Aroma Dahlia Noir from Givenchy: description, reviews

Among all the expensive and luxurious fragrances that exist today, Givenchy Dahlia Noir occupies a special niche. Both the perfume itself and its history are rich, non-standard and unique. This fragrance, perhaps, can only be compared with the classic Chanel, but not at all by its pyramid, but by its high cost, charm, and sensations. Let's take a closer look at the Givenchy Dahlia Noir, as well as review its so-called updated versions.


Perhaps the modern man, seeing the name of the spirits from Givenchy Dahlia Noir, will think that this is just a beautiful play on words. But the older generation, as well as lovers of history and cinema, will definitely understand what is at stake. The fact is that Dahlia Noir, translated into Russian, sounds like “Black Dahlia”, and this is the nickname worn by the famous American dancer named Elizabeth Short. She was born in 1924, lived and worked as a waitress in Florida for a long time, and then moved to Los Angeles, where she got a job in one of the local bars as a dancer. The story would seem more than typical and uninteresting, and in general,Why are we talking about some ordinary girls? And the thing is that in 1947 her body was found mutilated and dismembered in the vicinity of the city. The murder itself and the criminal who committed it are still covered in mystery. The guilty was neither found nor detained, and it is also not known why this was done with a 22-year-old girl. In short, the murder of this dancer was a landmark event and entered the history of the twentieth century as one of the darkest mysteries.

Givenchy Dahlia Noir advertising

The fragrance of Givenchy Dahlia Noir is dedicated to this particular girl, according to the producers, the spirit, mystery and desires of a young and strong-willed dancer are sealed in it.

General information

Not every perfume can boast such a mysterious and terrible story as Givenchy Dahlia Noir. Description of the aroma, as you already understood, will be no less rich and rich. Perfume was born in 2011 and has not been re-released since. His pyramid remained the same, without additions and changes. It is worth noting that from the moment of release until today there are so-called two versions of the smell - toilet water and eau de parfum. They have almost the same pyramids (there are no some “heavy” components in the toilet water), only the first one is light, has a small train, and a small persistence. Perfumed water is much more saturated, heavy, complex and unique.

It is noteworthy that both versions of the fragrance have a nice pink color, and the packaging is made in the same color. However, a significant difference is that in toilet water called Givenchy Dahlia Noir the cap also has a pink color, but in the perfumed version a bottle with a black cap.

Toilet and Eau de Parfum Dahlia Noir

Pyramid structure

The aroma of Dahlia Noir belongs to the group of floral, chypre, and therefore has both sharpness and softness. The creation of this masterpiece worked popular French perfumer Francois Demachy, on account of which, as we know, only the spirits of aerobatics. So, for the Givenchy brand, he composed the composition Dahlia Noir from the following components:

  • Top notes: pink pepper, mandarin, mimosa, bergamot.
  • Heart notes: rose, patchouli, iris.
  • Base notes: tonka bean, sandalwood, vanilla, oak moss.

Contrary to everything, the most heard chords in the composition are iris, rose and pepper. Citrus and spicy flavors play somewhere in the background, not getting to the fore, but creating the necessary aura.

Separately about toilet water

Well, definitely worth declaring that in this case, toilet water will not be a diluted version of perfume. Its pyramid, as mentioned above, is devoid of such components as bergamot and oak moss, so it will play completely differently.This flavor option is ideal for office work, business meetings and negotiations. Also, it will be perfectly combined with daytime images. Additionally, we emphasize that Eau de Toilette Dahlia Noir is a godsend for young girls who are not fit to wear heavy and rich aromas.

Dahlia Noir Eau de toilette

Perfumed version

Quite a different matter - Givenchy Dahlia Noir eau de parfum. Reviews and descriptions of the fragrance suggest that it is a purely evening and even winter scent. Moreover, it is perfect for brunettes, but for blondes it is a very risky option. These perfumes have a huge and complex train, which the aroma conveys not exactly, but creates only its aura, for which you want to go to the end. The persistence of smell is equal to 5-9 hours, depending on the temperature and characteristics of the body of each woman. Perfumes are most advantageously combined with black evening gowns, as well as chic winter coats and fur coats.

Givenchy Dahlia Noir. Reviews

Perhaps a large number of people indicates that these spirits are too heavy, “strong”. Some say that they are not lovers of such scents, but even they say that Dahlia Noir is a classic, a masterpiece, an explosion.For those who love such flavors, this option has become a real gem of the collection. It is unique, creates a sense of luxury, wealth, status and prestige. Also, users emphasize that these spirits are difficult to meet in a crowd, they are unique and very rare, so you can safely use them without fear of "cosplay."

Dahlia Noir Flavored Deodorant

"Sister" fragrance

Two years later, the fashion house Givenchy decided to make a small re-release, or rather, the sidechain of the acclaimed fragrance Dahlia Noir. The composition, which was released in 2013, was surprisingly different from its predecessor in principle. The only thing in common between these two fragrances is, perhaps, from the classification to the group of floral chypre. So, Givenchy Dahlia Noir L 'eau is a new hit that no longer seems to belong to the old story, but exists in itself, surprising the smell of all perfumers and lovers of various non-standard fragrances.

Givenchy dahlia noir l'eau


On the creation of this perfume worked the same perfumer - Francois Demachy, who created the first masterpiece. He retained the former classification in spirits, making them both floral and chypre, but at the same time the composition itself is so extraordinary and non-standard that many even claimas if it is at times more interesting than its predecessor. So, the fragrance consists of:

  • Top notes: grapefruit, lemon, neroli and green notes.
  • Middle notes: peony and rose.
  • Base notes: musk, woody amber, patchouli, white cedar.

This composition strikes on the spot at the same time with a bright floral-citrus bouquet and a tart woody chord. Spirits turned out to be both sharp and fresh, soft and sensual, but their most important piece was ambiguity.

Dahlia Noir L'eau Bottle

Aroma features

Due to the fact that this composition consists of a bouquet of fresh spring flowers and citrus fruits, it is associated exclusively with the spring season. She is both playful and strict, bold and restrained, memorable and elusive. It is also worth noting that the aroma is more daytime than evening, because it does not possess the viscosity and mystery. Nevertheless, he is incredibly tenacious and long-playing. On the skin, it is able to unfold gradually throughout the day, striking first with a riot of citrus, then enveloping the floral aura and at the end catching it with chypre notes. On clothes perfume lasts more than a week, without being distorted and not "gasping".He is not too big trail to feel Dahlia Noir L'eau, it is necessary to come close to his owner, and only then he will conquer with its inaccessibility and originality.

Dahlia Noir L'eau poster

Givenchy Dahlia Noir L'eau. Reviews

Compared to its predecessor, the fragrance Dahlia Noir L'eau has a not so sticky and complex train, not so much richness and richness of the pyramid. It is lighter, playful, fresh. But it can not be called simple, volatile or standard. This is a complex smell, which, although it seems at first glance playful, has hidden charms. Lovers of fresh perfume say that this option is not optimal for summer, as it is too saturated. Those who prefer heavy odors, on the contrary, argue that the perfume is too light even for hot pores. Conclusion - you need to use the aroma of L'eau in spring or autumn. It was at this time that it opens up in full glory, complements the image, which is no longer airy, but not yet winter and pleases everyone around with its unusual bouquet.

In general, both fragrances, both DAhlia Noir, and his follower L'eau deserve attention, and that you purchase at least mini-versions of these wonderful perfumes.

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