Andrey Tyunyaev, writer and journalist: biography, creativity

Andrei Tyunyaev - famous domestic writer and poet, journalist. At the moment he is the chief editor of a socio-political publication called "President". He also owns the personally founded non-profit organization Organizmika, which is an academy of basic sciences. Many modern scientists criticize his work, calling it unscientific. In particular, Tyunyaev considers the "Veles book" recognized by the scientific community as a falsification to be true.

Biography of the writer

Andrey Tyunyaev

Andrey Tyunyaev was born in Tula in 1966. He is a graduate of the rocket engine department of the local polytechnic institute.

In 1993 he moved to Moscow. Since then, he has been living constantly in the capital. He is a full member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.

He actively participated in the awards organized by the Russian Culture Foundation. In particular, he repeatedly became the laureate in the nomination of the most popular series of books for children of preschool age. He has a lot of awards.In particular, the Anton Pavlovich Chekhov Medal. It is part of the union of journalists, as well as the union of writers of Russia. In 2004, in co-authorship with Sergei Mikhalkov and Vladimir Stepanov, he published The World's Largest Book for Kids.

Andrei Tyunyaev, whose biography has quite a few unusual regalia, is a member of the imperial Orthodox Palestinian society. This is a well-known international humanitarian and scientific organization, which was founded in Russia at the end of the XIX century - in 1882. Among its main objectives are all possible assistance to the Orthodox pilgrimage to the Holy Land to Jerusalem, oriental studies, the establishment of humanitarian and scientific ties with the peoples living in the Middle East.

Start of creative activity

Tyunyaev Andrei Aleksandrovich

Andrei Tyunyaev has been counting his creative activity since 1982, when he wrote his first cycle of songs for the school ensemble. These were immediately poems and music. A little later, he published a separate poem dedicated to the Great Patriotic War, which he called "Spring of the 45th."

From then until now, it has been regularly published in mass media intended for children and adults.In particular, this is "Children's newspaper," a magazine called "Good night, kids." In total, he wrote about fifty books addressed to children of preschool age.

His works are regularly included in the lists of "Persons of the Fair" and "Stars of the Fair" at annual international book exhibitions held in the Russian capital.

Tyunyaev Andrey Aleksandrovich is a noticeable media personality. He constantly takes part in television projects on federal channels. He also participates in talk shows on popular radio stations such as Ekho Moskvy, Radio Russia, Mayak, Moscow Says.


Andrei Tyunyaev books

Tyunyaev Andrei Aleksandrovich - one of the founders of organismism, which he considers a new fundamental science. Two of his works are devoted to theoretical substantiation - "Organism is a new fundamental science. Beginning" and "Organismics is the fundamental basis of all sciences. Volume one".

Andrei Tyunyaev argues that organismism is a science that forms the worldview inherent in people of the 21st century. The basis of the universe, he lays the information, rather than material particles, as was done before. The basis for this science is an approach that effectively solves problems in any branch of knowledge, from technical to humanitarian. This approach he calls organismic.

Media publications

Andrew Tyunyaev newspaper President

The hero of this article does not hide his anti-Semitic worldview. Most of his publications are devoted to this in the newspaper "Pensioner and Society", as well as on the Internet site dazzle dot ru, which, in fact, is an extended version of this publication. For them, he periodically writes anti-Semitic materials, in which the names of Jews specifically highlight in blue.

At the same time, in addition to the awards for children's literature, there are his awards and for more serious works. Andrei Tyunyaev, whose books "Russian China," Moscow - the halls of Mokosh "were very popular at one time, received the national award" Silver Pen of Russia "for them. He also became the winner of the Chekhov Prize.

Newspaper "President"

Andrei Tyunyaev biography

Still one of the main offspring, which Andrei Tyunyaev is proud of - the newspaper “President” This is a socio-political publication, which has been published since 1993. Tyunyaev throughout this time is its chief editor.

The publication defines its mission as providing the President of Russia with truthful information of any level that the media can only reach. Here, according to Tyunyaev, there are people who are able to objectively inform about what is happening in the country at the moment, how the society treats this.

"Battle for the World Throne"

Andrew Tyunyaeva battle for the throne of the world

One of the most popular remains the book by Andrey Tyunyaev "The Battle for the World Throne".

The author argues that anyone who reads it will be able to permanently change their attitude towards the usual symbols of life. Moreover, before starting to read this novel, you need to decide for yourself whether you are ready for it, Tyunyaev warns. The reality surrounding you will be different after reading this book.

Tyunyaev is convinced that this book is intended, first of all, for monarchs, presidents and kings. However, like his newspaper "President". It is they who should learn a lot of new and interesting things in it.

In 2015, Tyunyaev published another of his books entitled Tales from the Ivan the Terrible Library at the publishing house “Belye Alvi”. He claimed that he managed to find a mysterious library hidden by the great king. In his book, he published 35 tales from this sacred fund, which is still waiting for its reader.

Criticism of Tyunyayev

Moreover, in scientific and literary circles much of what Tyunyaev does is criticized. Publicist and nuclear scientist Yuli Andreev directly calls the works of Tyunyaev pseudoscience.Claiming that he bears nonsense with only one purpose - to make money. In this parasite on fools.

The work of the hero of our article was criticized by the largest fatherhood associations of Russia. All his theories, which he bases on the basis of folkloristics and mythology, have been called pseudoscientific and harmful to the "Slavic faith."

The philosopher Valery Lebedev noted that all scientific constructions of Tyunyaev are akin to real, unalloyed racism.

Associate Professor of the RSUH, historian Yevgeny Pchelov in his review of the film by satirist Mikhail Zadornov "Rurik. Lost profit", which in recent years became a Slavic scholar, compares his work with the works of Tyunyaev. The latter published a large book dedicated to the origin of man, which has nothing to do with scientific research. Similarly, Tyunyaev, along with Zadornov, are convinced of the greatness of the Slavs, replacing scientific concepts with speculation and assumptions.

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