Baby strollers Esperanza: review of models, reviews

It is still difficult to name children's transport from this Polish brand a hit of sales. Many modern parents have already managed to catch the fancy, but you can buy them in many stores only by order.

True, there is a positive point in this: choosing such a children's transport, you do not run the risk of seeing a lot of people with the same wheelchairs on walks every day. For many moms it is important, because the beautiful stroller will surely always be the center of attention.

Manufacturer Information

Today in Poland there are many factories for the production of wonderful products for kids. Prices for products can not but rejoice, but the quality is constantly increasing.

In the conditions of great competition, many brands pay great attention to the search for new solutions, improvement of mechanisms, style.

esperanza stroller

The Esperanza company launched its products to the international market relatively recently, but managed to acquire loyal fans. In any case, the Esperanza baby strollers receive more and more rave reviews every year.


An attentive buyer, looking at a lot of colorful pictures, may not even notice that there are only three models! It seems as if there are many more.

The fact is that until recently, the company produced only two strollers, "Classic" and "Victoria", but regularly pleased the fans with exclusive series. All changes concerned exclusively design.

The manufacturer has made a bet that the quality should be high and the convenience unconditional. New developments have not been conducted for several years. But so that the buyer does not get bored, the brand annually comes up with a bunch of designer chips, releasing familiar models with a frame painted in the most unexpected colors, decorated with exclusive textiles, decorated with rhinestones and magnificent luxury embroidery. However, from a technical point of view, these are all the same Classic and Victoria.

Features wheelchairs

Both models are built on an X-shaped chassis. Powerful belt shock absorbers allow you to walk on any road without any problems. The buyer can choose the size and color of the wheels, the type of cradle, the walking unit. A car seat is also offered, and it can be sold either separately or as part of a 3 in 1 stroller configuration.

Externally, the cradles are different.The Victoria has a slightly different cap, and the protective case has a side that protects against the wind. However, there are many more similarities than differences.

Both cradles are equipped with runners, because they can be used separately from the chassis as a cradle. Provided insulation. The most convenient option for the Russian winter, by the way!

The weight of the wheelchairs is relatively small - about 13 kg (depending on the chosen configuration).

Cozy collection "Cashmere"

stroller esperanza classic

Let's talk about some of the latest exclusive series. The strollers of Esperanza Kasheymere have some special charm. In the reviews, many say that they look very cozy and reliable.

The outer covers are made of delicate fabric, which includes natural cashmere. All textiles are impregnated with a special agent with stain-resistant properties.

The buyer can choose one of several quiet shades or give preference to the checkered pattern specially developed for this collection. The inner cradle is finished with hypo-allergenic cotton. In cashmere performance, you can find both flagship models.

Stylish series Raffaello - the choice of residents of the metropolis

Especially for this series 4 types of textiles were developed.The manufacturer positions the "Raffaello" as a stylish stroller for the modern city. It is not by chance that it is decorated with images of architectural monuments and stylish City embroidery. Patterns for walking blocks of a completely different color, so it seems that you have two different strollers.

esperanza stroller

The chassis for this collection is also available in four colors. Wheels are large, with the ability to swap.

Despite the impressive appearance and quite spacious modules, the weight of the stroller is small - only 12 kg (cradle with chassis).

Leatherette - luxury strollers in eco-leather

If the word Esperanza is written on the wheelchair, then all its covers are completely sewn from a wonderful eco-leather.

Today, many manufacturers of wheelchairs widely use this material. As an example, we mention such brands as Emmaljunga, Teutonia, Hesba, Inglesina. But do not forget that the price level for the products of these manufacturers is quite high.

And the Esperanza strollers in the eco-leather, although they look luxurious, but their cost is beyond the clouds.

The sparkling Le Straz series

This small series also deserves attention. It includes only a few variants of models of the stroller Esperanza Classic. White eco-leather used for sewing covers.The special charm of the model is due to an exclusive appliqué made of glass rhinestones.

3 in 1 strollers

There are several variants of patterns, 2 types of chassis (white and chrome-plated), equipment with and without a car seat.

Exclusive Classic Crown and Classic Kareta Series

These collections are similar. Both are exclusive models based on the "Classics". The “Crown” series is distinguished by the execution of a bassinet in white or black leather, a bright pink chassis and an embroidered royal crown.

stroller esperanza lotus

The design of the “Carriage” is more restrained: the chassis is black and the covers can be white, black or beige. A large embroidered carriage adorns the carriage, as if from a fairy tale.

In both cases, the buyer chooses a complete set of 2 in 1 or 3 in 1.

Addition to the family

In 2017, the novelty that many were waiting for - the Esperanza Lotus stroller was released. She has a huge hood, a spacious cradle and a comfortable walking seat. Outwardly, all modules are similar to those that were before. But the style of the "Lotus" seems much more sporty.

strollers 2 in 1 esperanza

Simultaneously with the updated cradle, a new chassis was presented. It was named Sport, thanks to a bold dynamic design. The chassis is compatible with the cradles and walking blocks of all models.

Car seat

This module can be used separately from the chassis, and not only in the car. The chair is perfect as a deckchair. It will be convenient for the baby to watch his mom, who does housework, or doze off on the balcony, the veranda, in the garden.

There is a carrying handle, liner for the newborn, a small hood.


Parents who do not have a car, more often choose the stroller Esperanza 2 in 1 without a car seat. If necessary, it can be purchased. True, it is designed for very young children and has a group of 0+.

The set includes a shopping bag, a basket in the form of a lattice with a side, a rain cover, insulated covers on the cradle and walking blocks.


Along with enthusiastic descriptions of the design, there are positive reviews about the price. On average, the wheelchair will cost 30-45 thousand rubles. Models from exclusive series are more expensive than basic ones. By the way, 3 in 1 strollers are only slightly more expensive than those that consist of two modules.

Some have complaints about the shopping basket. It is roomy, but everyone likes its open structure. Shopping can get dusty. True, this can be easily managed with the help of the purchased organizer.

baby carriage esperanza

A bag for children's clothes is also not for everyone.Some say that it gets raindrops and snowflakes if you walk in bad weather.

Models on the X-shaped chassis do not have swivel wheels. But it happens almost always, there are very few exceptions (for example, the Portuguese Bebecar on the Stilo AT chassis). If you like the Esperanza stroller, but you prefer maneuverable swivel wheels, it makes sense to choose a model on the “Sport” chassis.

But much more informative than the set of 3s can be a test drive. If there is a store in your city that sells children's transport from Esperanza, try to look at your favorite model before you buy it.

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