Austria, day 1-2: visiting Bavaria

The choice of the next post for publication in my case is almost always muddled: I do not differ in efficiency, and I don’t need it. But this time, the choice of fasting will be dictated by my desire to admit that, having traveled half the world and visited four continents, I finally fell in love with Europe, although I had previously considered this region to be very commonplace for travel. I did not see anything beautiful in Rome, Paris, Berlin, I was turned back by these trashed routes. How nice that inconstancy is the most permanent thing in the world! And only my short-sightedness could not make me understand that each part of the world is unique in its own way. But now I’m more of a soul to Europe.
In general, having felt a surge of inspiration, I decided to tell you about my trip to Austria, which later touched other countries. Looking ahead, I am pleased to note that this was one of the best trips, in many respects it was the merit of excellent companions, who from the very beginning gave a positive emotional background to the whole trip, and this says a lot. Therefore, the presentation will go easy and relaxed :-)
So, if you suddenly decided to take a ride around Austria by car, then you might be interested in this post. Go!

It turned out that I always travel with different people, there are a lot of reasons for this: it’s difficult to reconcile vacations, someone doesn’t entice the format of travel, someone simply cannot for other reasons. The fact remains: I always manage to assemble a team in record time. There were, of course, frankly unsuccessful travels, when my companions, apparently, did not understand at all why they went at all — their goals were so different. Two heroines of this Austrian trip, Katya and Vasilisa, will decorate this series of posts :-)
1. The first day began with the fact that we went behind the car. For a long time, the broker did not want to give me a car, because he was horrified to see my trip plan, and did not trust my so young age. One way or another, the differences were resolved, and we set off. The first day I remember little, typical European landscapes. I understood that as soon as we see the Alps, everything will change

2. Before some landscapes, we could not resist and, inspired, got out of the car to capture this beauty on cameras.The mind understood that with each passing day the landscapes would become more and more beautiful.

3. Our path lay through Salzburg to Bavaria, namely to the lakes Königssee and Obersee - some kind of Bavarian pearls. It has long been heard that there are many natural lakes in Europe, but specifically these can give many lakes a head start. It's time to see for yourself. We spent the night in the main parking lot near the Königssee - it is difficult to make a mistake, because the road ends there - further movement of cars to the lakes and along them is strictly prohibited (this way their pollution can be avoided). Parking for all the time costs 4 euros. By the way, the next morning the girls did not begin to open my brain, complaining that they were uncomfortable to sleep. Good call, it certainly made me happy: it means you can go exploring with them :-) We took the first ferry, and in the meantime, the parking lot has already started to be filled with tourist buses and other travelers

4. The morning greeted us with fog, but by the specific style of the houses it was possible to understand that we are in the most authentic Bavaria. Here they sold Bavarian sausages, beer flowed like water, and women in national costumes smiled at us affably.

five.We breathed fresh air and smiled, because from this moment our journey began, and it was precisely for this that we drove. On the ferry, the assistant captain in every way entertained the public, playing the trumpet, and the echo, to the delight of tourists, repeatedly responded in this piece of paradise

6. I settled down more comfortable, listened to the sounds of nature, broke into a smile and for a moment felt that I was a free man. I want these moments to last forever. My beautiful friends also felt this and did not hide their delight. This is what I love when traveling with a company - when we look at the travel format in the same way, when the emotional background is off scale

7. Swim up to the first stop. By the way, there are several options for "navigation" - either swim to the church, or to the lake Obersee, which is somewhat more expensive, but, in my opinion, much more beautiful. We took a ticket to the Obersee and never regretted it.
Meanwhile, the sun began to break through the clouds, and gave us some of the best landscapes I have ever seen.

8. In 20 minutes we disembark and our walk is waiting for the Obersee. A small paromchik, not hesitating, swam back

9.The great advantage of the fact that we sailed the first ferry was that there was no one else here except for our group. This allowed me to fully enjoy the atmosphere of calm and comfort. Birds chirped, ducks steadily cut through the water, foliage rustled, and all this made it possible to feel intimacy with nature - something I miss so much while in Moscow

10. I did not want to hurry anywhere, but something told me that such an idyll would not last forever ..


12 Katya

13. Finally, we came to the lake Obersee. It became especially famous after this small house was built here - a mini pier for boats, which looks very picturesque against the background of nature.

14. And we just could not help but take a picture on its background :-) In the background you can see a waterfall - a place, in general, very cool, nature lovers are highly recommended

15. Soon the irreparable happened: crowds of tourists began to go to the house, disturbing the rest with roars and shouts

16. Farewell frame of the lake - and you can go back before this cacophony has not had time to act on the nerves.

17. Visibility began to improve, and we had no doubt that the weather would be good that day, even though it is completely unpredictable in the mountains.


19. Further, our path lay to the border of the two lands of Austria-Upper Austria and Salzburg, where the beautiful Lake Wolfgangsee was located. But we did not come here for this: the top of the mountain Shafberg awaited us. The railway leads to it, and tourist trains are no different from the Hogwarts Express. Fun thundering with unlubricated parts, the engine slowly, but surely, drove us to the top of the mountain. The final stop looks like this:

20. The height of the mountain is 1782 meters, and at the top it became noticeably cooler. But what a view!

21. Made a la Ruferskuyu photo. Because of the strong wind, it was rather uncomfortable to sit on the edge :)

22. View towards the lakes Mondsee and Attersee

23. It is forbidden to approach this place, which is why several dozens of European tourists looked reproachfully after us as we climbed over the fence. The Europeans, of course, are very law-abiding people, for them such “miscarriages” are unacceptable

24. The Catcher in the Rye :-)

25. At the very top of the mountain, as befits a tourist attraction, there are cafes, souvenir shops, toilets, and even a point with Wi-Fi (which did not work)

26. But on this inspection of the mountains and the views that opened from it did not end, and we went to study the western tip

27. A winding and very dangerous path led to the cross.As it turned out, it was erected in memory of parachutists who crashed while jumping from a mountain. And there were a lot of fatalities recorded here — a strong unpredictable wind made the flight much more difficult.

28. Comfortable shoes just came in handy. Steep descent and lack of fences forced to be alert

29. Having seen how the parachutist soared over me, I ran upstairs, headlong, for which I almost paid - slipped and almost flew head over heels

30. To catch one parachutist still managed. He waited a long time until the wind took the right direction for him, and finally decided

31. I believe i can fly ..

32. Tired but satisfied, we went to the city of Ramseiden, where we managed to book the last available room. In summer, the prices for rooms are reduced due to the outflow of tourists, because the peak of tourism falls in winter, when the ski season opens. On the way to the city I was drummed by heavy rain, which subsequently gave us a double rainbow.

33. It was coming to a close

34. There is nothing more touching than Alpine cows :-) Cows with characteristic bells around their necks are an irreplaceable alpine attribute :)

35. Finally, we arrived in Ramshayden, where I stayed overnight in the car,and the ladies went to a room-to the convenience and benefits of civilization :-) And I parked near the stream and soon fell asleep, looking at the starry sky and listening to the pleasant background compositions of Carbon Based Lifeforms. I was sure that the following days are also guaranteed pleasure. We still did not know that, along with this, difficult tests would await us.

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