Bag-case for newborns with their own hands

The current list of dowry for the future baby has become longer and more diverse. In addition to the crib, stroller, bedding, it is useful to carry a bag for newborns. It can be used from the first days of a child’s life.

Accessories for baby strollers and not only

Now such carriers are included in the set of transforming wheelchairs. Capacity with two or three handles and a hood - this is how a children's carrying bag looks. ForBag carrying for newbornsNewborns and parents is another way to transport a baby. You can meet the little one from the maternity hospital, it is convenient to carry the child for a walk from the upper floor, if there is no elevator, to get to the desired office in the clinic.

These bags are of two types. The first have a frame and a hard bottom. The latter are cradles. They are more closed, and therefore warm, and therefore more suitable for very young children. Usually there are two short handles to carry the bag on the outstretched hand.One or two long handles are used when transporting on the shoulder. A baby carrier bag will not slip from the shoulder if the handles have a special hook and loop fastener.

Bag Types

There are many options for such transports. The differences are mainly in size and functionality. Hood useful in the rain and as protection from the sun. Some models are equipped with a removable hood or do not have it at all. Winter options should be more spacious with high sides, as the child will be warmly dressed or wrapped in a blanket. In any case, the outer part should be of waterproof material, and the inner one - of natural types of fabric, soft and pleasant to the touch. Ideally, if the inner cover is removed, which makes it possible to wash it at any time. The lifetime of the bags is very short.Baby bag carrying for newborns

A used baby bag for newborns will do as well. Photos of options for things you need to carefully study before buying. If the intended model is to be placed in a stroller, the inside of the bed should be measured last. Well, if the stroller and carrying one model and brand.

Choose the best option

First of all, you need to decide how often the bag will be used for newborns. If it is required only for a carriage, then its weight does not play a big role. If there are coming long hikes or, for example, air travel, then the parameters of the bag play a crucial role. It is desirable that its weight does not exceed 2 kg. Basically bags are designed for children weighing up to 8 kg. Mom will be comfortable to put the baby, if the upper part is completely unfastened. It is important to check the quality and functionality of the zipper, the strength of the fabric and the bottom, the reliability of fastening the handles. Comes with a mosquito net. It is better that it is attached and it does not need to be held in the gusts of wind. In addition, a mattress and a pillow can be offered. Usually, a hard bottom of the bottom is covered with foam rubber, and the pillow is not recommended for the newborn. Therefore, such additions only increase the already considerable cost of carrying. If necessary and desired, for the comfort and coziness of the baby, such a set can be made by mom.

We sew a bag by yourself

With the possession of small skills and basic knowledge in cutting and sewing, a carrying bag for newborns with your own hands may well turn out.The difference between the summer and winter options is the density of the materials used and the size of the cradle itself. The fabric for summer is chosen more easily. In winter, the child should fit in a blanket or other warm clothing.Bag carrying for newborns with their own handsFabric for the inside and outside is better to take different in color and texture. For the winter version, a synthetic winterizer is required as a layer. For the summer enough non-woven. The box consists of two side parts, bottom and top. For the bottom you can buy a piece of fabric, quilted with padding polyester. The bottom of the bottom can be made of dense non-marking fabric. Between them, you need a pocket to insert a piece of fiberboard to give shape and rigidity. The top cover is attached with a detachable zipper. As handles, you can use a strong girdle. The side parts, where the child’s head will be, need to be glued with dense non-woven fabric. The upper part is going to the gum (as in the children's hood). All seams should be made with high quality, durable thread.

We try other ways

But a baby carrier bag is not the only way to transport a baby.There are "kangaroo" backpacks, which suggest several different options for carrying a child. But they are not suitable for babies with low weight and are not very comfortable for a sleeping toddler. Although some of them suggest horizontal arrangement of the newborn during sleep.Bag carrier for newborns photos

The most popular slings. In them, the weight of the baby is distributed evenly, protecting the mother's back. You can feed the child without hesitating prying eyes. Such a knitted scarf because of the stretching material firmly and securely presses the child to the mother. It is especially practical for walking. The disadvantage is not very convenient to use it in winter.

Another new design - hearsite. This is a wide and tight velcro belt for mom, a special seat for the baby. In some models there is a back with a wide safety belt and a clasp-carabiner. But you can carry those children who sit confidently.

Pros and cons of children's accessories

Of course, the carrying is very convenient. Especially in winter, when there is a lot of snow on the street, the ice and the wheelchair move with difficulty. The bag for babies is not allowed in the car.Bag baby carrier reviews

Reviews about it are not only positive.Despite all the advantages, each type of bags has its negative sides. There is a danger, carrying the cradle on the outstretched hand, to hit it against the curb or corner. Taking awkwardly with only one handle, you can drop the baby. If the bag with the baby hangs on the shoulder, for control it is necessary to hang the short handles on the bent arm.

When traveling by car, use the autololl. It is securely attached to the seat, and the baby - to her.

The birth of a baby is happiness, which, in one way or another, is associated with material costs. Do not spare money to ensure your child a safe life.

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