Asus M4A77TD motherboard: characteristics, comparison with analogues and reviews

Motherboards appear on the market in such a huge amount that you are no longer following the release of new products. Previously, this diversity was not observed. The appearance of new motherboards met with mass reviews and audience reviews. So, in 2010, the Asus M4A77TD model did not go unnoticed.


Immediately it should be noted that the motherboard decided to position as a budget option, but when studying and considering it turned out that it can be safely attributed to the game models. Thanks to the 770 series chip from the company from the “red camp”, the fee was attributed to low-cost solutions. But its form factor and some other parameters allowed winning the love of novice gamers.

Another hint to the gaming device was the presence of two PCIExpress 16x ports on the board, and also CrossFire technology. The last parameter was responsible for the joint work of two graphic accelerators at once. Not cheated novelty slots for RAM-memory.This made it possible to improve performance not only in normal operation, but also at high system loads. The presence of modern interfaces improved and multimedia characteristics of the motherboard.

asus m4a77td


Asus M4A77TD was sold in a large green box. Large package sizes gave hope for generous packaging and, in general, did not disappoint. Inside there is really a lot of interesting and necessary. Standardly there is a CD with software, a set of wires for connecting the rest of the component, bolts for installing the motherboard in the case, the back panel-plug and installation instructions.


The appearance of the board is unremarkable. It is difficult to say if there are any special elements or details that could immediately attract the attention of the buyer. Only the most experienced and attentive could see the improved solid-state capacitors. They are located on the power distribution system. Capacitors are notable for improved technical parameters. Unlike electrolytic cells that were outdated at that time, the new ones turned out to be more resistant to loads and overheating.

asus m4a77td pro

The form factor ATX allows you to realize all the features of the motherboard to the full.Due to its dimensions, it can fit much more elements than on a smaller version. The amount of space for installing ports and expansion slots has increased. More space has become available for cooling systems.

Only textolite can pacify the enthusiast. Despite the seemingly sturdy construction, in fact it is quite fragile. Therefore, the installation of the board in the system must be careful, as well as installation on the motherboard of the rest of the component.


As usual, on the boards of this form factor there are many slots and ports. Of course, not all are used. Some remain unknown to the user. The Asus M4A77TD mainboard turned out to be crowded with various connectors. On the interface panel there was a place to connect a mouse and keyboard via PS / 2. To activate multimedia devices worked port COM. To connect a printer, scanner or MFP, there was an LPT connector. Well, in the old fashioned way, a large number of USB ports are found in the model. The last thing seen on the panel is the audio jacks, which means the sound system with eight-channel signal transmission is integrated into the board.

There was no place on the motherboard for the integrated graphics system.Although on the other hand, if the developers had crammed in here and the integrated graphics accelerator, the cost would have increased significantly. In general, the absence of a graphic system is a moot point. Someone will say that for cheap motherboards its presence is obligatory, someone thinks that the cost directly depends on it.

asus m4a77td characteristics

Not enough in this model and high-frequency tires. With her, transferring digital data between a PC and other devices would be possible.


As mentioned earlier, thanks to the ATX form factor, the placement of all elements and ports looks thoughtful and ergonomic. After all, when there is a place on the board, there is also an opportunity to thoroughly think about how to fit all the necessary elements, while maintaining free access to them for installation.

On Asus M4A77TD everything is well thought out. PCIex1 is located above the south bridge. If the user connects a discrete graphics system or a solid-state drive, the cooling still remains open, which means that cold air flows to the desired points.

Motherboard equipped with three PCI slots. On the one hand, it’s good when there are more opportunities, on the other, their purpose is not clear.After all, if you install a video card, they will all be closed from cooling. Therefore, it is absolutely impossible to use them. Everything would be easier if BIOS could regulate the frequency of operation of these ports.

asus m4a77td processors

We must not forget about the pair PCIExpress 16x. Due to their Asus M4A77TD motherboard, they got gaming specifications. Slots work together, in parallel mode, but not in the same way as on modern models. Then, when installing two video cards, the work took place at different speeds: the first slot allowed using the maximum rate of 16x, and the second one worked four times slower.


