Anthelmintic plant remedy "Troychatka Evalar": instructions for use

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Practice has proven that everyone has been infected with round worms at least once in their life. These parasites penetrate into our body in different ways and affect almost all internal organs (liver, gastrointestinal tract, brain). In some cases, helminthiasis is asymptomatic, causing a number of dangerous disorders - from skin rashes to serious digestive disorders. It is extremely difficult to get rid of parasites, especially if the disease is in a chronic stage. Folk remedies and medicinal herbs come to the rescue.

General information

Having repeatedly investigated the effect of three plants, such as wormwood, cloves and tansy, scientists concluded that they have an excellent cleansing and anthelmintic effect. On their basis, the biological additive "Troychatka" (from the company "Evalar") was created, which has been very popular among Russian citizens for more than two years.And all because it is completely natural, safe and made according to a special recipe. Miraculous natural drug has anti-parasitic properties: it helps the removal of parasites and their toxins from our body, and also contributes to the normalization of the intestinal tract. It is used both for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes means "Troychatka Evalar." The instruction reports that it successfully fights against various parasitic invasions.

Chemical composition

triad Evalar composition

Plant material contains only herbal extracts that have anti-parasitic action. Experts say that all the components present in the preparation are collected in the high mountains of the Altai, and then processed in a special way, this guarantees the drug high therapeutic efficacy. Herbal bitters have a detrimental effect on worms and ruthlessly destroy their larvae. The additive “Triple Evalar” has the following composition: carnation buds, wormwood, extract and flowers of tansy. Each of these plants has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antiseptic and antihelminthic action.The carnation kills adults and their eggs, regulates the processes of fermentation and rotting in the gastrointestinal system. Wormwood since ancient times is considered a choleretic agent. It quickly and permanently relieves all sorts of parasites (especially pinworms and ascaris). It also prevents the occurrence of calculus, increases the flow of bile and normalizes digestion. Tansy increases the tone of the blood vessel walls, stimulates the production of gastric juice and stimulates the central nervous system. The drug "Troychatka Evalar" (instructions advised to strictly adhere to the specified treatment regimen) recommends the majority of doctors for the treatment of enterobiosis, ascariasis and even giardiasis. It helps not only cleanse the body of harmful toxins and eliminate worm infestations, but also overcome gynecological and urological pathologies.

How effective and safe is the drug "Troychatka Evalar" for children?

triad evalar for kids reviews

Reviews that are found on the World Wide Web are controversial from both patients and doctors. Some argue that the anthelmintic agent practically does not help, others speak of impeccable quality and high therapeutic effect.It is worth noting that those who took the capsules without consulting a doctor and often did not complete the full course of therapy complain about the lack of a therapeutic effect. For kids from three years, a powder (sachet) was specially created, which is easily dissolved in warm water. It does not adversely affect the body. As for the capsules, they are allowed to receive only children from 12 years of age, because some herbs are quite toxic and can provoke a serious allergic reaction. The dosage for adolescents is almost the same as for adults; it is prescribed by a pediatrician after an examination.



Herbal preparation “Troychatka Evalar” has a wide range of action. The instruction recommends using it as a tonic, antiparasitic, diuretic and stimulant. Also, the additive is prescribed for increased pigmentation, baldness, loss of strength, weakened immunity, frequent colds, seborrhea, acne and early wrinkles.

How to apply?

For adolescents over 12 years old and adults, the course of therapy is on average 6–9 weeks. The first scheme: give the drug three times a day, two capsules of 0.4 mg or 0.2 mg - 4 tablets. Drink a means necessary immediately after a meal.The second scheme: the first day - two tablets once a day, the second day - two capsules twice a day. From the third to the seventh day, two capsules are prescribed three times a day. After complete therapy, the result should be fixed - a few months to take 400 mg once a week. Some patients experience fatigue, mild malaise and weakness during treatment. This happens due to the fact that the parasites, sensing a threat, begin to exude more toxic poisons (they are protected from an aggressive environment). To worry about this is not worth it, soon the discomfort will pass on its own.

Who should refrain from taking?

Dietary supplements

There is an opinion that herbal medicines are safe for health, because they are natural and grown in nature. But this is a profound error, because even herbs produce toxic substances that are dangerous to the human body, especially in large quantities. Not an exception and the biological additive "Troychatka Evalar." The instruction warns that the occurrence of allergies during the reception is not excluded. Some patients complain of fatigue, nausea and discomfort in the stomach.It is forbidden to use the drug in the period of breastfeeding and carrying a child.

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