ATV CF MOTO: types, models, features and reviews of owners

Stylish, bright and comfortable ATV CF MOTO - this is a great unit for movement on any off-road. The modification easily overcomes the snow-covered areas, mud areas and sandy obstacles. The all-terrain vehicle is equipped with a double seat, a practical motor, has an extended wheelbase, which guarantees stability and safety when driving at top speed.

quad bike cf moto

Features of the series under consideration

The Chinese CF MOTO quad bike is not similar to similar SUVs. It is not copied from famous European or American models, but is made in the original assembly. Serial production of equipment from this brand began in 2006.

The popularity of the ATV is due to its constant improvement, uniqueness, affordable price, high parameters of maneuverability and economy. There are several major modifications, designed for sports or leisure travel on the road.The technique has proven its endurance and stability on numerous tests.

ATV Modifications

The CF MOTO ATV is available in several variations. Lightweight and maneuverable models are suitable for fans of extreme sports and racing, and more spacious cars are preferable for hunting, researching difficult terrain. Among the main modifications are two types:

  • utilitarian option;
  • sports SUV.

All-terrain vehicles of the first type are spacious, have a high cross-country ability, and are suitable for individual use. Sports options are designed for competitive and extreme driving, equipped with additional safety features, have less weight. In addition, the manufacturer has provided a model for beginners extremes. They are easier to manage, but no less reliable and active.

quad cf moto 500

Quad bike CF MOTO 500: technical specifications

The list below lists the main parameters of the considered all-terrain vehicle:

  • The power plant is a four-stroke engine with one cylinder (two twin valves).
  • The working volume is four hundred ninety-three cubic centimeters.
  • Power - thirty-two horsepower.
  • The limiting torque factor is 36 H / m / at five and a half thousand rotations per minute.
  • Engine power - carburetor type.
  • Ignition - electronic controller, transistor system with a computer organizer.
  • Starter - mechanical manual and electric version.
  • Gear shift - gearbox with a CVT.
  • Suspension assembly - transverse, lever, U-shaped, independent.
  • Front brakes - disc steam rooms.
  • Rear brakes - with one disc.
  • The transmission part is an automatic downshift system with a variator. Operates in 2/4 WD mode with differential lock.
  • Dimensions in length - 2.32 meters.
  • Width - 1.17 m.
  • Height - 1.23 m.
  • Total weight - 0.32 tons.
  • Estimated cost - from two hundred fifty thousand rubles for a new modification.

Spare parts for CF MOTO ATVs can be found without problems in the domestic market. Given the wide dealer network, maintenance, maintenance, and repair of this equipment will not require excessive investment of time and money.

The advantages of utility models

The CF MOTO quad bike in a versatile version has gained great popularity in the domestic market.This is due to a number of advantages that are inherent in this model:

  • excellent power unit that meets the highest requirements and passes several levels of testing at the assembly stage;
  • energy-intensive suspension with a decent power reserve;
  • high passability on all kinds of off-road;
  • the presence of an elongated base, increasing the throughput and carrying capacity of equipment.

In addition, the prevailing advantage that the CF MOTO x5 ATV has is an optimal price-performance ratio.

quad cf moto reviews

Overview of the popular model

The main criteria when choosing a non-standard SUV is its ability to cross sand, mud, snow drifts. This “good” in the domestic expanses enough. The CF MOTO 500 ATV fits perfectly in all aspects of selection. He is capable of areas where a regular jeep will simply get stuck. It should be borne in mind that most of the development of four-wheeled motorcycles of this brand is focused on the harsh climate and instability of the soil.

The developers have equipped the five hundredth model with an eight hundred cubic centimeter motor, energy-intensive suspension, reliable brakes,comfortable seat and control. It is easy to accelerate the Chinese SUV over a hundred kilometers per hour.

quad bike cf moto x5

ATV CF MOTO: owner reviews

Buyers who have in their possession of this technique, speak about it mainly in a positive way. Among the shortcomings, consumers note the following points:

  • not too reliable bottom protection;
  • high prices for original spare parts;
  • Not all consumers are satisfied with the engine power and luggage compartment volume.

Objectively, the benefits are much greater. These include good maneuverability, power, economy, ease of maintenance, reliability and comfort.

You can buy an all-terrain vehicle at authorized points, as well as through online stores. Consumables are also available, both for the first modifications, and for the latest developments.


The CF MOTO quad bike is definitely one of the best representatives in its class. Firstly, it is economical, original, has a unique exterior. Secondly, the equipment passed a series of tests confirming its ability to overcome off-road and comfortable movement.In addition, the all-terrain vehicle is available in several variations, from which you can choose a model for entertainment, sports or a narrow specialization, where you need to move through the swamps, snow or sand.

 spare parts for atv cf moto

We should also note the uniqueness of the vehicle. It is not a copy of similar copies, but is made on the original development of Chinese designers. The unit is designed for the most stringent operating conditions. However, this does not mean that it does not require regular maintenance, preventive and maintenance, however, like any equipment.

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