Anna Garnova: film and theater

She prefers filming work in the theater. But of course, her roles in the television series brought her massive popularity: Tatiana in “Personal Business”, Barbara in “Dusty Work”, Lyalya in “Alexanrovsky Garden”. The audience loved the actress and is always looking forward to her new works.


Anna Garnova was born on August 29, 1978. A girl from childhood wanted to be an actress, so her place of study was predetermined. In 1999, she became a student at the University. Schepkina. Her master was N.N. Afonin. Together with her, the future Russian actresses Olga and Tatiana Arntgolts also studied. Immediately after graduating from the drama school, Anna Garnova enters the troupe of the Theater. Mossovet. On this stage, it serves today. In the native theater, it is claimed. "The Inspector", "Cyrano de Bergerac", "One Night Mistakes", "The Kingdom of Father and Son" - this is just a small list of performances in which Anna is involved.Anna Garnova

But, like many theater actresses, her creative life was not limited to theatrical stage, and in 2005 Garnova first appeared on TV screens in the role of Katie in a film with a famously twisted detective plot “The Girl from the North”.The audience loved Anna, her face became recognizable. Then there were “Life is a field for hunting”, “The servant of the sovereign” “Alexander Garden”. In 2007, Anna Garnova took up teaching. She works at the acting department in her alma mater - VTU Shchepkina.

Cinema or theater

To date, the work that brought Anna Garnova popularity, can be considered the role of Tatiana - the judge from the series "Personal business". In this project, the actress revealed to the audience in the role of a determined, courageous and ambitious woman. Today, Anna Garnova is not often filmed in movies, considering that her main goal in life is theater. In her creative baggage shooting in 14 television projects. In her native theater she is engaged in the productions of “One Night's Errors”, “Waiting Room”, “Cynics”, “The Roman Comedy”, “Polonaise, or Absurdity Evening”, “Silver Age”.

Personal life

The actress is happy in her personal life. We can safely say that Anna Garnova and Alexander Arsentiev, her husband, breathe in unison. They are both actors. Alexander Arsentiev was remembered by the Russian audience for his role as Yakov Ivanovsky in the television series Heavy Sand. On account of the actor about 50 works in the cinema.

Anna Garnova and Alexander Arsentev

As in the case of Anna, every year several pictures of him appear on the screens. But he, like his wife, considers himself more a theater actor. So it is - time will tell. In the meantime, viewers are looking forward to their new works.

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