It’s unlikely to find this motherboard now, because it was sold 7 years ago. Now it is possible to find the used version. However, the question of the characteristics of the Asus M4A77TD is still relevant. It is thanks to them that the model became popular. The performance and capabilities of the motherboard in relation to its cost were enormous.

It was possible to install the AMD 770 / SB710 chipset on it. There were four slots for RAM, with a total capacity of up to 16 GB and with a dual-channel connection architecture. Up to eight hard drives could be connected to the board simultaneously.

The only problem that could arise on the way to the assembly of the system was the problem of choosing a chip. Because of this, the model is considered budget. The buyer had access to options on the AM3 socket and the connection of the Phenom II, Athlon II, and Sempron families. But all these processors had low power consumption.

asus m4a77td motherboard


There was also an improved version of this model - Asus M4A77TD PRO. Often it was with this board that the previous one was compared. Although competitors call them hard, because they are almost identical. This version was delivered in a modified box. There was another polygraphy. She became brighter and also called for action. This was due to new features and the main difference between the model and the previous one.

The kit was not as generous as in the previous version. There was a user manual, manual, CD with software and "firewood". All this was complemented by a pair of SATA cables, an UltraDMA cable and a cap on the panel. As a result, such “generosity” could result in major problems. Therefore, it was necessary to make sure in advance that there were some necessary wires and adapters. Or immediately buy them.

New Design

The appearance of this model as a whole has not changed much, although some changes are visible.At last, they took care of the PCB, and it became more robust, although nevertheless it would not hurt to be neat. There are still three PCI slots left. A couple of them immediately overlapped with viduhs with a cooling system in two slots and using ATI CrossFireX. There were slots for RAM with dual-channel architecture.

asus m4a77td pro specifications

The drawbacks of the novelty began to be noticed when installing components on it. It turned out that textolite was somewhat narrowed, and the right edge turned out to be “weightless”. I had to get out of this situation and after installing the memory modules do not touch them anymore. Also with all other elements that are shifted to the right edge. It is desirable to maintain the entire structure after installing the elements on it, and carefully place it in the system unit.

The board has a cooling system, it is passive and consists of a pair of compact radiators. On the chipset, the cooling looks original, and its mount is based on a spring-loaded plastic clip.


Processors Asus M4A77TD PRO remained unchanged. AMD 770 and SB710 chipsets, AM3 connector, and Phenom II / Athlon II / Sempron families. A feature of the improved version was the work with the south bridge.It was reworked and now allowed to experiment with unlocking disabled kernels. In addition to good overclocking abilities, no innovations in the technical equipment of the board were touched.


Features Asus M4A77TD PRO allowed to significantly improve the work with the graphics accelerator. Despite the 16x + 4x mode of operation, tests showed that, thanks to CrossFireX, it easily turns into an equivalent 8x + 8x operation. Thus, it helps to significantly improve the gaming ability of the system.motherboard asus m4a77td specifications

Performance is responsible for the ability of the board to overclocking. To do this, the disk has a special software AMD OverDriv. Thanks to him, the system accelerates not through BIOS, but immediately with Windows. Of course, you should not hope for unprecedented performance, but even a small increase will noticeably increase the combat capability of the entire system.


The Asus M4A77TD motherboard and its pro-version turned out to be quite good fighters. Their advantage was the versatility that is just noted by users. Someone easily assembled an office desktop PC for himself, someone got a good gaming device. The “PRO” version helped even better.Buyers noted excellent overclocking potential, effective work with unlocking disconnected cores, the presence of the CrossFireX mode and a good power circuit.

Dissatisfied feedback affected only the not entirely modified textolite, which in some moments, it seemed, could burst. Not everyone was happy with the four pin ATX12V connector. In the pro version, the CrossFireX mode, although in general it improved the gaming component, turned out to be unfinished and not the most optimal.

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Asus M4A77TD motherboard: characteristics, comparison with analogues and reviews 83

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Asus M4A77TD motherboard: characteristics, comparison with analogues and reviews 83