Arnold Schwarzenegger: the inflexible Terminator in the past and present

The Austrian bodybuilder who repeatedly won the title of Mr. Universe, a Hollywood star and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has another nickname - Iron Arnie. He achieved success in all his undertakings. Not surprisingly, the future movie star and politician moved to the United States. His aspirations and values ​​are fully consistent with American ideals: the creation of bright shows and financial success. Arnold Schwarzenegger immediately identified himself as a commercial artist, and reached unprecedented heights in the genre of entertainment cinema.

The roles of Conan, the Terminator, the militants and the lonely avengers created for him the image of an invincible hero. Schwarzenegger from childhood realized that success can only be hard work, and always followed this rule. In Austria, he stubbornly shook his muscles, in America he studied commerce and was looking for acquaintances with Hollywood producers.Clear goal setting and ability to find a common language with the interlocutors contributed to its success.

Childhood and youth

Childhood and youth

Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger was born in Austria, in the village of Tal, near the city of Graz on July 30, 1947. This post-war year became hungry and dysfunctional, as the country experienced a defeat in World War II.

The eldest son, Meinhard, grew up in the family of Aurelia and Gustav Schwarzenegger. The boys' father served in the local gendarmerie and was a retired military man. He instilled in his sons a habit of accuracy and discipline. They did housework and did well at school.

Arnold was not particularly fond of schoolwork, although the exact sciences were given to him without much difficulty. From the age of 10 he dreamed of leaving for America and becoming famous. In what area is worth building a career, the boy could not choose. As a teenager, he worked in a park near Lake Tahllersee, selling ice cream.

After the end of the shift, Arnold and his friends bathed and made plans for the future. Once they saw the famous bodybuilder Kurt Marnul, and Schwarzenegger realized what he needed to strive for. He used to like physical education classes at school and did exercises in the morning, but now sports became more conscious for him.

In 1962, he entered the technical school in Graz at the business and trade department and began to visit the gym daily. Few adolescents are distinguished by perseverance, but Arnold was set on fire with the idea of ​​becoming a bodybuilder and continuously engaged in training equipment. His parents were tall, and the guy inherited a sturdy figure with good muscles.

He himself earned on the athletic form of the Athletic Union and in 1963 for the first time spoke to the public at competitions. They passed in a brasserie, but the audience numbered about 400 people. Raising heavy weights and listening to admiring shouts and applause, Arnold realized that he had found the right way: having become the winner of world competitions, he would conquer far America too.

Military service

Purposefulness combined with Schwarzenegger with practical wisdom, so he constantly considered the best ways to realize his dream. In Austria, every man had to serve in the army to get a passport.

Arnold was declared as a participant in a major youth bodybuilding competition and could not stop training. It seemed to him that a tank base near Graz would be the best place to serve.His father helped him get the right distribution, and the young man began an army training.

For the year spent on the base, he managed to run off AWOL to participate and win the competition in Germany, drown the tank entrusted to him, and a little later to break through the wall of the building. Despite these incidents, he enjoyed army service.

Arnold realized that he was ready to live independently and continue to participate in sports competitions. During the service, he practiced a lot and gained muscle. His figure was not yet perfect, but the young bodybuilder met the gym owners and the organizers of the Mr. Olympia competitions. Very soon, he began to win awards one after another, starting with the prestigious contest "Mr. Europe."

Bodybuilder career

Bodybuilder career

From 19 years old, the young man tirelessly participated in the international competitions “Mr. Europe”, “Mr. Universe” and “Mr. Olympia” in Munich, London, Paris and other cities. The teenager had to earn his living himself, and the main task was to find sponsors who were ready to invest money in his trips abroad.

Schwarzenegger's first significant victory took place in London in 1967. He won the title of Mr. Universe.After that, he met with the owners of the network of gyms in different countries and became their face for the right to work out for free.

In the present kind genius for Arnold, Joe Weider turned, inviting him in 1968 to America. Waider owned a large company that manufactures products for bodybuilders, published sports magazines and organized American contests like “Mr. Universe”. Joining a prosperous business, Schwarzenegger realized that he would be able to settle in Los Angeles.

During his career as a bodybuilder, Arnold was awarded the title of Mr. Universe 4 times and was Mr. Olympia 7 times. Due to his excellent physical form in 1970, he received the first role in the film “Hercules in New York”, but the film did not go into production for a long time, since the production company went bankrupt. In the 70s, Schwarzenegger appeared in the documentary film “Pumping Iron”, which promotes sports.

