Antidepressants, list

One of the most common diseases,caused by the rapid development of modern civilization, is depression. According to disappointing forecasts, she will remove from the first place the ailments associated with the heart and blood vessels by 2020.

Modern Pharmaceutical Industryoffers to get rid of the depressive condition drugs related to the class of psychotropic. Antidepressants, the list of which is quite impressive, helps improve mood, relieve fatigue and anxiety, reduce apathy and nervous tension. These drugs contribute to increased psychological activity, increased sleep duration and normalization of appetite.

Antidepressants, the list of which includesdrugs acting as stimulants are used to treat patients whose symptoms are depression, inhibition and apathy. These include Cipramil, Paxil, Anafranil, Melipramine, Pirazidol and Petilil.

With unconscious anxiety, gloomy irritation and anxious depression, drugs that have a sedative effect are used. These include Amitriptyline, Azafen, Ludomil and Kraksil.

Antidepressants, the list of which includes preparations of plant origin, is prescribed in the most simple cases. Such medicines include "St. John's Wort" and "Hypericin".

All existing antidepressants are divided into four groups.

The first includes preparations synthesized inmid-nineteenth century and bearing the name "tricyclic". Their chemical structure is based on the triple ring of carbon. Antidepressants, whose names belong to this group - Imipramine, Nortriptyline and Amyltryptiline. These drugs increase the concentration of serotonin and noripinephrine in the brain, by reducing the level of absorption of these substances by neurons. The action of Amitriptyline calms, and Imipramine stimulates the nervous system. In individual cases, a positive effect, manifested in improving mood, can be observed only a few days after the start of the course of treatment. Side effects that can occur when taking these drugs are:


- Dryness in the mouth;


- pores;

-gathering sweating;


- difficulty with urine emptying;

-reduction of potency;

-Power heartbeat;

-the appearance of a feeling of fear and anxiety.

Overdose can lead to serious consequences, including fatal.

Antidepressants, the list of which belongs tosecond group, have an effect that reduces the activity of the enzyme that destroys serotonin and noripinephrine. This is a category of drugs called "monoamine oxidase inhibitors". These antidepressants are recommended for patients who have not been positively affected by the drugs of the tricyclic group. They are also often used in the presence of atypical depression and dysthymia. The most popular drug of this group is Moclobemide. When taking medications belonging to this category, it is necessary to adhere to a diet that excludes the use of pickled and sauerkraut, beer and wine, cheeses and sour cream, various kinds of marinade and fish, as well as soy products. The most frequent undesirable side effects when taking monoamine oxidase inhibitors are dizziness, weight gain, puffiness of the fingers, sleep disorders, decreased potency and increased heart rate.

The third group includes antidepressantsThe new generation, having the minimum number of undesirable side effects. These are inhibitors of selective absorption of serotonin. These include Fluoxetine, Paroxetine, Sertraline and Fluvoxamine. The effect of these drugs is based on preventing the re-absorption of serotonin in the gap between neurons, leading to an increase in its concentration.

Antidepressants, belonging to the fourth group -these are the ones that did not enter the first three. These drugs differ in chemical composition, as well as in the mechanism of action. These include Bupropion, Trazodone, Mitrazin, and others.

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