Announcement of events for the next week: cinema-Moscow :)

Dear friends, we smoothly cross the equator of spring. This week we have 2 lectures and 4 walks. Already today (04/14), we will talk in the lecture hall of the Museum of Moscow about how it was not easy for filmmakers of the 70s and 80s to show Moscow 40-50s in their films. Tomorrow (April 15) in the Reader we will sink below the ground and without getting up from the chairs, we will drive along the Ring from Prospect Mira to Kiev, noting all the most interesting things along the way. On Friday (April 17), together with "Moscow which is not" we will examine Chistye Prudy. And on weekends, in a company with a club of walking tours, I walk around Moscow and take a walk around the Mius, the Patriarch and the alley near Arbat.
Come yourself, bring friends. It will be interesting!
1. Lecture: "Moscow in the movies: 1975-1985"
Venue: Lecture Hall of the Museum of Moscow (m. Park Kultury, Zubovsky Boulevard, 2)
Cost: Free!

At the lecture, we will look at three of the most popular motion pictures: The meeting place cannot be changed (1979), Moscow does not believe in tears (1979), the Pokrovsky Gate (1982).Using the example of these films, we will try to figure out what techniques the filmmakers used to use at the junction of the 70s-80s to reproduce Moscow in the 40s-50s, which symbolic objects were chosen for this. Do not ignore the theme kinolyapy. Consider in detail the Moscow, captured by Govorukhin, Menshov and Kozakov. As always, our lecture will be accompanied by posters, old photographs, photographs from the set.
2. Lecture: “The Big Ring of the Moscow Metro: 42 minutes underground”.
Venue: bookstore and lecture hall "Chitalka" (m. Chistye Prudy, Zhukovsky str., 4)
Cost: 300 rubles.

We continue the journey along the main Moscow ring. Let us go down under the ground and see which station the Aurora is shooting at and the battleship Potemkin is revolting, where Pushkin reads verses and where Abundance has gone. Find out which station name on the lobby was indicated incorrectly. Let us recall the myths and legends about the Ring, let's talk about the lost details, calculate which elements of the decor today are located in the place of the image of the father of nations. Let us note which stations hit the favorite Soviet movies. Traditionally, we consider a huge number of old photos and schemes.
3. Excursion: "Around Chistye Prudy"
Meeting place: m. Chisty Prudy, Sretensky Boulevard near the monument to V. Shukhov.
Cost: 350 rubles.
ATTENTION!for this tour registration is required at

Of all the boulevards Chistoprudny, perhaps, has the richest biography. We walk not only around the pond, but also take a look at Arkhangelsky Lane, walk along Bobrov, Frolov, Milyutinsky. Run through Sretensky. Here hid a huge number of interesting stories. We will look at the house, on the facade of which bats, crocodiles and salamander “hid”. We find out which monument stood on the Butcher's Gate Square for less than a month, when the ponds from Poganykh turned into Chistye, where the first panorama of the Battle of Borodino stood, fabulous animals appeared on the facade of the apartment building on Chistoprudny Boulevard and what the airplane did at the Coliseum cinema. As usual, remember about the movie. Movies that left a mark on Chistye Prudy: “Pokrovskie Vorota”, “The meeting place cannot be changed”, “Gentlemen of luck”, “Foundling”, “Courier”, “Mimino”, “I walk in Moscow” will not remain without our attention.
4. Excursion: “Mysterious Miuses: a walk from Novoslobodskaya to Belorusskaya”
Meeting point: Novoslobodskaya metro station, near the exit of the metro station
Cost: 350 p.
Pensioners, schoolchildren and students - 250 p.
Children under 14 are free!

Most excursions in Moscow take place within the Garden Ring. But this does not mean that behind the Garden Ring the capital has nothing to boast about! On the spot: it is in such - not too studied and familiar - places that the most curious and unexpected discoveries are made. Miuses is one of the most interesting places outside the Garden Ring. For a long time there was a large field between Tverskaya Sloboda of coachmen and New Dmitrov Sloboda. It was only at the end of the 19th century that Miuses began to actively build up public buildings. A park of equestrian railways, a maternity hospital, and various educational institutions, which now have a century-old history, appeared here. The architecture of Mius harmoniously combines vivid examples of industrial and civil architecture of the late XIX - early XX century, masterpieces of the Soviet avant-garde and interesting sculptural groups.
On the tour you will learn:
• what actually means the mysterious word "Mius";
• in which building the poet S.A. sat at the university bench. Yesenin;
• why it was not allowed to erect a monument to L.N.Tolstoy and for what reason monuments to revolutionaries appeared in 1919;
• which building was built with the money of the wife of the chief confectioner of Moscow, A.I. Abrikosov;
• where they built the second largest church in Moscow, why didn’t they accept the parishioners and what did they eventually build in its place?
5. Excursion: "In the vicinity of the Patriarch's Ponds"
Meeting point: Tverskaya or Pushkinskaya metro station, at the exit of the metro station, near the AS monument. Pushkin
Cost: 350 p.
Pensioners, schoolchildren and students - 250 p.
Children under 14 are free!

There is no such resident in Moscow whoever wanders at least once in the alleys around the famous Patriarch's Ponds. Foreigners are surprised: “Patriarch's Ponds - there is only one pond!” In the XVII century there were several of them, they were famous for their crystal clearness, and the fish of the Moscow Patriarch was supplied with fish caught in the ponds. However, over the years, the ponds abandoned and forgot about them. Only after the fire of 1812, one of them was cleaned, put in order and smashed around the square. In the XIX century, the area of ​​the Patriarchal Ponds was settled by students and young people: the fun was here from dawn to dawn. But even today, in the vicinity of the Patriarch's Ponds, you will not be bored: here you will meet beautiful mansions of the modern era, and the “techerzy” of the early 20th century, and the wooden houses of old Moscow.Do not forget that the Patriarch's Ponds - one of the most literary places of the capital.
On the tour you will learn:
• how the monument was moved by A.S. Pushkin and before what the poet bowed his head originally;
• which wooden house survived the fire of 1812;
• where M.I. Tsvetaeva was born;
• when and for whom F.O. Shekhtel built the most beautiful mansion on Spiridonovka;
• how Muscovites of the past rested in the Aquarium garden;
• Where were Homeless and Berlioz sitting and why did their meeting with Woland happen precisely at the Patriarch's?
6. Excursion: "Alley from Prechistenka to Arbat"
Meeting point: Kropotkinskaya metro station, near the exit of the metro to Gogol Boulevard
Cost: 350 p.
Pensioners, schoolchildren and students - 250 p.
Children under 14 are free!

Prechistenka and Arbat - the most famous and popular streets of the capital. And this applies equally to the Muscovites, and to the guests of the city. Arbat has long been the main symbol of Moscow: they know about it all over Russia and far beyond its borders. Prechistenka is perhaps the most aristocratic street in the city, on which a huge number of lordly and even noblemen’s buildings are preserved.The lanes between Prechistenka and Arbat are never included in the list of the most popular tourist routes, they are rarely mentioned in guidebooks. And in vain! It was here that the Old Moscow city beauties hid. Majestic pre-revolutionary tenement houses and cozy Moscow mansions, Masonic symbols and brave knights, ancient churches and architectural masterpieces of the Soviet avant-garde await you between Prechistenka and Arbat.
On the tour you will learn:
• where the Moscow noblemen Aksakovs and Turgenevs lived;
• what now stands in the place of the Church of John the Baptist;
• in which house did the writer A.I.

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