"ArmA 2": system requirements for a comfortable launch

In the computer project "ArmA 2" systemrequirements meet the release time of the game, visual and technical aspects. The developers took care of the maximum optimization, so that the owners of even the weakest systems could enjoy adventures in a realistic war world.

Description of the game

The project "ArmA 2" system requirements completelycorrespond to the content of the game. It appeared on the market in 2009 and was different from other works about the war. The plot moved the players to a fictional country of Chernorussia.

arma 2 system requirementsIt has been fighting for two years now, and playersact as mercenaries or regular soldiers of the warring parties. Realism prevails in every action of the character. Transport management will have to be trained, weapons are reloaded manually, and this lasts for a while, and when shooting is recoil. Gamers must take into account the laws of ballistics and tactics for the successful execution of missions. According to the developers, this is what a real war looks like, and players from all over the world should get to know it.

System Settings

At the time 2016-2017 years. in the game "ArmA 2" system requirements look even too low. The technology went far ahead in seven incomplete years, and all gamers had time to update their computers, so there should not be any difficulties with starting up.

arm 2 system requirements for pc The processor is not lower than the Dual Core CPU with a clockfrequency of 1.3 gigahertz. Interestingly, for the recommended parameters, there are four cores in the processor, but this makes no sense. The model in the list of minimum parameters completely satisfies even high settings. RAM needs a minimum amount of 512 megabytes, and the optimal number will be twice as large, although this is not a particularly important parameter. The smallest number of old computers - two plates per gigabyte, which fully meets the system requirements of "ArmA 2" on the PC. Graphically, the processor model 8800GT for 512 megabytes will be enough. Such video cards were considered the most powerful at the time of 2009. Since that time, Nvidia has already changed dozens of generations of its products, and such models are stored only in its museum. The last important parameter is the operating system. There is still support for popular Windows XP.

 system requirements arm 2 on pc

Fashion about zombies

Due to the fact that the "Arma 2" system requirementswere low, a group of fans began to create a variety of modifications. One of them, called DayZ, gained so much popularity that it turned into a separate game. The project is completely made in the style of survival with an emphasis on self-promotion. Everyone is here for himself, and therefore he must devise ways to survive in the world after the apocalypse. Any found object can come in handy, and even a shovel can be used as a weapon. The character should eat, drink, and the resulting wounds must be treated. Here, as in the original game, the emphasis is entirely on realism. The authors of the modification did not touch the visual component, because the system requirements of "ArmA 2 Dayz" almost do not differ from those that were described above. Unless the video card of the higher model will not be superfluous, because then the load on the system as a whole will decrease. This modification marked the beginning of a whole cult of zombie apocalypse fans. After that, many developers presented their own development in this respect, and some even went completely into multiplayer mode.

system requirements armo 2 dayz

The secret of low requirements in "ArmA 2"

The system requirements at the moment look likevery nondescript, but in 2009 it was a serious parameters, and not everyone could afford to install the client of the game. At the same time, developers do not hide the fact that several months they worked only on the optimization itself. They created an internal core from scratch, and this allowed them to work out the code in detail. As a result, even computers that did not have the parameters for a minimal launch could participate in the war at low settings. Since the release of the game "ArmA 2" system requirements on the PC have not changed. The developers completely stopped supporting the second part of the add-ons and patches. They released a sequel and focused their attention on it. At the moment, the game ARMA 2 can be easily downloaded or purchased in digital stores at low prices. It looks decent even at low settings of the environment.

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ArmA 2: system requirements for a comfortable launch ArmA 2: system requirements for a comfortable launch ArmA 2: system requirements for a comfortable launch ArmA 2: system requirements for a comfortable launch ArmA 2: system requirements for a comfortable launch