The first motion pictures of Schwarzenegger

Sensing that he had reached the highest level in bodybuilding, Arnold shifted his attention to cinema. He lived in Los Angeles and met many artists and directors. One day he was invited to try his hand at a television show, and Schwarzenegger worked on a small role for a long time, but as a result he was confused and almost ripped off the shoot.

He continued to walk around acting agencies, but at best he was offered to organize an advertising campaign for a network of well-known fitness rooms. Finally, in the late '70s, Arnold was lucky to play in the film “Stay Hungry” with Jeff Bridges about the attempts to seize a gym syndicate.

The beginning actor was awarded the Golden Globe for his role as a bodybuilder. In 1982, followed by work on a series of films about Conan, and Arnold became a star.

The most famous films with the participation of Iron Arnie

The most famous films with the participation of Iron Arnie

Schwarzenegger read the scripts himself, not trusting the agents and, having chosen an attractive option, he certainly worked on it. The actor rightly believed that the viewer would first of all be attracted by the dynamic plot and colorful action. Claiming the costumes of heroes and scenery, he always remembered that.

In connection with previous achievements and conquests of titles, Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympia Arnold did not allow for themselves to participate in the filming of psychological pictures, although he was friends with Roman Polanski and admired his work. He deliberately became an actor in the entertainment genre of action and developed a career in this direction.

"Conan the Barbarian"

Trilogy "Conan the Barbarian", "Conan the Destroyer" and "Red Sonja" tells about the adventures of the glorious warrior Conan and his battles with black magicians and sorcerers.

Famous actresses participated in the fantasy: Bridget Nilson, Grace Jones, Valerie Kennessen, and the producer was Dino De Laurentis. Laurentis had a reputation as a professional who shot great films and never went beyond the budget.

He did not provide Schwarzenegger with a backup, and he performed all the dangerous stunts himself. The result of cooperation were fascinating pictures and a lot of injuries from the actor.

Series "Terminator"

After filming in Conan the Barbarian, Arnold became an ideal candidate for the role of a robot terminator. In 1984, started shooting the first film of the super popular franchise. Schwarzenegger in it does not demonstrate a naked athletic figure, as in the "Conan", but it looks more dangerous. The picture is widely used computer animation, which was a novelty for the cinema.

If in Terminator-1 the robot tries to kill Sarah Connor, then in the following films he is reprogrammed to protect her. Linda Hamilton, who performed the role of Sarah in two tapes, was in excellent athletic form, and the film brought her fame along with Schwarzenegger.


The participation of the hero of the militants Schwarzenegger in the comedy was a complete surprise to the audience. A rascal who gets into ambiguous situations will look ridiculous a priori.

The film "Twins", which showed the tricks of two brothers, whose roles were played by Schwarzenegger and de Vito, was enthusiastically received by fans and the press. Everyone acknowledged that Arnold revealed a new facet of his acting talent, and the comedy genre resigned to him, as earlier action.

This was followed by funny pictures: "Junior" and "Kindergarten Policeman." The actor is again good in an unusual role, although the film scenarios are less interesting than those of Gemini.

"Remember everything"

In the 90s, the cinema did not yet have the complex special effects available to directors now. Nevertheless, the fantastic tape “Remember All” still amazes the imagination.

Traveling between the planets of the Solar System, laser weapons and the beautiful Sharon Stone as a villain made fiction fans watch the movie several times. Cash fees exceeded all expectations.

After the release of the picture, Arnold represented her at various film festivals and proudly distributed interviews.In 2012, a remake was made with Colin Farrell in the lead role, but he did not have such success as the movie with Iron Arnie.


Fantastic fighter about the battle commando squad with an alien killer once again showed Schwarzenegger invincible fighter. The shooting took place in the jungles of southern Mexico. Between Stallone and Schwarzenegger there was a tacit competition. Everyone was trying to beat the other in the new role.

The movie "Predator" appeared primarily because Sly did not fight with aliens. The preparation and shooting was difficult because of the heat and heavy weapons. Many actors, including the leading actor, lost more than 10 kg in the process of working on the tape.

Other films

Young people and older viewers were interested in the “True Lie” and “The Last Movie Stars” tapes. Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared in them as a reliable advocate for his family and law and order. In the future, the actor received similar roles in the films: “Damages”, “The Eraser” and “The End of the World”.

In the zero Schwarzenegger temporarily interrupted work in the cinema due to the beginning of a political career.

