-awaited independence

Despite its very modest size, Bahrain (detailed information about the country is presented later in the article), has long been known in the West and East. Conveniently located at the crossroads of the Persian Gulf trade routes, many European powers fought for this region for a long time. The last time the state gained independence from Britain was on August 15, 1971. At this time, Manama becomes the capital of Bahrain.

Flag of bahrain

The flag (we will tell about the sights of the kingdom in detail later) appears in the same year, although it was officially recognized only sixteen years ago. It is a red leaf with a white stripe, which is separated from the main shade by five teeth, symbolizing the 5 main pillars of Islam. Until 2002, there were eight.

"Holy Land"

For foreign tourists, information about the country of Bahrain is often limited to Formula 1 car racing. However, the history of the ancient state is really impressive. In desert areas with arid climate, traces of primitive man were found. According to archaeologists, the earliest of them are more than one hundred thousand years old. It is well established that BC Dilmun shopping center existed here.In ancient times it was called the "island of a thousand palm trees". A developed and powerful civilization still stirs the minds of scientists.

The findings of archeologists surprised the whole world, since the largest necropolis in the world was found on the territory of a modern country, consisting of 170 thousand tombs and burial mounds, which were hidden from people's eyes for two thousand years.

Despite the fact that there is very little rainfall in the kingdom, it is rich in flowering oases that are irrigated with life-giving moisture from the ground. It is no coincidence that in ancient times Bahrain was called the “Sacred Land” at the expense of an amazing gift of nature — sources of fresh water. And now it is produced from underground wells, since there are no natural reservoirs in the country.

New state revenue source

Tourists to the question of what Bahrain, immediately recall the huge oil fields, which is the main engine of the local economy. A state neighboring Saudi Arabia and Qatar has always been a symbol of wealth. In the 30s of the last century after the discovery of the resources of black gold, a new round in the development of the kingdom begins.

Until recently, the oil industry has played a huge role in the modern economy, but to date, the reserves of black gold have been almost exhausted, now Bahrain is buying imported raw materials. Now the oil flows through the pipeline from Saudi Arabia.

King Hamad ibn Isa Al Khalifa, concerned about the problem of budget replenishment, thought about additional sources. And one of them was tourism, the development of which in the country is paying close attention. Many cities in Bahrain are building luxury hotels that provide high-level services.

The natural features of a small archipelago and a developed transport infrastructure that allows you to get to the most distant point, contribute to the influx of new travelers.

The financial capital of the Persian Gulf

In spite of everything, a favorable economic climate prevails here, Europeans willingly invest in the country. There are no closed areas for them, foreign firms enjoy the same benefits as local companies.

Liberal policies, important strategic position and government measures to develop business,turned the kingdom into the financial capital of the Persian Gulf. And the stock exchange of the state is considered the largest in the Middle East.

Weather and climate of the kingdom

The territory of Bahrain, whose capital is charming Manama, is influenced by a tropical climate. Deserts are located in most parts of the country. As locals say, there are 360 ​​sunny and clear days in the country.

The period from the beginning of October to the end of March is considered the best time to rest in Bahrain. The weather on the islands will delight those who love to splash in the sea. The average summer temperature is 40aboutC, and in winter 17aboutC. However, at night it is rather cool here. It is worth considering that at a high, almost 100 percent humidity, the heat is transferred with difficulty.

In the high tourist season (the most comfortable time for rest) prices are much higher than at other times of the year.

Beach infrastructure heavenly place

Most of the tourists, hurrying to Bahrain (the description of the state is in the article), dream of a relaxed vacation on the local beaches, which are located in the coastal zone. Travelers with children mark a very convenient entrance to the sea. In addition, sun beds, changing cabins, umbrellas and showers are available everywhere.

To get to most beaches, you have to pay. And for those that belong to hotels, the entrance to tourists who are not living in them is prohibited. This is a comfortable recreation area with a developed infrastructure. On each beach there are restaurants and cafes where you can try national dishes, sports and children's playgrounds and even diving schools, which are incredibly popular in Bahrain.

Which country is the capital of Manama?

The name of the administrative center, located in the northern part of the state, translates as "city of dreams." The main economic center of the kingdom is an amazing town, in which a large number of historical monuments are concentrated. It reflects the culture of Britain, and even the numbering of the floors of residential buildings begins with the second, according to English tradition.

The capital of Bahrain, Manama is considered the most popular resort among tourists. Focused on both young people and families with children, it provides guests with a large selection of entertainment for every taste and budget. Vigorously developing with the beginning of the oil boom, the main pearl of the dwarf state is rich in architectural landmarks.

Important historical monument

The symbol of the capital is recognized fort (fortress) Qalat al-Bahrain, built by city dwellers. Under it, archaeological excavations have been conducted for a long time, since it is believed that the Dilmun shopping center once referred to in Sumerian epics once existed on this territory. An artificial hill, protected by UNESCO, is made up of cultural layers that are superimposed on each other. At its summit was the Portuguese fort, in whose honor he received his name.

Bahrain Ancient Fort

The importance of the historical monument is attached to the fact that most of the peoples who contributed to the construction have disappeared from the face of the earth, and only in a few lines in the annals are there any references to them. The findings of scientists are the most important artifacts, allowing to learn a lot about the life, life and culture of the inhabitants of ancient civilizations.

Modern shopping center

And the hallmark of the modern capital of the country, Bahrain, is the huge Bahrain World Trade Center, whose two silver towers resemble a sail swollen from the wind. The legendary building, equipped with wind turbines, is famous for its panoramic elevators, rising in which you can admire the administrative center from a bird's-eye view.Illuminated by multicolored spotlights in the dark, the skyscraper is an amazing sight.

