Audi Q3: photos, specifications, car features and reviews of owners

In 2011, the German company Audi in the Shanghai Motor Show introduced a new model of the crossover. She received in the title index Q3. The compact car immediately attracted the attention of experts and buyers and became a bestseller. Note that this crossover, although it was “the youngest” in the line, was able to compete with other popular German brands. A little later, the manufacturer decided to upgrade it. The new model “Audi Q3” after easy restyling went on sale in 2014. Only true connoisseurs will be able to distinguish it from the previous generation. Let's understand together what changes the crossover has undergone.

audi q3 new model


Small changes affected the body design. The restyled version of the Audi Q3 acquired aggressive notes in appearance.Looks pretty impressive hood, which was transformed by pronounced ribs. They are located almost on the sides - the lines run from the middle of the headlights to the front struts. The grille was quite expressive. It is very big, so it is simply impossible not to notice it. Trapezoidal lattice shape. Showy gives it a wide chrome frame. On the upper side faces, it expands so that the transition to the headlights is smooth. The company's logo is emblazoned on it - four interlaced rings. LED head optics. Headlights are narrow, on the general background, they look quite small. The size of the bumper is also quite impressive. On the sides of the manufacturer brought massive air intakes.

In appearance, the Audi Q3 crossover can be said that the designers wanted to bring it as close as possible to the SUV segment. This is indicated by a rather bloated overall wheel arches. In profile, the car looks spectacular, thanks to the stamping, located closer to the bottom. Also complement the design chrome edging windows and roof rails.

The back of the car attracts attention not less than the front.Originally originally look triangular headlights. They extend across the trunk lid. A rather massive spoiler is installed above the window, on which there is a repeater of the stop signal. Trunk handle combined with vyshtampovka. In comparison with the front rear bumper is not so wide. Designers decorated it with narrow oblong reflectors. Here is the reverse signal. Double nozzle left on the left side.

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In the reviews, the owners of Audi Q3 all, without exception, agreed that the car was presented in an aggressive style. He clearly stands out in the urban traffic. But the positive impression was influenced not only by the stylish design. The main thing is that it is combined with the dimensions of the body. And they correspond to the following figures:

  • wheelbase - 2.6 m;
  • length - 4388 mm;
  • width - 1831 mm;
  • height - 1590 mm.

And now the most important thing that all domestic drivers have estimated is the amount of ground clearance. Thanks to him, the car can overcome various obstacles on the road. 170 mm clearance will be enough to seamlessly pass through the dirt road or rocky terrain.


Well, the exterior features have already been presented, it's time to start exploring the cabin. In the "Audi Q3" (see photo below) sports seats are installed. They are equipped with lateral support. Leather upholstery is electrically adjustable and heated. On the back row there is a sofa on which three people can comfortably sleep. It is equipped with a folding armrest. An adult in the back row will be comfortable and spacious. In the reviews, the owners believe that the salon turned out practical and ergonomic.

audi q3 specifications

Speaking of the center console, it is worth noting that its design has caused twofold feelings. There are drivers who consider it rather boring. However, it has a display that allows you to control the multimedia and navigation systems. Here you can see air deflectors. The control unit for security, climate control system and other options is located under these holes.

I really liked the steering wheel drivers. Leather trim was chosen for it. Three-spoke insert facilitates handling. Also in the reviews said about the convenience of the location of instruments and on-board computer.

Describing the interior, one can not say about the luggage compartment.Its volume in comparison with its predecessor remained unchanged - 460 l. However, it can be almost doubled by folding the back of the rear seat.

audi q3 reviews

Petrol engines

Let's examine the technical specifications of the Audi Q3. It is worth noting that the manufacturer does not save on equipping their models. The lineup includes many different engines. Some of them run on gasoline, the rest on diesel. The Germans, however, as usual, always rely on innovative technologies and high-quality materials. And we say that this is a win-win solution. So, let's first consider the range of gasoline engines.

  • "Younger" is the turbocharged powerplant of 1.4 liters. Implemented direct injection system. For the development of maximum power, which is 150 liters. with., the engine gives 5000 rpm. Squeezing the gas pedal, you can reach a speed of 204 km / h. This is the highest limit. Starting off, dial "weave" on the speedometer will turn out after 9 seconds. A vehicle with such a complete set consumes about 6 liters of fuel when traveling within the city.
  • The second power will be the installation of 2 liters.She is already able to develop a power draft of 180 liters. from. In this modification, the owner of the crossover is offered the best features. The maximum speed increased to 217 km / h. The acceleration time was also reduced to 7.6 seconds. But as an economy, this engine is more expensive - consumption will be approximately 7 liters in the city.
  • And the last unit is a bit more powerful than the previous one. Accordingly, this is reflected in the power. She became more than 40 liters. from. The first 100 km / h can be dialed in 6.4 seconds. And the maximum mark on the speedometer is 233 km / h.
Audi q3 Specs

Diesel engines

Continuing to describe the technical characteristics of the "Audi Q3", it is necessary to acquaint motorists with a line of diesel engines. There are only three in the model range. True, only one version will be available to Russian buyers. In it the unit on two liters is established. With him, the car develops power in 184 liters. from. You can accelerate to 100 km / h in 8 seconds. Diesel consumption in the city will be about 6 liters. When traveling on the highway, the costs will be reduced to 4.5 liters. The maximum speed is 219 km / h.

Transmission and suspension

"Audi Q3" is completed with several types of transmission.Most of the engines described above are paired with the S Tronic “robot” for six or seven speeds. It is also possible to choose a manual transmission with 6 steps.

As for the suspension, in the front of the “MacPherson” is implemented, but for the rear multi-link is used. According to reviews, the car in the management is quite easy. Well obeys steering, suspension provide a smooth ride.

audi q3 owner reviews


"Audi Q3" in the salons offered in three trim levels. The first - the base with an approximate price tag of 1.9 million rubles will have a fabric trim, pressure sensor wheels, rain, light, standard audio system, heated seats and other options.

The Design package is practically the same as the base package (several options have been added). The cost of it will start from a mark of 2.075 million rubles. Also has a modification of Sport. It will install car parking systems, control of blind spots, multimedia MMI and audio BOSE for an additional charge. Also available sunroof, electric luggage cover, LED optics.

Audi Q3: reviews on the S line package

Drivers who prefer to stand out from the crowd, installed the package S line.Reviews of this modification are only positive. The car has acquired a sporty character, expressive interior. Owners also emphasize that the aerodynamic properties are significantly improved due to the special suspension settings.

Sports style is also seen in the external design. To achieve this result was obtained through the use of side grille and change the shape of the bumper.

No drivers were left indifferent and alloy wheels in the form of five parallel spokes. The upholstery is made of high-quality leather, quite pleasant to the touch. It is harmoniously combined with Sprint fabric and frosted aluminum inserts. In a word, all drivers consider such a design to be stylish and effective.

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