Schwarzenegger's political career

The wife of a bodybuilder and actor was Maria Shriver, heiress of the Kennedy clan. She and her family contributed to the development of Schwarzenegger's political ambitions.As a joke, the actor said that he would have nominated his candidacy for the presidency of the United States, but did not have that right due to being born in Austria.

At the beginning of the 2000s, Arnold joined George Bush’s election team, and in 2003 became governor of the state of California. He approached the budget approval with the same practicality as calculating the costs of shooting large-format films.

He promoted a healthy lifestyle, contributed to the construction of stadiums and children's sports grounds, but his popularity among the population of the state was low. Schwarzenegger stayed on as governor of California for two terms and in 2011 transferred authority to his successor, Jerry Brown.

Awards and nominations


Arnold Schwarzenegger: the inflexible Terminator in the past and present

Arnold Schwarzenegger has Golden Globe Awards and the MTV Movie Awards. He is a Knight and Commander of the Order of the Legion of Honor. In Austria, in honor of the honorary citizen of Graz, a monument was erected, at the opening of which the artist arrived with his son.

He was awarded the Commander's Cross of I degree "For services to the Republic of Austria" and the Medal for humanitarian merits of the Albert Schweitzer society.

Personal life

In his youth, many girls of Graz paid attention to a tall handsome young man.Arnold adored the company and did not miss the opportunity to meet with the fair sex. After winning titles in bodybuilding, the young athlete had no end of fan. Yet in America he developed a long, six-year relationship with Barbara Outland-Baker. They met in 1969, when Arnold took the first steps to fame.

In 1977, Schwarzenegger met journalist Maria Shriver and, after an eight-year romance, entered into a marriage with her. The couple had four children: Catherine, Christina, Patrick and Christopher. Spouse supported projects Arnold, they traveled a lot around the world, but the woman always suspected him of infidelity.

In 2011, after the scandal with the illegitimate son of Schwarzenegger Joseph Baena from the housekeeper Shriver filed for divorce. After a few years, the passions subsided, and the spouses chat in a friendly way, meeting at social events.

Schwarzenegger often made novels on the set. Bridget Nilsson, Vanessa Williams and Eleanor Mondale became his lovers at different times. Unlike impermanence in relations with women, he was always a caring son and repeatedly invited his mother to move to America.

In 1970, Arnold's older brother, Meinhard, died in a car accident, and in 1972 his father died of a heart attack. The mother remained alone in Austria, but the maximum that she agreed was to visit her son. Her whole life was concentrated in Graz. Meinhard has a son, and Arnold takes an active part in his career.

Interesting Facts

Arriving in America, the first fees Schwarzenegger together with a friend invested in the purchase of land and abandoned houses on the outskirts of Los Angeles. He repaired them himself, and then he rented cheap apartments for rent. This business laid the foundation for the future well-being of the star.

Schwarzenegger received American citizenship only in 1983.

The fast-growing career of an actor in many Hollywood haunted. Detractors dared to launch a message in the newspapers that Arold's father was a Nazi. Schwarzenegger appealed to the Jewish society, which has information about war criminals, and they, on their own initiative, refuted the rumors.

Arnold Schwarzenegger now - latest news

In 2010, longtime rival Sylvester Stallone invited a colleague to his film The Expendables, which turned into a franchise.Schwarzenegger also participated in the filming of the Russian-Chinese film “Viy 2 ″, which will be released in early 2019. This is a sequel to Wii. From world stars there will appear Jackie Chan.

The artist returned to the role of the Terminator and is looking forward to starting work on the sixth picture. Arnold Schwarzenegger is now a carefree, successful entrepreneur who devotes his free time to interacting with children and training.


This man from his youth has set himself up for success. In interviews and biographical books, he tries to talk only about the happily formed circumstances leading up to the top of his achievements. In the case of Schwarzenegger, it would be more correct to say on Olympus.

Once again, Arnold tries not to mention injuries, surgical interventions and heart disease, to which his rampant race for a beautiful muscular torso led. Victories were not easy for him, so he especially values ​​them.

Currently, the idol of millions has returned to the movie business and promises to once again please fans with the performance of his most famous role as Terminator. He doesn’t like to stay idle for a long time and is not used to it.Sometimes Schwarzenegger compares himself to his robot hero and notices a surprising resemblance to him.

Iron Arnie is also impossible to force to retreat from the intended goal. This is the main secret of the triumph of the artist and politician with the hard-to-pronounce but well-known name Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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