Shopping center

Religious landmark

In the capital of Bahrain is one of the largest mosques in the world of Al-Fateh, accommodating up to seven thousand believers. She never ceases to admire luxury and beauty. Built at the end of the last century, it represents a whole complex, consisting not only of a religious building, but also a national library, open to all tourists. The main dome of the landmark, which weighs 60 tons, is made of fiberglass.

You can not get around their attention and the Koran Museum, entirely dedicated to Islam. The exhibition will introduce the first printed editions of the holy book of the Muslims, with some copies dated to the 7th century.

Miraculous sights

A curious natural attraction is Mount Jebel al-Dukhan. Near the highest point of the capital of Bahrain, 120 meters high, there grows a "tree of life" - a mesquite tree, which is at least 400 years old. For several centuries, residents have been wondering where it comes from, because the soil here is completely devoid of moisture.The green landmark is guarded by the police, as most tourists try to tear off the bark or scratch their name on the trunk. It is believed that this is the last tree of Eden, which has a very powerful root system that extends to underground water sources.

A tree that is over 400 years old

Travelers from all over the world come here to get a powerful energy boost.

Necropolis of Bahrain

In the northern part of the ancient state is a religious and historical monument, which occupies a vast territory. The appearance of a large number of necropolises by experts dates back to the 4th century BC. Archaeologists have discovered the burials of Sumerian inhabitants, and some of the tombs, which were previously settled, remained empty. Bulk mounds above the graves have different heights and differ in size. In the tombs for the nobility there are two levels, closed cells, made of stone, are located one above the other.

Necropolis of Bahrain

Fascinating travels around Bahrain cannot be imagined without visiting ancient necropolises scattered in the north of the country.

Interesting museums

Even those tourists who came only to soak up the magnificent beaches, celebrate the amazing beauty of a small country and do not ignore the cultural program.

The ancient Greek chroniclers can be found mentioning that pearl fishing flourished in Bahrain. Before the discovery of oil, the country survived only thanks to him. Brave catchers mined the best pearls in the world, which were notable for their amazing brilliance. Even now they are sold for a fabulous price. The authorities of the country prohibit the cultivation of artificial pearls, so the precious minerals of natural origin are estimated at several tens of thousands of dollars.

Not surprisingly, an unusual pearl museum has appeared in the capital of Bahrain, Manama, where visitors can get acquainted with the equipment that was used for underwater mining. Here you can find expositions with the most unusual varieties of gemstone of animal origin, and everyone will be able to purchase exclusive jewelry at the store.

In addition, there is another museum, built on the site of the first oil well, opened in 1932. Guests from all over the world are happy to see interesting samples of equipment for the extraction and processing of black gold. The most interesting exhibit is a working model of an oil platform.

Old Muharraq

Another big city of the dwarf state is Muharraq, famous for its ancient quarter with traditional Arab houses. Here is the architectural monument of the XIX century - the residence of the royal family, where you can get a complete picture of the life of the family of rulers.

Tourists never bypass the museum, created to preserve the ancient art of local needlewomen - embroidery with gold thread. The beautiful building houses a cultural center that helps talented artisans to sell finished products.

Interesting Facts

Water pipes run sea water, subjected to desalination. It is not suitable for drinking and is used only for technical needs. Residents buy water, which is more expensive than gasoline, in regular stores.

In a small country, there is a shortage of land, and new quarters are being built on plots that were hardly recaptured from the sea.

Over five thousand years on the "island of thousands of palm trees" have been replaced by more than 125 generations, and now graves are a characteristic feature of the local landscape. There are approximately 12 million of them, and, as scientists say, Bahrain has turned into a giant cemetery.Surprisingly, close to the luxurious mansions, which surprise the capital of the state of Bahrain, grave hills side by side.

Here is the track located in the heart of the Sakhir desert and used for Formula 1, and all fans of the car race are sure to go there on a tour. Those interested will be able to drive off-road in huge jeeps, which will appeal to all lovers of adrenaline.

Fans of tickling nerves come here to try their hand at skydiving. The place, which is called Gravity, is a huge closed wind tunnel in which everyone can fly. Brave air explorers receive a special diploma, which says what skills they gained. Professional instructors teach not only adults, but also small children.

Despite the fact that this is not a cheap country, there are no taxes, and all the fashion stores located in modern shopping centers are a huge duty free. Shopaholics from around the world rush here to enjoy shopping.

Important Travel Tips

Tourists who are going to rest in a heavenly place, where Bahrain is located, will be interested to learn that the crime rate in the kingdom is very low.There are harsh laws that no one wants to break. However, theft is rarely encountered, and this most often comes from Central Asian countries.

Unlike other Islamic countries, the sale of alcohol is permitted in the state, but its cost is quite high. Drinking alcohol in public places is strictly prohibited. In addition, there are nightclubs here, in which foreign tourists ignite until morning.

In Bahrain, it is forbidden to photograph palaces, administrative buildings and, of course, military facilities. Before removing the locals, you will have to ask their permission. And most often the population responds with a categorical refusal.

Tourist paradise

In our article we talked in detail about the island nation located on the archipelago of the same name in the Persian Gulf - Bahrain. The capital of which state is Manama, we also found out.

As tourists who have visited a fabulously beautiful country admit, it enchants and falls in love with itself at first sight. Hospitable and open locals confidently look to the future, but do not forget about their rich past.This is one of the most beautiful places on our planet that you should definitely visit.

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